Horror Curated: Music in Review



Lisa Hammer

Former Requiem In White/Mors Syphilitica vocalist, Lisa Hammer, has a new album out titled Dakini, which the artist’s website describes as “Medieval songs, Indian Ragas, Appalachian Folk Music, Middle-Eastern Drones, and Opera.” Dakini is a re-release of Hammer’s classic album with some previously unreleased tracks that will attract fans of atmospheric music such as Enya and Dead Can Dance. The pieces on this album are appropriate for accompanying your rituals or to fill the spaces between light and dark. Hammer’s clear and pleasant voice will carry you away on a mystical journey of the senses. With Latin, Indian, and Celtic influences, Hammer’s album will appeal to those looking for soothing sounds on a cold evening night by the fire. Standout tracks include “In Taberna Quando Summus” and “Kyrie Orbis Facto,” which will stay with the listener long after. Hammer writes soundtrack music for film, theatre, and TV, and sings as a guest artist with the Brooklyn psychedelic musical project: Fashion Bird Danger Danger. She is currently writing and recording the next Radiana album and a second solo album to be released by The Circle Music. Lisa is also an award-winning filmmaker, currently working on several projects. Horror Addicts who enjoy artists like Valentine Wolfe will enjoy Hammer’s work. Pick up Dakini and be bathed in Hammer’s sensual and enticing world. Dare I say the album would make a great soundtrack for a Bloody Tea… Read more in Bloody Tea.


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