M3GAN: A Film Review by Megan Starrak


Horror writers and moviemakers have been creating dolls that have terrified fans for decades. From the clown doll with impossibly long arms in Poltergeist to Annabelle and Chucky the Good Guy doll, each has its place in horror movie history. However, these dolls all have one thing in common, possession. Evil spirits wanting to cause as much chaos and carnage as possible possessed each toy. 

But now there’s a new doll in town, and she’s a different level of evil. I’m talking about M3GAN. She is unlike anything horror fans have seen before. She has a friendly face and long blonde hair that is perfectly blown out. Her neutral-colored dress conveys neither friendly nor antagonistic tendencies, and the pussy bow around her neck is a throwback to the 19th century as a subtly feminist piece of clothing. Her makers made her a companion to the children they are paired with. Unfortunately, they also built M3GAN with the ability to learn from her surroundings, and this is where the trouble begins.

M3GAN plays on a common fear of computers becoming self-aware and deciding their makers aren’t worth the trouble of keeping around. This dreaded self-awareness happens in the film as M3GAN learns more about the world around her. She develops a vengeful streak in protecting Cady, the girl with whom she is paired. I won’t give too much away, but there’s a particularly cringe-worthy scene involving a bully filmed in a way I have never seen before. 

Once Cady’s aunt Gemma, also M3GAN’s creator, realizes something’s wrong with the doll, it is too late. And that sets the stage for the inevitable confrontation at the end of the film. The showdown involves Cady and Gemma working together to defeat the now deranged and murderous doll. Regardless of the ending, a second M3GAN film has already been announced, and my imagination is already spinning. Could we see a whole production line of M3GAN being unleashed across the globe to bring anarchy? Whatever happens, you know they will look stylish doing it. 



2 thoughts on “M3GAN: A Film Review by Megan Starrak

  1. When we think of a doll that is mechanical as opposed to possessed, I think of Twilight Zone’s Talky Tina from season 5, episode 6 “Living Doll”. Although the technology is not explained, Tina is supposed to be a mechanical wonder. She then proceeds to metaphorically wield a sword as the avenging angel for an abused child. Megan, because of her size, knowledge and capability for malice certainly cuts a wider swath of destruction, but the level of fear engendered by that little, indestructible doll cannot be understated. “My name is Talky Tina, and you better be nice to me.”

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