Decade in review : A look back at 10 Years of

The Decade In Review by Kate Nox As we end our month of 10iversary celebration we offer a review of some of the content you have enjoyed and may want to take another look at. Being a relatively new editor here at I find myself amazed at the scope of our horror blog. As […]

1920’s Horror Books

In the 1920s women who were in to jazz and wore short skirts were called flappers. So because the theme here is horror of the 1920’s I found a book combining horror and flapper girls called Lucille and the Healers by Anthony Burns. The story takes place in 1929 London England and follows a woman […]

Horror Addicts #061, Henry Snider

Horror Addicts Episode# 061 Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin ———————— 1920’s / Henry Snider / Counterfiet i / The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Listen below by clicking the play button. | cabinet of dr. c. | slow death podcast | | | books | alice the madness | keith […]

Latinx Month: Planet of the Dead by Steven Arellano Rose

Planet of the Dead The moaning wind of the cemetery colony was already attempting to bury the landing pad that Buster Ross had lowered his ship on in the surrounding, desert sand. The funerary agent from Earth ran quickly toward the looming nearly-all-glass funerary building both to escape the storm as well as to meet […]

Authors of SLAY – John Linwood Grant

‘AIN’T NO WITCH: CAROLINE DYE, HOODOO AND THE BLUES’ by John Linwood Grant Hoodoo. Conjure-work. We’re going to the roots of root-work today, with music, material, and musings. My writing flowed this way from an interest in Cunning Folk, both European and African, plus the pleasure of early blues. I also have a love of […]