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Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Dan Shaurette

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Dan Shaurette writes horror and dark fantasy including Lilith’s Love. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  Dan wrote an article called Pumpkin Patch Party Recipes. In his article Dan combines his love of Halloween and cooking by giving us several ways to prepare pumpkin . To read Dan’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To LifeRecently Dan was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

5791268Much like good science-fiction that explores what it means to be human, I find myself attracted more to horror stories that shine a light on the dark side of humanity so we can see the ugly parts and expose the things that scare us.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

As a child of the 70’s and 80’s, my favorite memories are of the classic Hammer films, as well as the Universal monster movies. There’s too many books to list, so I’ll just cop out and say “anything by Stephen King”. As for TV, I enjoyed Tales From The Crypt and Tales From The Darkside.

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

It isn’t as outwardly visible as it used to be. I’m not the goth I was in my youth. I suppose it is just my morbid fascinations that I exhibit. Morbid Meals is a major part of that. Whether it be celebrating Halloween with pumpkin recipes a-plenty vs. just gorging on candies, or finding out how to make sugar skulls, etc., I am intrigued by bizarre foods and traditions.

What are you currently working on?

I’m still working on Morbid Meals recipes for Horror Addicts, and I do plan to release a cookbook for of such recipes. Story-wise, I’m working on a dark fairy-tale for our next anthology, ONCE UPON A SCREAM, which I am delighted to be editing.

Where can we find you online?

All season long, more of my recipes can be found on the HorrorAddicts blog. Also The one stop home for almost all my writing is

Author spotlight: Heather Roulo

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H. E. Roulo is no stranger to She has been on the show before, won our most wicked award in 2009 and she has had stories in out publications: The Wickeds, Horrible Disasters and our current anthology Horror Addicts Guide To Life.  H.E. Roulo has a new book out from Permuted Press called Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. H.E. is our featured author for episode 114 of the podcast  and she answered a few questions about her writing for us:

When did you start writing?

25256749From the top bunk, I’d tell my younger sister stories at night. As soon as I knew enough letters, I put pencil to paper to write stories. By the time I was in the third grade I knew I wanted to be an author. I just didn’t know how badly it paid.

You produced your first book Fractured Horizon as a podcast. Why did you go this route and where can people listen to it?

For a lot of years, I didn’t tell people I wrote. Co-workers didn’t know. It was my secret.
When I finally decided to take my writing public, I wanted to see whether there was interest. Did people like my stories? Podcasting my novel let me get immediate, week-by-week feedback. I also didn’t have to worry about hiring an editor, I did all the recording myself at night or while my toddler slept.
Fractured Horizon was my first big success, even a Parsec Finalist, and it will always be dear to me. The story of Kay Downs traveling through time the hard way, by living through it, until she reached the damaged future and repaired it, started my career. Peoples’ responses to that story encouraged me to continue. I’ve learned a lot since then. I recently rewrote the text of Fractured Horizon to be clearer. I’ve had it edited. I need to release it, it’s just a matter of finding the time.

Is writing an audio drama different from writing a novel? 

fractured-horizonI’ve deliberately attempted new things so I would be a better writer. I learned a lot about story, being concise, setting the scene, and pacing, from experimenting.
The podcast novel, Fractured Horizon, was an audio book. I simply read the written novel, edited the audio to take out pauses, and added an episode introduction to catch listeners up. It’s a little rough, and moves too fast. I could do better now. Of course, I think that about every project I finish.
Once I was done releasing Fractured Horizon, I was looking to do more audio. I released short stories, including three for Those stories did a lot for me. I won the first annual Wicked Women Writer’s challenge with “Graveyard Shift”; released “Undergrowth” as my first ebook single; and “Great Asp & Little Death” became one of the stories in the Rich & Roulo series.
After that, I had several stories traditionally published in markets like Nature and Fantasy’s special Women Destroy Fantasy issue.
Finally, I wrote a script for a full-cast audio drama. An audio drama is different from an audio book because the voices of the characters and sound effects tell the story—just like old radio plays. I had to be creative; there’s only sound to tell the story. I couldn’t rely on descriptions or go inside the character’s head. That audio drama, and the world I created, led to much more.

What is the inspiration behind Plague Masters: Sanctuary Dome?

24899021The novel took a long path. It started as an audio drama submitted to Necropolis Studio Productions for their Omega Road Chronicles, which is a series of moody unconnected short stories, much like The Twilight Show. My script was for a 40 minute show. They selected it right away.
Next, I turned the idea into a short for the Live and Let Undead anthology, which is themed around putting zombies to work. And that sold right away.
At that point, it seemed a no-brainer to expand the world I’d come to love. I already had Samantha, who is searching for her brother’s murderer. For the novel, I added the story of Trevor, a teenager from a downtrodden planet. He wants to fight against the zombies swarming his world, but opportunity is scarce. He’s working as zombie-bait for the local militia when the girl he likes becomes infected. They get sent to the Sanctuary Dome, a punishment that’s actually a big improvement, but he’s not infected and is trying to save everyone, even his home world, from this disease.

Are the zombies in your story fast-moving or slow-moving?

Mythology is so important in a story like this. It drives the tension and action. In my world, a bite means a change to a zombie, but there are also blood infections. Get splashed with zombie blood, and you’ll change but no one knows how soon. It turns people into ticking time bombs. That’s what happened to Samantha, and to the girl Trevor loves. They’re infected, but not changed into zombies, yet.
When someone does change, they go through stages of madness and rage. They’re still fast. Eventually, zombies become slow and docile. They will wander with sheep in a field, but they can get aggressive again if provoked. Don’t provoke the zombies, it gets ugly fast.

How many books do you have planned in the Plague Masters series?

I’m contracted for three books. It’s a tidy trilogy with an ending I’m really excited to write. At this point, the first book is available for purchase. I’ve finished writing the second one. Now, I get the dig into the finale of the series. There’s going to be even more action, and more at stake for every character.
All the worlds in this system are suffering. The series has to end soon, before there’s no one left for me to torture.

Why do you think people are so fascinated with the zombie apocalypse?

I think there are lots of different reasons. A zombie apocalypse lets us imagine a world starting over. Old, boring 10422043_759435137459081_6646199572415413856_nproblems are gone. No one worries about grades or taxes in a zombie apocalypse.
Life becomes purer, it’s about survival, testing ourselves, and hopefully rising to the occasion. With zombies, there’s no guilt in killing them, no gray area, no reason to understand their point of view. There’s fairness in knowing that they’ll kill you if they can, and you can respond on that level. If you’re smart and careful, you’ll survive. Our world is a complicated place. The zombie apocalypse simplifies it.
Until the Plague Masters rise, of course.



Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Sandra Harris

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Sandra Harris writes fiction, poetry and movie reviews. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  Sandra wrote an article called How Hammer Horror Changed My Life. In her article Sandra talks about how being a fan of Hammer Horror and finding a community of like minded fans led her to be a writer. To read Sandra’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To Life.Recently Sandra was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

HammerDraculaI came to worship at the altar of the horror genre late enough in comparison to those who were born suckling at its unholy teat. For most of my life, I was timid and nervous and I thought that books and films featuring bloodsucking vampires, devils (horny or otherwise), demons, zombies, witches, boogeymen and other fearsomely ghoulish beasties that routinely go bump in the night were not for me. I felt excluded from them, if you want to know the honest truth. They were for other, braver people, not for wimps like me.

During Halloween of 2013, however, egged on by a friend, I watched my first-ever HALLOWEEN movie featuring the impassive, white-masked villain, Michael Myers. I followed this up with a short season of Hammer Horror films during Christmas of 2013. A sort of transformation took place within me. I loved what I was seeing. I was hooked. I then watched scary film after scary film, read creepy book after creepy book, and by the summer of 2014 I was a fully-fledged horror addict. Not as knowledgeable, maybe, as the folks who’ve been at it for years and years, but hopelessly addicted, nonetheless.

This brings me to the question: What do I like about the horror genre? Well, I don’t just like, I positively, absolutely Halloween_coverflippin’ love the freedom it’s brought me to be a whole new person. I’m no longer Sandra Harris, film and book addict but one, sadly, who’s too afraid to open that one last door marked HORROR and take a walk on the dark side. I’m now Sandra Harris, film and book addict who’s free to walk anywhere she damned well pleases, thank you very much. Even places that stink of fear and death and despair and have icky cobwebs that get stuck in your hair and tubes of lotion that it must put on its skin so it doesn’t get the hose again… (Movie quote. Look it up!)

I feel so freeeeeeeeeeee…! I feel as liberated as someone who’s managed to cast off the tight, confining, ill-fitting, even slightly itchy brassière of timidity and lack of confidence and is now running topless, knockers bouncing deliriously in their much-welcomed, new-found freedom, straight into the abandoned murder house or deserted shopping mall of a thousand of my nightmares. Did there have to be boobs in that analogy? No, I guess not, but it just seemed apt, somehow. Don’t steal my analogy, by the way. I’ll be copyrighting it before you can say lift and separate…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a baby in horror terms next to the people who can watch someone stab someone else in the ear with a pencil and think it’s mild and tame compared to some other stuff they’ve seen. I have friends who tell me fondly that I’m a newbie who’s still only studying HORROR 101 in the University Of Life and that I must serve a long and gruesome apprenticeship before I can call myself a true horror addict. That’s okay with me. I’ll serve my apprenticeship. I’ll do the time. And I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

I love that the horror genre challenges me every day to push myself, to find and push right on past my boundaries. I think it helps me to be more open-minded. I’ve watched, read, written and even published things since discovering the horror genre that wouldn’t have even seemed possible a few years ago. In the last six months, I’ve published two books of horror film reviews and an erotic horror novella based on Christopher Lee’s smoulderingly sexy performance as Count Dracula in the Hammer Horror DRACULA films. Does that sound to you like the Sandra Harris of a couple of years ago? Well, you don’t know me all that well so you probably couldn’t say either way. But I know me, and I can tell you that it doesn’t sound like me in the slightest. It’s the me of today, though. And I love, love, love the new me.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

I adore Stephen King. He truly is the King Of Horror. My goal is to one day be able to say that I’ve read all of his books and mean it. As he’s written, like, a bazillion books, I reckon there’s enough material there to keep me going until I’m one-hundred-and-ninety-five years old. I’m incredibly jealous of his tremendous output and productivity. Actually, in the time it took me to write this he’s probably written two novels, three novellas, a book of short horror stories and the film script for a movie adaptation of one of his books, so I guess you’d better make that one-hundred-and-ninety-eight years old…

I also adore horror anthologies. Yes, exactly like the incredibly special and excellent one recently produced by, haha! I particularly love ones that contain stories about haunted houses but, generally speaking, any good spooky tale of the macabre will do.

Film-wise, I’ve been watching movies lately like THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979) and AMITYVILLE 2- THE POSSESSION (1982) and they’re so brilliant and scary that I think I might like to watch a few more films in this vein, especially if the evil is originating from a haunted house with a severely troubled past, as in the aforementioned two films or even in POLTERGEIST (1982), which is another good one. I want to watch a few more episodes of TALES FROM THE CRYPT as well, a terrific scary half-hour television show hosted by the pulchritudinously-challenged Crypt-Keeper. (Pulchritudinously? It’s a word, look it up….!)

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

Well, naturally, I sleep for most of the day in my special self-assembly coffin from Swedish furniture giants IKEA. It’s pretty comfortable and well-equipped with all the knick-knacks, doo-hickeys and whatchamaycallits required by any51rLIQ1XURL self-respecting wanna-be vampire (I’m a wanna-be vampire, by the way), including DVDs of the entire TWILIGHT saga and easy-to-open sachets of fake blood. I don’t get up until the sun goes down and then I begin my night by bathing assiduously in the blood of virgins, or at least I used to until virgins became harder to find than… well, than a thing that’s actually quite hard to find. Nowadays, I just use a nice moisturising soap that doesn’t dry the skin or leave me smelling like a compost heap.

I spend most nights moping around my local graveyard, writing gloomy gothic poetry, arranging myself artistically across the graves and getting to know one or two of the transients who congregate there by night to chat and smoke and drink and just generally shoot the breeze. They’re actually a pretty good bunch and we have a high old-time together. Some of the local residents have gotten up a petition against us, claiming that we make the place look untidy with the debris from our human sacrifices, orgiastic apocalyptic-style sexual free-for-alls and takeaway snack-boxes from Luigi’s Late-Nite Chipper across the street, but we don’t care. We figure life is for living, right…? Or, as in my case, being Un-Dead…

I nip back to my coffin before the first rays of sun can illuminate the logo on Ned The Knife’s Tesco Bag-For-Life, I grab the eighteen hours beauty sleep essential to keep my skin looking smooth and Un-dead, and then the whole glorious hoop-la can begin all over again…

What are you currently working on?

In January 2015, I published Book One of what I call my ANNA MEETS COUNT DRACULA trilogy. It’s an erotic horror novella that tells a scandalously saucy tale of sex, spanking and vampirism in Victorian England. It’s based on legendary horror actor Christopher Lee’s performance as Dracula in the Hammer Horror films of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s and its tremendous fun to write. I’m working on Book Two of the trilogy at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be ready to publish it well before the end of 2015. Book Three should then appear in 2016. Fingers crossed…!

Where can we find you online?

  1. Here are all the links to my email, Facebook Page and Twitter profile, my blogs and my published e-books:







Review: Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome

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Some teenage boys dream of getting a car or having a nice girlfriend. When you’re a teenager who lives in a run down neighborhood on a planet that is being over run by zombies, you dream of helping your planet’s army kill them all. Trevor wanted to do all he could to help his planet and jumped at the chance to be zombie bait. The soldiers send him into buildings to draw the zombies out and he gets to feel like he is helping society.

Life changes quickly for Trevor as he saves his dream girl but finds out she is infected. Trevor then escapes his planet and ends up in the Sanctuary Dome where the people infected with the zombie virus stay until they are changed. On another planet not far away, a teenage girl named Samantha is trying to find her missing brother and believes that the person responsible is a man named Julius. Julius is a rich man and his money built the Sanctuary Dome, can he be responsible for murder? Secrets are being kept under the dome and soon the zombies will be free to infect the universe.

Plague Master Sanctuary Dome is a book that horror fans and Science Fiction fans will enjoy. Science fiction fans will love the futuristic mythology and the political system that reminded me of The Hunger Games. I love the concept of a dome on another planet where diseased people are kept and the technology they have to see if someone is infected. I also liked how different the zombies are, they can be fast-moving or slow-moving based on how they were infected.

My favorite part of this book was Trevor’s story. Trevor is your average teenager thrown into a harsh situation. He simply wants to protect his family and everyone else on his planet but he finds out that everyone has an agenda and nothing is as it seems. He is used as zombie bait by an army that doesn’t care about him because he is from a poor area of the planet. While he sees himself as helping people against the zombies, his father is against what he is doing and is the only one who is looking out for him. The relationship between father and son is easy to relate to, Trevor’s father just wants to protect his son but Trevor is naive and thinks he knows whats best for himself.

There may be a lot of zombie books out there but Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is a fresh spin on the genre. What I liked best about it was the characters who are mostly young people who were forced to grow up to fast. Not only do they have to deal with zombies they also have to deal with a corrupt political system that doesn’t have everyone’s best interests at heart. This book has something for everyone.  Younger readers will like the action and the characters while older readers will like the setting that H.E. Roulo created. This is the first book in a trilogy and it will be exciting to see where the story will go next.

Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: J. Malcom Stewart

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13798345J. Malcom Stewart is an author and journalist who has written several articles about horror movies. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  J. Malcom wrote an article called Horror Movie Marathon which gets into what horror movies you should watch on Halloween night. To read J. Malcom’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To LifeRecently J. Malcom was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid, starting with the less scary monster movies and then eventually graduating to classic horror. From there, I started in with horror books, horror comics and short stories and the interest kind of grew up with me. I like horror as a format to tell stories because I find it tells the truth more often than other genres. Fantasy, SF and other formats tend to want to talk about the world and people in a wishful thinking or idealised fashion. Horror takes people and things as they are: the good, the bad and especially, the ugly. No sugarcoating.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

Oooh, narrowing things down is hard. I wrote a whole book, Look Back in Horror, on the films and TV that were23200641 formative for me. If pressed, I will cite films like Poltergeist, Alien and Evil Dead as seminal influences. Along with that would be the work of Stephen King, Clive Barker and Peter Straub. Horror comics probably had more impact than anything else. The EC Comics’ Tales from the Crypt and those books, Warren Comics’ Eerie and Creepy, work from 70’s and 80’s DC and Marvel Comics by Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Marv Wolfman, Alan Moore, etc…

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

The lifestyle thing is subtle for me these days. I don’t know if there’s anything outwardly horrific about me, but if I see a kindred spirit, then it’s hard to shut me up on the topic. I can talk till the cows come home and are drained by the vampire bats about horror…

What are you currently working on?

Too many things! I am currently working on the follow-up to my full length novel, The Eyes of the Stars, and prepping to start writing my second essay collection, Look Back in Horror II: Life After Dead (yes, that’s how it should read. LOL)

Where can we find you online?

I’m Here:
and I’m also at Twitter @sabbathsoldier
Come by and say hi! ( or is that “Boo!”)
My stuff is available on Amazon and at

Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Ron Vitale

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12429386Ron Vitale writes fantasy novels and he likes his characters to come to life with real emotion. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  Ron wrote an article called What Is Horrifying To Me. In his article Ron gets into what his definition of horror is and what scares him. To read Ron’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To Life. Recently Ron was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

I like horror because it shows some of the deepest and darkest parts of the human psyche. There are many different types of horror, but my favorite are films and books that focus on the psychological aspects of a person’s mind. The anticipation and fear of the unexpected is more powerful in my opinion than splatter and gore. Not knowing if something is going to jump out behind the door you open is a primal impulse that has been part of our makeup since we started to walk on two legs. The fear of a predator, coming to get us, is ingrained in our minds. That is why I like horror.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?8433824

I’m a big fan of the movie Alien. The atmospheric buildup of seeing the alien for the first time kept me on edge as a kid when I first saw the movie. And what isn’t there to like about the chest busting scene? I didn’t know it was coming and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when it registered that I was seeing a damn alien coming out of a guy’s stomach. Another film that really freaked me out what Carrie. But when I think about more recent films, I really liked Let the Right One In. This Swedish vampire film had a lot going for it, but what impressed me the most is the ending scene at the pool. If you’d not seen it, check the film out. I don’t want to spoil the ending for you. For a low-budget foreign film, there’s some great things being done in this movie. Well worth checking out.

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

I’m a very private person and like to keep my thoughts to myself so you’ll not see me outwardly living a horror lifestyle. Instead it’s in my novels. I’ve written several fantasy books and, on the surface, they appear to be about cute topics: Cinderella and happily ever after. However, I really twisted the happily ever after tale around and focused on the darkness within. There’s possession, despair, fear and dark magic all strewn through my series. To me, the greatest horror is one not achieving the greatness that they have within them. Often my evil characters simply fall from grace and use their powers to harm others out of fear and jealousy. Their potential is lost and they’ve allowed themselves to succumb to their worst selves.

What are you currently working on?

I’m nearing completing to a fantasy book entitled Awakenings. It’s the first book in the Witch’s Coven series. I also have the draft to a science fiction novel that I wrote last year, but I haven’t had time to edit that one yet. There’s only so much time in the day!

Where can we find you online?

You can find me at, but if you want to reach out to me, best way to do so is on Twitter. I’m @ronvitale. My novels are on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and just recently Lost: Cinderella’s Secret Witch Diaries was released on Audible. Working with a narrator to bring Cinderella and the other characters in my book to life was a fantastic experience.

Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Sumiko Saulson

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23676179Sumiko Saulson has written several horror novels and has been featured on the horror addicts podcast before. For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  she wrote an article called The Addicts Guide To Cats. In it Sumiko gives us some hints on what not to do with your kitty. One thing you definitely don’t want to do is bring your cat back from the dead.  To read Sumiko’s article along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To Life. Recently Sumiko was nice enough to tell us what she likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

The horror genre addresses our deep, dark fears of the unknown. Many horror stories are about surviving or at least attempting to survive the worse. Often, they are stories about why we fight to survive against all odds. Sometimes, they are stories about the underdog overcoming, but even when our brave heroes and heroines die, they are valiant in the struggle. I’m not sure if all human beings are deeply concerned with their own mortality, but I certainly was, from an early age. How can we enjoy our life story when we know it inevitably ends in death? Or does it? Perhaps there is an afterlife. Perhaps we can continue as the Undead. If we can’t continue, perhaps our brief lives can still have meaning. I think all horror addresses some visceral fear of the unknown, where death is the greatest unknown of them all.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?13564711

My first horror novel was Peter Straub’s “Ghost Story,” which I read when I was 11 years old. My first favorite horror novel was Stephen King’s “The Stand.” I don’t think “Dune Messiah” by Frank Herbert was a horror novel, but it probably should have been. It certainly gave me nightmares. Both of Christopher Rice’s horror novels, “The Heavens Rise” and “The Vines” were excellent, but I’m not sure when the will be a new one, since he’s writing porn.. uhm I mean erotica, lately.

I know this is kind of weird but, “Bones”- that fifteen year old horror film with Snoop Dog – is in fact, one of my favorite horror movies. I also love the Tony Todd film “Candyman” – and generally, I adore Tony Todd. “Bride of Chucky” and “Spawn of Chucky,” and “Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” are other favorites, as are the original three Raimi “Evil Dead” films, particularly “Army of Darkness.”

As far as TV shows go, Supernatural.

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

When I had a 93 Crown Vic I used to pretend it was a Chevy Impala and I was Dean Winchester while bumping some old ass 70s tunes on the radio, does that count?

I think I’m a standard issue old school goth chick, and I have headstone book ends all over my house and a coffin-shaped jewelry box.

What are you currently working on?

I’m editing “Insatiable,” the third book in the Somnali trilogy. The first was “Happiness and Other Disease,” the the second “Somnalia.” They are dark fantasies based in Greco-Roman mythology, but the third book also has Hawaiian mythology, which makes some sense since the central protagonist is half Hawaiian. I can’t really say much more without giving spoilers for the first two books, but let me just say that things get really bad for mankind in this third book and I really feel for the humans. And there is a lot of weird, transgressive sex involved.

Where can we find you online?


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