THE BIGFOOT FILES/Chapter Fifty-Three: Kiamichi Bigfoot

Kiamichi Bigfoot: Investigating the Oklahoma Sasquatch is a compelling book that chronicles past searches and sightings in the Sooner State. Published in 2022, Kiamichi Bigfoot is written by David Wilbanks.

A Bigfoot seeker since the mid-1990s, Wilbanks details a few of his more interesting investigations – and there are some very interesting stories in the book. Most of his adventures take place in the Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma, a hot spot for reported Sasquatch activity.

The book begins with investigations in LeFlore County in 2000 and in Grand Lake the following year, where Wilbanks made casts of footprints and reported noises in line with typical sightings.

However, there’s nothing typical about the third and most interesting chapter to me when Wilbanks describes surveillance video of a Bigfoot attempting to open a grease trap behind a casino in western Oklahoma in 2001. Wilbanks is one of the few who have apparently seen the video before its curious disappearance. He writes that viewing the grainy video “cemented” his belief that Bigfoot is real. Wilbanks even made casts of 16-inch footprints he found near the site and includes a photograph. He has no idea what happened to the original video but would like to see it again. 

Kiamichi Bigfoot details other investigations, including a remote site Wilbanks calls Area X, where small pebbles were tossed at him from the trees while perched atop an abandoned cabin. 

The book features accounts of Wilbanks’ participation in The Travel Channel’s 2002 documentary Bigfootville. There’s also an extraordinary chapter about Sasquatch activity in 2019 on a property in Pushmataha County.

For the most part, the investigations outlined in Kiamichi Bigfoot yield the same “evidence” as other searches around North America, including eyeshine, footprints, glimpses of something humanoid, hair samples, unfamiliar sounds, rock-tossing, and twisted saplings.  

Wilbanks’ writing is easy to follow, and his stories are not embellished, which lends more plausibility to his reports. In fact, with the strange anecdote about the casino surveillance video and the even stranger events on the Pushmataha County property, Kiamichi Bigfoot boosts the case that Sasquatch is real more so than most books and documentaries.

Kiamichi Bigfoot is available on Amazon. With more than 170 ratings, the release is well reviewed with an average of 4.4 stars (out of 5).

NEXT UP: Chapter Fifty-Four: Sasquatch Chronicles. I review the podcast about Bigfoot encounters.



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