Spooky Locations : The Beast of Bray Road , Wisconsin by J.S. O’Connor

Bray Road, Wisconsin

How do legends start? Well, it all depends on the place and time, but this legend starts in 1936 when a night watchman for a local school witnessed a large wolf-like creature digging into an old Native American burial mound. The next night the watchman returned and witnessed the same thing as the night before, except this time the creature stood up, brandished its long fangs, and growled at the watchman. As far as legends go, that’s a pretty good start.

Just outside of the town of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, stretches Bray Road. This stretch of pavement has become infamous due to sightings of a humanoid figure, described by many as a werewolf or bigfoot-type creature, dating back to the nightwatchman’s first encounter in the 1930s. Frequent sightings occurred as recently as the 1990s, and from these dark late-night encounters, the Legend of the Beast of Bray Road began to spread. 

Perhaps the most famous and the most recent report came from an unnamed 18-year girl, who was driving down Bray Road when she hit something. When the girl stopped the car to investigate, all she could see was a large two-legged wolf-type creature standing on the side of the road. When she went to flee, the wolf creature jumped on the back of her car but fell off as she sped away. Other reported sightings say the creature has been seen in large open fields, either hunting or eating some of the local wildlife. One report says it even tried to break into a home. 

Are these just sightings of mistaken identity or fanciful hoaxes? Or do werewolves really exist? To be honest, I don’t know. All I do know is that if I find myself traveling down Bray Road at night and something hits my car, I won’t be stopping to see what it is. 




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