La Fin Absolute du Monde- The Dream, the Struggle and the Journey by: Dawn Wood



  La Fin Absolute du Monde- The Dream, the Struggle and the Journey by:

Dawn Wood
I met the electronic-metal duo: Jason and Cynthia in 2013 playing at a club in Seattle I have played many times. My band had actually been asked to play on the bill with La Fin Absolute du Monde. It was a weeknight and my band mates and I couldn’t pull our motivation together to play on a Thursday night, but a friend encouraged me to just go to the show and watch this “great band (he) had heard of called: La Fin Absolute du Monde”. I agreed and arrived to the usual handful of people attending a show in Seattle on a Thursday night. That particular night was something quite different though. As I listened, annoyed at the other music playing that night, I feared the worst. I thought this band was going to be like all the typical, unknown metal/garage bands that roll through town “on tour”. The minute La Fin Absolute du Monde started to play, I was pleasingly surprised. Jason’s guitar skills are a delightful, obvious influence from metal and jazz roots. Cynthia has such a soothing voice, smooth as honey, but the ability to belt out emotion and angst like nobody’s business. Cynthia also is a classical trained pianist and the combination of this soulful, metal, angsty, yet….smoothness and sincerity…set to luscious back tracked dance beats is truly magical.
Jason and Cynthia (his wife, whom he affectionately calls “Chickie”) have LIVED angst, disappointment and gained great wisdom on this journey towards their dream of living their lives sharing their music for the world to hear. Jason and Cynthia met in their thirties and Jason says: “They had given up on music. It was hard to start playing live and we didn’t think people wanted to see two aging minorities who make dark music on stage.” Jason and Cynthia have lived this life as professional musicians with bravery, facing problems, of which most of us might have just called it a day. Not only are they facing this journey as fellow musicians, but as a married couple in a business full of egos, apathy, falseness and rejection. It takes great strength to commit, not only to the dream, to the music and to the journey, but protecting their cherished marriage from the challenges of being on the road together. They have faced everything on the road from: gigs disappearing in thin air (the day they arrive in town); mysterious hit and run of their vehicle whilst playing a gig; club owners trying to renegotiate just before the gig;ignorant prejudice; playing shows that were billed as “acoustic”; to more than their fair share of tour vans dying a terrible death on the road. Yet, all of these struggles have brought them closer together, gave them tenacity in their desire to carry on and have helped produce two of the most humble, talented musicians I have ever known. If you haven’t picked up their latest release entitled: “Clarity Amongst the Rubble”, I highly recommend you rush to bandcamp to get that now.” In the meantime, for your reading pleasure: an interview I did with Jason during their last trip to the Seattle/Bellingham, WA area.
I asked Jason to retell the beautiful love story and band inception of La Fin Absolute dMonde?
[Jason] “2010 officially. But I would say, pretty much since the day we met10363344_1266757426674263_8197888361514393362_n November 17th, 2009. I was tour managing a band from the SF Bay area, where I live and the tour took us to Las Vegas. We were staying at the same hotel that Chickie was a Promotions Manager for. I saw her in the lobby handing out those two for one drink cards. She tried to give one to me as I walked by. I told her I would take one if she came to the band’s show that night. For whatever reason, she started to talk to me about music and how she was a musician. I was kinda blown away. I told her she should just quit her job and  Jason shares how La Fin Absolute du Monde’s latest album came to be:
 [Jason]Like any full length, it took a lifetime to make these ideas turn into songs. When we started years ago, we were with a very small label out of the UK. We would submit heavier st uff and they didn’t want to put it out. The more we toured, the heavier the sound would get, but we didn’t feel the recordings matched the live show. So with this record, we wanted people to feel the intensity of what they see live. We also went with a different tuning on this record to add to the dark tone of the songs. All the other releases the guitar was in drop C# this release we lowered it to A# and a couple songs in G# on this record. It gave the new record an even darker sound. We tour ALOT in support of these releases. We had the privilege of touring with Godflesh, which helps out our profile QUITE A BIT. But, we were gone for about 9 months, playing shows all over that year. Some were great. Some were not so great. And, the not-so-great was starting to take it’s toll on us. The remix album we released that year was great, but it still didn’t capture the heaviness of the show. We promised each other we would do one more record and that would showcase how intense La Fin Absolute du Monde can be. The tidal wave of emotion, that we, as people, go through, I felt was really well expressed on this record. We wanted to tackle topics that people don’t talk about too much. For example: songs like ‘Kill Yourself’ and ‘Dreams and Disappointments in a Cloud of Hope’ were born from having these conversations with loved ones and how our career path is “foolish”. Art is one industry where your success is measured by what your pop-culture contemporaries are doing and not you and your peers on your level. We tour. We make enough money to pay rent when we are on the road. We live a simple life, but that isn’t enough for most people when they think of a ‘successful artist’. People think tour busses, arena shows and fame=success. It’s not that simple. It’s relative.” Check out La Fin Absolute du Monde now and look for them touring in a town near you!
Twitter: @lafinabsolute
Look for La Fin Absolute du Monde on tour again in 2016!

Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Glass Android

Seattle Sounds-New Years Day- By Dawn Wood

logoIn 2011, Glass Android took form from founder, Tony Spring and his best friend, collaborator, Casey Kunning. Influences included: Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Puscifer, The Birthday Massacre, Nine Inch Nails and How to Destroy Angels. Glass Android played several shows as a duo, in the Seattle area.  Since that time, Glass Android has merged into a collaboration of local musical talent, merging with members from Murder Weapons (female vox) and the synth mastery from members of Grasp Logic and XY Beautiful (all bands featured in Horror Addicts.) Asher Vast, of Endless Sunder recorded, mixed and produced the Glass Android release: “Killing Me”.

Glass Android 288BW (1)Mi-kel Munzter from Grasp Logic is currently working with Tony on revamping/remixing some of the 2012 material and working on new songs as well.  Mi-Kel’s fresh Industrial/Dub-step influences will prove an exciting new approach for the Glass Android catalog.
Tony is also a photographer in the Seattle area with such bands under his belt as: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Lacuna Coil and The Crystal Method, just to name a few.
Check out his photos:

And you can check out Glass Android’s music here: (Reverb Nation) (Facebook)



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Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Valentine Wolfe

Horror Addicts Theme Song Winner, Valentine Wolfe- By Dawn Wood

1064283_10151699089713701_864999525_oThis year, Horror Addicts held a contest for the web theme song and Valentine Wolf was the winner. A little more about our winners:

South Carolinians, Braxton Ballew (electric upright bass and electronics) and Sarah Black (vocals and electronics) have been composing for the band since the inception in 2006. They describe their music as “macabre melodies”. Their lyrics to “Darkling, listen off of the Nightingale” are a direct tribute to “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats. Their gothic metal music is heavily inspired by all things Victorian, including literature, poetry, history, and even new media (Penny Dreadful anyone?). Their scores have been heard in productions of The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest (Warehouse Theater), The Winter’s Tale (Furman University), and Twelfth Night (The Distracted Globe). 10960163_10153112680488701_3315878540975227806_oBoth hold graduate degrees from the University of Georgia, where they studied electronic composition with Dr. Leonard V. Ball. In addition, Sarah completed her Masters degree in composition studying with Dr. Adrian P. Childs. She currently studies voice with Lisa Barksdale from Furman University. Braxton holds a DMA in Double Bass Performance and has studied with Milton Masciadri, Albert Laszlo, and James Barket. He is the Education Director of the Greenville Symphony Orchestra and a member of the double bass section.


Braxton uses effects to enhance the vast sound scapes from his bass, sounding at times like a cello or violin. He plays an electric upright bass for their gothic metal projects. He loves to push the boundaries of traditional bass playing and create new worlds and soundscapes with his instrument. All of the layers that sound like a guitar or cello or bass are performed with his electric upright bass (currently, an ND Designs CR5M). He runs his sound through a Blackstar amp and a Sansamp Paradriver Di and uses a Boss RC300 looper pedal.


Sarah’s soprano vocals are reminiscent of metal female fronted band: Krypteria and Sirenia



Check them out on the web:

eck them out on the web:




Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: mAdAlice

Seattle Sounds-mAdAlice- By Dawn Wood

10153692_853667944643256_2645040646761387756_nI have been blessed to be surrounded by such talent, living here in the great Northwest. There are many male-fronted amazing bands in the Gothic/Industrial/Metal genres here. A charismatic, strong female-fronted act is a rare gem and something that, as a strong female in the business, always inspires and delights me. Alicen Hensley, AKA mAdAlice, from the Portland area, is one of those inspirations.

Vocalist, Songwriter and Artist mAdAlice was born Alicen Hensley from Anaconda, Montana. Her musical concept, mAdAlice, is an up-and-coming metal project that began in 2010. After being rejected by a few bands, Alicen decided to take matters into her own hands. She attended audio engineering school to network in the industry. Soon after graduating she met mAdAlice co-writer/co-producer Matt Jefferson. With her lyrics, music concepts and ideas for the songs, the two worked on the project for three years. The results are the five-song EP, entitled Skin. Skin was released on Beltane April 30th,2014. A few months after releasing her first EP, Alicen met co-writer, Arnold Hablewitz and the two began working together. June 21st, 2015 Mad Alice released a single “Bless the Bitch” off her upcoming album set to release Halloween 2015.

Check out her videos, produced by Asher Vast of AVAST Productions and 2014 featured bands: “Endless Sunder and Desillusion”.

Other places to check her out: (website link) (sound cloud link) (facebook)



Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: More Machine Than Man

Seattle Sounds-More Machine than Man- By Dawn Wood

1231233_568824013164104_1420736372_nMore Machine than Man is Rob Zilla and his lovely wife, Tasha have been working tirelessly in the Seattle scene creating amazing, electronic, industrial-dance music and assuring that their live performances are both captivating and memorable.

In 2000, More Machine Than Man exploded out of the clubs in Boston and New York, fueled by dynamic, guitar driven industrial-dance that is defined by undeniable hooks and pop sensibility. MMTM was formed in 1998 by Rob and Tasha. The pair built a computer-based recording studio in Massachusetts and began writing and recording original Goth-Industrial rock material. More Machine released their first demo, Technophile, in January 1999 and performed publicly for the first time on Halloween of the same year. From Gothic Beauty to Side-Line and Outburn to Terrorizer, More Machine Than Man’s four albums, two EPs and countless compilations, have earned international critical acclaim from the entire gambit of this subculture

10703750_10152582974013183_1422675953306602392_nMore Machine’s kinetic talent has earned recording contracts in both North America with Underground Inc., and Europe with Black Flames Records. Electrolust was released on Black Flames Records in August 2003. The pair worked with acclaimed producer/musician En Esch (Slick Idiot, Pigface and MFDM) on Binary Sex, which was released in North America on Underground Inc. in October 2003 and in Europe on Black Flames Records in August 2004. In September 2012, More Machine chose to independently release Dark Matter. More Machine Than Man wrote and developed the 12 song album, Dark Matter, between 2002 and 2012, in home studios, as they relocated from Boston to Louisville and then Seattle. More Machine recorded, produced and mixed the vast majority of this album themselves, but did collaborate again with En Esch and Romell Regulacion (Razed in Black).

More Machine than Man is currently working on a new album.  Check out their facebook page for many exciting new updates!




Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Dark Matter Noise

Seattle Sounds- Dark Matter Noise- by Dawn Wood

11536130_978705432169882_2406943394962012697_nDark Matter Noise has evolved dark and luscious sound-scapes from two of Seattle’s respected veterans: Allen Tompkins and the Goth Metal Goddess, Charlie Drown.

The band first started recording in 2007 and their first digital release was in 2008.  Since that time, between other projects, Dark Matter Noise still continues to mystify and intrigue both Gothic/Industrial/Ambient fans and fellow musicians.

Their music is described as: “A mix of angelic and demonic percussion and noise, crushing industrial, sugary pop, pulsing ebm,vampiric.darkwave metal.”
Dark Matter Noise is currently working on their second album entitled: Oceans and Gravity.


Check them out:

Reverb Nation:







Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Pamela Moore

PAMELA MOORE (of Queensryche Fame) INTERVIEW by Dawn Wood


Pamela Moore is best known as Seattle Heavy Metal Goddess “Sister Mary” for Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime concept albums.  She is the cousin of Teri Nunn of the 80’s New Wave iconic group, Berlin. Pamela is also an extremely kind-hearted mentor and vocal coach to students both in the Seattle-area and abroad.  I have to say, she is honestly one of the kindest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  I have interviewed Pamela previously and sat down with her in June to catch up with what has been going on in her world. We discussed her successful career, upcoming projects and other musings.

[Horror Addicts] Pamela, have you always known you would be a singer or did you have other career aspirations growing up?

[Pamela Moore] “When I was a young girl, around the aged of 7, I wanted to be an actress.  My Mother always saidpammie3 if I was going to be an actress, I had to learn to sing and dance.  We didn’t have the money to take all of those classes.  I taught myself how to sing, play the guitar and the piano.  I did some acting in High School.  My Mom was an inspiration because she acted in small local theater productions.”

[Horror Addicts] When did you begin your career in music?

[Pamela Moore] “I began at the age of 14.  I was in a band in high school.  I was mortified because my Mom was so involved in making sure she knew what we were doing and making sure everything was OK.  It was good because I wasn’t old enough to make those decisions for myself.  I am glad that she had that concern for me.”

[Horror Addicts] Were you inspired by any singers?

[Pamela Moore] “I have always been inspired by many different kinds of singers.  I have a tough time answering questions like this because I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself into a specific type of singer.  Back in the day, I loved listening to Paul Rogers and Anne Wilson.  They were on the radio at the time.  Most of the time, I was more inspired by songs, as opposed to specific singers.  Really well written songs in Country, Metal, R&B etc… can really sing to your heart.”

[Horror Addicts] How did you become first involved with Queensryche and take on the role of Sister Mary?

[Pamela Moore] “1989. I had already released two albums with First American Records (1981-1982) and was in Boy Toy at the time.  It all started because I had gone over budget on my 2nd album and worked out a trade with the studio to record a commercial for Guitars Etc…  The ad wound up being played all the time on the radio and television.  I then started working by day at Guitars Etc… and at night with Boy Toy.  I met Chris DeGarmo (one of the founding members of Queensryche).  He introduced me to Geoff Tate. They actually came out to a Boy Toy show when we played at Pier 70 on the Seattle waterfront.  Some time later, I got a phone call from Chris.  He explained that Queensryche was in Montreal recording.  They wanted me to ‘come up and record a part’ for them.  It was a duet with Geoff.  I couldn’t hear it before hand.  He explained it was a conceptual album and they were holding it very close.  They flew me to Montreal and told me about the concept of the album.  We went into the studio, recorded the song and some voice over stuff for the Sister Mary part.  I was pretty lucky.  I was in the right place at the right time and did the right thing.”

[Horror Addicts] I understand you are involved with a horror project now.  Tell me about it.
[Pamela Moore]  “I submitted my song Paranoia for The Zombie Meat Lovers. It was fun and quite hilarious.
[Horror Addicts] Tell us about your teaching of vocal lessons and performance coaching?

[Pamela Moore] “I started teaching part-time in the 90s.  My notoriety has put me in a situation where I can show people my vocal techniques.  I have really been doing this full-time since 2009.  I now have a recording program for my first time students so they have a chance to record a song for the first time in a professional studio.  It is great to give back something that I have learned. I have had a very busy summer with students”

[Horror Addicts] What are your current projects?

[Pamela Moore] “I recently returned from a rock cruise doing an acoustic set and have plans to do another rock cruise in 2016 with my band. Ihave been continuing to build by business as a vocal coach and working on new material for the Pamela Moore Band.
Pamela can be found on the web and on Facebook.  Check out her page and give her a like.  Her voice is amazing.

Video trailer for The Zombie Meat Lovers:


Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: New Years Day

Seattle Sounds-New Years Day- By Dawn Wood


AnthonyI had the pleasure of opening for New Years Day and the Birthday Massacre with my band Murder Weapons in Seattle at the end of 2014. I was pleasantly surprised at the charisma and talent of New Year’s Day. Their music appealed to Metal/Gothic and Industrial fans and their humility in relating to the audience/fans was refreshing.

Their new 5 song EP entitled: “Epidemic” is brilliant, with the title track “Epidemic” being a huge fan fave.

New Year’s Day formed in 2005 and began an aggressive DIY promotion of their music on Myspace.  They were featured on “Myspace Record 1 Compilation”.  Since that time, they have toured with the likes of: The Birthday Massacre, Motionless in White, Blood on the Dancefloor just to name a few.

They describe their music as:
Ash”Imagine if Dexter Morgan with side kick Eric Northman, hosted a late late late night talk show in a haunted mansion deep within the enchanted cemetery, then NEW YEARS DAY would most assuredly be their house band with warm blood-spattered bottles of True Blood offered in the red room for the visiting undead.”

Members include:
Ash on vox
Tyler & Jeremy on guitars
Nick on drums
Anthony on bass

Check out these links to New Years Day:
Twitter: NYDROCK
”Epidemic” download:



Dawn’s Dark Music Corner



Seattle Sounds-Particle Son

by Dawn Wood

Particle Son is: Vex March, Jared Scott and Sandy Leeper


1996: Day of reckoning: Guitarist, Jared Scott gives birth to fury by the name of :[particle_son]: in the arid depths of California. After some change in lineup in 2008-2011: Death and Rebirth: [particle_son]: rose from the ashes, bent on destruction with breath of hell fire, Jared and Power Vocalist: Vex stuck the anvil hot forging a new legacy of pain and aural annihilation, with the fresh blood of Sandi Leeper (2012) abusing the keys, the creative blood flowed forth and work on “American Genocide” continued.

Particle Son has emerged as one of Portland’s hottest industrial bands. Coincidentally, Vex is also in another one of my favorite Portland “Shock-Horror-Industrial Bands”: Dead Animal Assembly Plant, whom Horror Addicts featured in 2014.

Particle Son has graced the stages of Portland with such acts as Prong, Psyclon 9, Dawn of Ashes, God Module, SMP, Consectum, Nocturn, Collide, Written in Ashes, Tragic Evolution, Twenty Shades of Red…and many others preying upon the hearts of the wicked with evil through music bred, corrupting the mind to unleash the beast within. fed by a savage nature to slay the our inner demons, lest we perish in the rapture of their disease…:[rise]: :[resist]: :[refuse]:

Vocalist Vex March has always held an affinity with horror. He says: “I grew up on reading Stephen King (around age 8) and watching Clive Barker’s work. The Hellraiser series has had a huge impact on me life, I was pretty sheltered so wasn’t till I got older till I got to branch out.”

:[particle_son]: is currently hammering away on their sophomore album “Amerikan Genocide” with the first single in over 6+ years with the new track “Dead to Rights” being available right now!

Check out these links to Particle Son:
Reverb Nation:


Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Anguisette

Seattle Sounds-Anguisette

By Dawn Wood

coverAnguisette is a multi-faceted, multi-talent band founded by
electric violinist Jyri Glynn, formerly of acclaimed Seattle rock band, “The Sins.”
and currently in the Sin’s reformed “Prelude to a Pistol”. Jyri is also in “Ruined by Fate” with Sean Sonnett and contributed on songs for Elektronika. Anguisette’s sound is reminiscent of Delirium blended with the rock feel of Evanescence.

The band’s 2010 debut CD, The Creation Chamber, is still embraced by radio and dance clubs around the U.S. as well as abroad. A visually dramatic companion piece to the album, the new video for the track, “29 Years,” is currently featured online at

Anguisette’s live shows are also visually and theatrically stunning, featuring amazing light displays and beautiful graphic backdrops. The live band is fronted by three female
vocalists and supported by keyboards, bass, guitar and Jyri on electric violin. There are also a rotating cast of additional guest musicians.

Anguisette’s first live introduction was in Boise, Idaho at the beautiful Egyptian Theater following a red-carpet premier of the motion picture, “The Sanguinarian”, which was a wonderful independent Vampire Film by Analisa Ravella for which Jyri Glynn composed and scored much of the music.

The Creation Chamber is available for sale on CD or digitally on and has their own station on Pandora.

Anguisette’s live lineup is vocalists Severina Sol, Dawn Wood & Donya Shirzad. Supported by guitarist, Westin Halvorson, bassist, Fish Jones, keyboardist Albert OH
and (founder) electric violinist Jyri Glynn.

Anguisette’s ‘The Creation Chamber’ credits: Jyri Glynn, Lee Tillman, Albert Oh, Dawn Wood, Severina X Sol, Jamie Valentine, Karen Kardel, Melody Bleak, Emileigh. Rohn, Nya Shirzad, Miss FD.

Reverb Nation:
CD Baby:
”Indefinite” on Youtube:


Dawn Wood has been singing since 5 years old. After high school and a degree at the University of Delaware, she attended Seattle University taking music and voice lessons. Dawn sang in a couple of original Northwest bands and by the mid 90’s formed a retro 80s cover band called “Rapture” with guitar veteran Dan Hoyer. When Rapture disbanded in 1999, Dawn and Dan formed “Elektronika”. By late 2005, “Elektronika” had become more of Seattle area “project band” merging with several local talents. Dawn started writing for Carpe Nocturne in 2011 as a feature writer. In 2013, Carpe Nocturne asked Dawn to be the Scene Reporter for the Seattle/Portland area. Dawn is in the bands “Desillusion”, “Murder Weapons”, “Elektronika” and also collaborates with other local artists in the Seattle area. As a horror fan since childhood, Dawn was thrilled to assist in submitting fitting music to Follow Dawn on Twitter at: DAWNELEKTRONIKA

Dawn’s Dark Music Corner

Seattle Scene Report with Lacuna Coil:

by Dawn Wood


I had the honor to meet Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia and chat with Andrea of Lacuna Coil at El Corazon Seattle in late 2014.  We chatted about the tour, album and where they are heading, as a band.  It was a great pleasure to hear the Lacuna Coil story and Andrea’s perspective. What a great conversation. Andrea is so incredibly humble and it is evident how Lacuna Coil fans around the world, are treasured by them.


(Dawn) Lacuna Coil emerged in 1994 in Milan.  How would you say you have evolved since this time, as a band?

(Andrea from LC) “ 1996/97. 1994 is when me and Marco, the bass player started to play together in his house, but just playing cover songs that we liked. So,  it wasn’t really a band, just me and him jamming in his house. 1996 we did the first demo tape.  In 1997 we created the name. We have evolved by doing things we never expected to have happen as a band.  Back then, we just wanted to send our demo out to a label and maybe get it released.  We never expected to be professional musicians and have it as our career, especially coming out of Milan, Italy.  It was not a story of other bands in rock and metal spreading around the world/touring the world. So, we were the only ones. There are some in other genres, but not really in ours. So everything that has happened over the years has been beyond our imagination at that time.  As it happened, we couldn’t believe, step by step and more than we could ever have dreamed. ”

(Dawn) Earlier this year (2014) you announced some member changes to Lacuna Coil. As a musician, I understand this has the potential to change the energy of a show. Has this been a challenge and/or added something different to your sound/shows?

(Andrea from LC) “Yup. Overall I think it has been a positive change because, it happened, not because we were not getting along.  It’s just that, after many years, if you are not motivated 100% to be on the road with this lifestyle, it gets really hard.  For someone who doesn’t want to be there,  it is difficult for them and for us. We never came to the point where we would fight. We just sat down and discussed, in a very civilized way, the fact of losing the passion over it and dedication of the project, being away all the time, away from family. Our drummer was moving in a different direction, moving to the countryside and building a house, had a baby girl and a more stable life. Our guitar player moved here to North America, with his wife. Neither of them are doing music anymore. So, it was just a matter of life changing. It had nothing to do with not liking each other anymore.  We decided to keep going with one guitarist.  So for the next album we will work on writing with just one guitar and maybe more keyboards.  And, our new drummer, Ryan,  was already working with us for 7 years as a drum tech.  He had stepped in to drum for our previous drummer when he had his baby girl, so Ryan  was already touring with us. It was a natural choice to have him a part of the band. By the time we start working on our new album, after touring this year with the lineup, arranging and finding out what works, we will have a solution.  This record has been a change in times for Lacuna Coil. We kind of closed a chapter, opened a new one and moved towards a new direction. It’s very challenging, but also very motivating…refreshing.”

(Dawn) How long will Lacuna be touring in 2015?
(Andrea from LC) “We tour as co-headliner, in Europe with Motionless in White and a new project, Devilment. We will do a rock cruise in January 2015.”


(Dawn) Your new video for “Nothing Stands in Our Way” is a glimpse into behind the scenes and also some performances on tour.  Tell us about the filming and where the footage was filmed.

(Andrea from LC) “Actually, it was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida at the 2014 Welcome to Rockville show.  The director asked if he could film footage of before, during and after the show and keep the camera on.  He wanted to share the experience.  Then it turned out so good, we wanted to use it for the video.  It represents the band so well. The label loved it, so we said: ‘why not?’, so we used it and here we are. ”


(Dawn) When you are on tour for such an extended period of time, how do you, as vocalists, stay healthy and keep your beautiful voices strong?

(Andrea from LC) “The voice is the hardest part,  because you get tired and easily can get sick. We try to not drink or just before a day off.  We don’t smoke. We do warm-ups before the show….and still we get tired.  It’s part of touring, you know when you are on tour, certain gigs will not be excellent.  It is what it is. It’s part of being on tour? We try to stay well rested and not talk too much, when not necessary. We have never had to cancel a show because of the voice.  We had to cancel a show for other reasons, but not for the voice.”

(Dawn) You have been quoted as having numerous influences and favorite bands from: Dying Bride, Linkin Park, Beethoven, Sound Garden, Meshugga, Black Sabbath, Gold Frapp, Cocteau Twins, Danzig, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative.  I’ve noticed amongst your loyal fans: everything from Classic Rock to Metal, to Gothic/Industrial to Dark Wave to Pop to Electronic fans.  This is such a broad spectrum and so complimentary to you as a band. Have you marketed to different genres or do you feel your “vast influences” have a part in winning your various audiences over?

(Andrea from LC) “Linkin Park?  Me? I wouldn’t say them, but maybe someone else. Wait, I think our former drummer was into them.  Nothing bad.  I really like their albums, just not one of my influences.  Black Sabbath, yeah! Danzig, Nine Inch nails, yes.  That is more MY kind of music. One band that every one in this band really likes is Faith No More.  Faith No More has always been very open to all genres.  Obviously we are coming from the Gothic/Metal Scene.  When we started, we wanted to be in the same sound as Type O Negative or Paradise Lost.  We evolved. We still fall into a Gothic-type band, but we aren’t exclusively in that genre or at least what a Gothic band is now-a-days. Actually to be Gothic is a very broad spectrum. I think certain song chord progression can be considered dark. Even Black Sabbath can be considered dark. It isn’t just The Cure or Sisters of Mercy or bands distinctive of that genre. Rammstein can be, in their way, dark. To me the vision of Gothic and dark is very open. Even Neil Young can be dark. Johnny Cash had songs very depressing and sad on certain lyrics.  The Doors. To me, dark is not just a cliché.  I love the Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, all those 80’s bands. I love Alice in Chains. They are also very dark. I like the term dark better than Gothic, because sometimes Gothic is too much restrictive. Growing up in Milan, a lot of the city’s monuments are Gothic and it is beautiful. It is just the view we have. So for me, dark is just a very wide spectrum of music. For us, we have two singers and there is always a certain dark element to our lyrics and the keyboard arrangements. We don’t want to fall into a cliché. But, whatever kind of album we do, still…there will be darkness.”


(Dawn) Favorite cities/places to perform live in US and abroad?

(Andrea from LC) “I think New York City, LA, Vegas. Playing in Texas is always good for us. It isn’t necessarily one place.  We have a good amount of fans here and we always have good shows. In Europe, playing in the UK is always really good for us. But, also France, Holland.  Italy is always good, but in Italy there is always a good deal of pressure. This especially in Milan.  It is always difficult to play in your home town. It’s always a good show though.  We did a show there last Summer for almost 10,000 people so it was great. So it is good there.  It is just a lot of pressure because your good friends and family will be there.”
(Dawn) So what do you think of the way that the music industry is going? Is it something you are excited about or…any concerns?

(Andrea from LC) “I think surely there are new ways and possibilities, but in general I think it is a much worse situation. And not because of all the downloading of music. That is OK, although that is a problem, of course, financially. It forces the bands to have to be on the road all the time and you have to release an album every two years, so there is no space. Sometimes I feel like we need some more time to finish an album.  Nowadays, you are forced to end touring cycle then go straight into recording.  If you don’t feel it, it doesn’t matter, because you have to. You have to get the album out and tour in order to be able to make a living. So I don’t like it.  We come from a previous generation in music where we had time to write an album. It could take two years.  It was great because we really felt inspired. Now you have to because the market needs you to do it.  You have so many bands today, but many of them are copycats.  They may be good players, but many sound the same. Only the image makes a difference. I don’t like that, because many bands don’t have the time to develop their own personality. We got that because we grew up in a time where we have two, three records before we became a known band. We were able to grow from the cliché of sounding like our favorite bands to incorporating our own, more personal sound. You need time to do this. Today, if you don’t make it in the beginning and get some attention, then you would be dropped. There are many more bands today but there are always those 5 bands which are gonna break out.”


(Dawn) Anything else you would like to promote?

(Andrea from LC) “Yes, you can check out our tour dates on our website.  We are also very active on social media.  Each of us have our own pages on Facebook, but are also on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. In 2015 we will be on the Shiprock Cruise in Miami.”


Check out Lacuna Coil on:

Lacuna Coil Official Website:


Andrea’s Facebook:







Strap on Halo is: Seán Rial – Guitar, Keyboards and Drums.
Layla Reyna – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards and Graphic design.
MarC Jones – Bass, Keyboards, blood and beers.

SOH6Strap On Halo resurrected in 2009 with a new lineup including Layla Reyna, Marc Jones and original founding member Sean Rial. Strap On Halo is an American Gothic Alternative Rock band, whose music harkens to the purity of 80’s influenced moody guitars, resonating bass and a beautifully haunting Siouxsie-esque female vocals.  They also have great hair!   😉  It’s refreshing to see bands of his genre coming back into the radar.

On June 10, 2011, Strap On Halo released their debut full length release, The Dead Don’t Lie, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Mick Shearman of NightPorter and John Ross of ANXST. Coinciding with the release, they set out on the Memento Mori US Tour that spanned five weeks and included The Hiram Key from the UK during select dates. They then toured in the Summer and Fall of 2012 and again in 2014.  Currently, they are working on a new CD release and planning their Winter/Spring 2015 tour.

[Horror Addicts] I understand you “resurrected” in 2009.  When did Strap on Halo first form and what caused the death and resurrection?

[Seán from SOH] “Strap on Halo has actually been something I envisioned as I was a teenager, but I never met the right people to start a GothSOH7 band.  I originally started it in the Fall of 1994.  The original lineup lasted about 2 years, but I ran it until 2002.  At that time, the venues in Omaha only wanted Metal or Top40 bands.

[Layla from SOH] “The original lineup split into two different bands in 1996.  Both units disbanded in 2002.  I met him (Sean) in 2005 and we were in another band.  Then we met Marc and Seán decided it was time to BE Strap on Halo.”

[HorrorAddicts] Who do you all consider the most influential musician or bands?

[Seán from SOH] “For me it would be Geordie Walker from Killing Joke, John McGeoch from Siouxsie and the Banshees and Billy Duffy from the Cult.”

[Layla from SOH] “I find my influence from Peter Murphy, the Cure and Dead Can Dance.”

SOH5[MarC from SOH] “Oh perfect.  I don’t have to talk now!  ☺  No, it’s like everything I listen to since Jr. High has been an influence, but when it really touched and wowed me, I knew that is what I wanted to do.  That time was the Cure, Dead Can Dance and such bands.  It was colder…darker.  The lyrics were more than just bubblegum and money.  I do have my influences too as a bassist.  Specifically I like Simon Gallup from the Cure. ”

[HorrorAddicts] You are based on Nebraska?  Who would have thought there was a Goth scene in Nebraska.  Wait, there is a Goth scene in Nebraska?????

[Seán from SOH] “Well, it comes in cycles.  There will be a scene for three or four years, then it will die out and Metal and Top40 become more predominant.  Then a few years later, people get burned out.  People move and then the scene is more open to something alternative.  It is a trend cycle.”

[MarC from SOH] “It’s developing and a scene through that is developing.”

[HorrorAddicts] What are your horror influences?

[Seán from SOH] “We are most intrigued by tragedies and horror in life..”

[MarC from SOH] “Horror influence? lol… The opening of a 200 year old iron gate… visiting a random grave… Having coffee with a “suspected” trany axe murderer… sleeping on a pew… having shots out of a human skull… Being catered to by a gorgeous wiccan with her own head over heals in love, “Egore”. I forget his name, but wow! Spending the night in a Cathedral and waking up under the sun shining through the stained glass windows. Being fed ice-cream sandwiches by angels… long story! The loss of a dear friend. Keeping your Halloween lights up, all year round….and truck stops! The world is an interesting place from all directions. Breath, sweat, tears… we embrace them all.”

[HorrorAddicts] You all have been extremely proactive in marketing your band using social media.  How has that worked for you withSOH4 drawing audiences to your shows and selling merchandise?

[Layla from SOH] “It has been good.  We have managed to connect with people in Europe.  We know a lot more people as a result of social media. We have new merchandise available on our website!”

[Seán from SOH] “With our local media in Omaha, unless you are Top40, Rap or something from the Disney Channel; they won’t even give you the time of day.”

[MarC from SOH] “That’s why we tour.”

[HorrorAddicts] Speaking of merchandise, you have very unique and adorable merchandise for sale, as opposed to the same old band merch table of strictly stickers, t-shirts and CDs.  How did you decide to do something so different and do you feel that this has put you at an advantage by having unique merchandise?

[Layla from SOH] “We like to have things that we would want to buy, if we went to a show.”

[Seán from SOH] “Actually the big sellers were thongs.  We sold out of them last year two or three shows into the tour.”

[Layla from SOH] “We have new merchandise available on our website now.”

[HorrorAddicts] Favorite place to play?

[MarC from SOH] “Seattle.”  ☺

[Layla from SOH] “It’s hard to say.  Just because it is in a city we prefer doesn’t always necessarily mean that the show was something that is better.  It depends on the crowd.  We love to perform, so whether or not the show is packed, doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t meet a couple people and make great contacts.  Then the next time we come through town, it is even better.”

SOH3[MarC from SOH] “Yeah, I mean it isn’t necessarily the city.  I mean, we could play New Orleans, but if no one is there……  It depends on who we meet and the conversations we have.  Many of the people we have met have turned into life-long friends.”

[HorrorAddicts] So Seán and Layla live in Nebraska and Marc in Seattle?  How did that happen and how do you stay connected to write/record and perform?  Did MarC live in Nebraska originally?

[MarC from SOH] (nods)  “Well, my wife was in the service.  But Seattle is where I grew up.  We have been gone for 12 years.  My parents are getting older.  I want to spend time with family….. but, I am not giving up the band.  This band is what I was always searching for.”

[Layla from SOH] “I originally moved to Omaha from Texas.  I met Seán a couple years after I moved to Omaha.  It was all chance meetings and coincidence.  We were all looking to do the same thing and we all get along. It is like having a long distance relationship.  There is gonna be Skyping.  MarC will be flying in from time to time.”

You can find out more info about Strap on Halo in the links below:

Facebook: StrapOnHaloFanPage

Facebook Group:

Twitter: straponhalo

Reverbnation: straponhalo

Myspace: straponhalo





Review: Revenge Of The Antichrist by Devil-M

Albumcover - Revenge of the AntichristTale of torment and corrosive emotional shadows, Revenge of the Antichrist is a compelling concept album which ignites the imagination, pushes thoughts, and inflames ears.  The new album from German industrial metallers Devil-M is packed to the rafters with rhythmic bait and hypnotic sonic incitement persuasion to pull limbs and torso into its imaginative devilry. At times a release which makes you draw rapid awe bred breath and in other moments a testing yet enthralling challenge which needs some work to embrace, Revenge of the Antichrist is a gripping and rigorously fascinating treat.

The Story behind the album is about a guy called Astharat who suffers on shizophrenie and kills his wife Eden. The 15 tracks escort the listener more and more in Astharat’s Dark world. Ups and Downs due to his mood shake the listeners through a world full of self-hatred, blood and a million ways to die.

Tarot - Siddhartha GautamaDevil-M is the brainchild of Max Meyer, the band, emerging in 2006 as a solo project for the Schiningen hailing musician. Merging his interest in movie scores with pungent electronic diversity, the project was soon contributing soundtracks for independent movies like Die at Dawn. 2009 saw Meyer turn the proposition into a band format which was swiftly followed by a relatively well-received release of debut EP Willst Du sterben and a host of live shows with bands like Nachtblut. In 2011 first album Kannst Du sterben was unveiled to strong and positive responses, its success followed a year later by the uniting of the current line-up of guitarist Lars Everwien, bassist Lisa Hass, and Sonja Langenfeld on keys alongside Meyer. Shows with band such as Grausame Tichter, Centhron, Vlad in Tears, Angelspit, and FabrikC pushed the bands presence and reputation further which Revenge of the Antichrist and its fiery blend of industrial metal and cinematic/theatrical endeavour can only reinforce and open a wider attentive spotlight upon Devil-M.

Music Review of “Revenge of the Antichrist” by Devil-M by Dawn Wood (

I listened to tracks from the brand new Album “Revenge of the Antichrist” which was released on August 25th, 2014. It is published via Meth Media / Dark Dimensions and combines Industrial Metal with Soundtrack-elements. Some of the songs are good candidates for amazing remixes (for all you remixers out there) and some are club ready and highly recommended.

Taste Your Tears-Starts out with dreamy, clean guitars and breaks into a rock track with some industrial elements.  I actually found this song to be reminiscent of the grunge era.

Tarot - AstharatRevenge of the Antichrist-Pt 2 and Siddhartha Gautama (Blackest Light Remix)– Both have nice intros with chanting monk samples, diverse tempos and driving guitars.  Both songs have elements of Metal and of course Industrial and are quite anthemic.

Love is Not Available– This song appears to be a ballad, but I found the distortion to be distracting.  I wanted to hear more, but feel the distortion should have been way down in the mix.

Garden of Eden– A somber and beautiful instrumental perfect for the Gothic listener.

I am God– Another beautiful, somber, Gothic song with female vocals. (Definitely my favorite track.)  This would be the perfect choice for a remix,

Harmful Scab– More monk samples and reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails.  I think this song would be a great choice for a dancy Industrial remix as well.

Apokrypha (Centhron Remix) and Rebirth– These songs are ready right now to be played at any Gothic/Industrial dance club. Great vocals and driving beat. Manson-esque feel.



Seattle Sounds-Post Rapture Party- By Dawn Wood

prp_mercPost Rapture Party was formed in 2011 in the fires that came after. Those left behind were brought together to celebrate that they were chosen to remain. There is always some one left behind. They are the after party joined in joyous celebration with the fellow orphans left upon the earth. Three years ago fate brought Kane, Noccie, Spooky and Ashe together. They brought together the sadness, fury, regret, romance and passion in the darkest days and the brightest of nights. Even though it feels like they came together overnight, the efforts of their work took many months. Post Rapture Party is always  working, creating and perfecting their stories for their audience’s entertainment, even in the most mundane moments of life. Safely amongst other artists, musicians and the baristas, Post Rapture Party lives their shadow lives.  Their horror influences include:

Dust Devil by Richard Stanley; House of 1,000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects; and Cropsey which is actually a documentary. Cropsey was an urban legend on Staten Island about a boogie man. There actually turned out to be some truth to the legend and years later, they apprehended the serial killer.

I would best describe Post Rapture Party as Dark Wave, in the realm of such great artists as: Siouxsie and the Banshees and Kate Bush. Haunted vocals and sweeping synths swirl around the listener.  Post Rapture Party has played with Strap on Halo, Colour Flies and Spiritual Bat.  They have also played with local Blacklist Seattle Gothic bands: Murder Weapons, Grasp Logic, XY Beautiful and PixelPussy.


Check out Post Rapture Party online:






Seattle Sounds CD Review Mixed Messages: by Dawn Wood



logoFronted by Seattle Industrial scene veteran musician, Wesley Rogers, Mixed Messages has only officially been a band since early 2012. Before that, while he and guitarists Nicklos Frank and Dim Rott played for Bell’s Theorum, Whether they bomb or blow your mind, one thing is certain, you will never get bored or want to leave a Mixed Messages show. Things will be broken, aggression will be released and VHS tape will envelop you. If you are looking for a Seattle band to knock your head off with sound and entertainment, I highly recommend Mixed Messages.  Not only is their singer, Wesley Rogers an absolute hurricane of raw, screaming energy, but every band member (“the other Nicks” in the band, synth/keyboardist Nick McCoy, drummer, Nick Plantz), guitarist extraordinaire Dim Rott and the lovely Sharon Collier on bass, are talented and interesting…to watch…to hear…to conversate with.

Mixed Messages band mates are huge fans of horror.  Dim and Nicklos are “classic horror” fans and the music is heavily influenced by the horror of our political system today. You can also see Mixed Messages playing shows with fellow Industrial Horror Addict’s Band: Murder Weapons.  Wesley even jumps in on some live performances with Murder Weapons for added debauchery.

Wesley_christmasshowOn March 1st of this year, Mixed Messages started a fundraising campaign with Indiegogo to fund their CD release.  They wound up raising enough money, though their dedicated fans, to record and master their CD entitled: “The Ordeal”.  I have seen Mixed Messages live, so it was a real treat to sit down and listen to all of their material, which I have witnessed live, plus some great new songs.

  1. MMChivalry- Starts off with a bang with angry vocals and guitars, with a sprinkling of interesting samples.
  2. Into the Middle of Things-  Driving beat with screams and intriguing (mid Easternish) guitars wailing throughout.
  3. Hopeless- Slows down to a very sexy, yet rhythmic grind.  Wesley’s vocals are more spoken, even whispery (in some places) trading off to samples then eventual tormented signature screams.
  4. Did What You Had To- brings us back to “in your face” aggression.
  5. Lust and Jealousy- This is the Cds “pretty song” and is my favorite.  Sensual beats and vocals are captivating.
  6. Suffer- is a crowd favorite live.  The beat is driving and intense, almost punk rock in feel.  You will find yourself screaming “SUFFER!!!” even after the song is over.
  7. Do Nothing- Definitely a great candidate for a remix.  The beat is infectious and danceable, with overlaid dynamic vocals.
  8. Then What?- Thumping bass goodness starts this song, with plenty of samples, cacophonies of sound and hypnotic vocals.
  9. 2 Weeks Notice- Thinking this is one of those “I hate my day job” anthems.  I think we can all relate!
  10. Abomination- Political Industrial Goodness!
  11. Emerald City- I especially enjoyed the guitar harmonics in this song.  Very classic rock inspired.  I also like the Seattle reference: “Emerald City!!!!!!”
  12. Collapsing In- Hmmmm….I sense a familiar influence…Butthole Surfers.  What a cool song and a nice variable on this CD.  One thing is for sure with Mixed Messages, they like surprising their listeners.

You can check out Mixed Messages on Facebook:

On Reverbnation:

On Youtube:






Dead Animal Assembly Plant

DAAP1DAAP2Seattle’s EBM and Industrial Scene has re-emerged over the past few years and shown itself to be almost front running. There are actually a few bands out of the Portland area that also demand listener attention and are tearing up stages opening for major Industrial acts.  Dead Animal Assembly Plant is one of those bands.  Fresh off of opening up for Combichrist and Mushroomhead in 2014, being one of the headliners at Seattle’s Mechafest and Day of the Dead in late 2013, Dead Animal Assembly Plant is currently embarking on a new slaying array of music for their upcoming CD.

A little history: The boys of DAAP hail from the Sweet Meats DAAP3Slaughterhouse. The now abandoned and cursed facility was home to a murderous, cannibalistic butcher who fancied the townsfolk as livestock. Now they haunt the dank hallways continuing the madness.  Dead Animal Assembly Plant  started back in 2007. Initially the solo brainchild of Z.Wager , DAAP quickly grew into a collective of (somewhat) like minded butchers. Inevitable chaos ensued. Also part of this motley crew: Case.  Also, Vex March of Portland’s Particle Son on keys and samples, Eric B holding down the killer beats and Travis DAAP5Geny on guitar.  Let’s not forget the terrifying and sexy “Butcherettes”.

DAAP’s Horror Influences: It’s cliche’ to say that “We’ve been a fan of horror since children.”  Well, we are another cliche’. As children of the 80’s epic slasher flicks like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St and Hellraiser greatly influenced the tongue in cheek sense of horror DAAP has today. (And of course, the dirt and grime from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mythos.) Clive Barker as a storyteller and creator of dark realities helped paint a lot of mental imagery as well.

Zach would like to extend a very personal invitation to take a listen and “come see us at one of our shows. We’d love to meat you… Bon appétit”.

I highly recommend doing both.  This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time.  And, if you are lucky, you just might see me singing a song with the DAAP crew!  😉







Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult- Philadelphia PA and Seattle, WA 2014


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult’s long-awaited new release was unleashed in May 2014, followed by a steady 6 week tour of the United States. I was fortunate to catch their show in Philadelphia and my band opened for them in Seattle. The last Thrill Kill show I caught was in Seattle in 2012 and this new tour was a bit scaled down, lighter and warmly funky. Their support tour opener, DJ Toxic Rainbow, sets the mood for a dancier version of TKK. (DJ Toxic Rainbow won the THRILL KILL KULT “Kooler Than Jesus” remix contest, and has since done various remix work for the band and Groovie’s side-project DARLING KANDIE.) Amongst old TKK favorites: a remixed version of “Swine and Roses”, a fun call and response to “My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult” and my personal favorite “After the Flesh” from “The Crow” Soundtrack.


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

The new CD is the band’s 13th certainly versatile enough to be played at any club. The influence of 70’s electro music and some spaghetti western-esque guitars grace the collection of music. My personal favorites being: “Neon Diva”, “Hell Kat Klub” and “The Way We Live Now”. The current lineup of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult is: Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy, Mimi Star, Justin Thyme and Westin Halvorson. The band has progressed with an assortment of members over the past 25 years. Taken directly from the biography on the Official Thrill KillKult Website:


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

It was in the fall of 1987, in a neighborhood Chicago bar. Artist and performer Franke Nardiello met with newly transplanted Bostonian musician Marston Daley over drinks. They crafted a shocking and lurid film concept, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT. Inspired by a shared love of tabloid tales of sex, kitschy horror and exploitation films in the style of Russ Myers, the concept came naturally. The name was ripped straight from a British headline Nardiello had noted while living in London. With limited experience and resources the film was scrapped, but work on its accompanying soundtrack continued. Legendary Chicago record label Wax Trax! Records were drawn by the hard beats, distorted vocals, rich instruments and bizarre film samples. They released a three song EP in 1988. The full–length album, I SEE GOOD SPIRITS AND I SEE BAD SPIRITS, followed the same year. People seemed to love it almost instantly, and so, their dreams of celluloid became a reality on vinyl.

In the spring of 1989, Nardiello and Daley took on the names Groovie Mann and Buzz McCoy (respectfully). They recruited band members from bar stools and created a back-up group of singers/dancers dubbed the BOMB GANG GIRLZ. They jammed the crew of nine into a van with musical and stage gear alike, and hit the road. The tour had a “Cabaret From Hell” vibe and it aroused the curiosity of the kids and media, establishing THRILL KILL KULT as one of America’s premier industrial/electro acts.


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

They continued to fuel the underground club dance floors with tracks like “The Days Of Swine And Roses”, “Kooler Than Jesus” and “A Daisy Chain 4 Satan”. The Parents Music Resource studio album entitled: “Spooky Tricks” It is fun, interesting and Center (PMRC) was appalled. It wasn’t long before Groovie and Buzz started experimenting, combining disco bass with wah-wah guitars and dabbling in big bad burlesque brass. The result was SEXPLOSION! (1991). It was lusty and dangerous, giving them their first taste of commercial success with “Sex On Wheelz” and attracting a whole new set of fans.


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

The explosion of popularity found TKK on Interscope and in 1993 they released 13 ABOVE THE NIGHT. Like all of their releases, it had an overpowering cinematic quality so it wasn’t surprising when Hollywood took notice. The duo found themselves writing for an assortment of soundtracks like Paul Verhoeven’s “Showgirls” and Ralph Bakshi’s “Cool World.” They even stepped in front of the camera for a cameo in the cult classic “The Crow” to perform the song “After The Flesh”.


Photo by Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

In 1998 MLWTTKK signed to Rykodisc, who reissued their Wax Trax! catalog. And later, GAY, BLACK & MARRIED (2005), an homage to the 70’s disco era, and the depraved strip-lounge-rock fest, FILTHIEST SHOW IN TOWN (2007).

They have released 2 albums on their own label, SLEAZEBOX MUSIC, as well as a BOMB GANG GIRLZ cd titled A TASTE 4 TROUBLE, written and produced by Buzz McCoy. It features the formidable long time vocalist and dancer Jacky Blacque, with a guest appearance by Groovie Mann.

Still a favorite among directors who are looking for sexy sleaze, their music is frequently in both major and independent films and television, most recently in Sexy Evil Genius (Lionsgate) But it doesn’t end in with the studio, film and tv, Groovie and Buzz still take the KULT out on tour extensively along with a rotating cast of depraved characters. In 2010 they re-created their role in the “Sextacy Ball” tour along with Belgium’s outrageous Lords of Acid. In 2011 they performed at the “Wax Trax! Retrospectacle” show in Chicago, with old label mates Front 242 and Revolting Cocks. And the fall of 2012, the KULT celecrates their milestone 25th anniversary with a 7 week tour of the States.

MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT continue to morph and stretch the fabric of music as we know it, always remaining true to the KULT and true innovators.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult on the interwebz:

The new CD is a must have for your Thrill Kill collection:


Check them out on Soundcloud, where you will also find some amazing remixes:

All photos courtesy of Tony from Fierce Bad Rabbit

Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Charlie Drown

Charlie_Drown_LinkThe always beautiful, never dull Miss Charlie Drown is an enigmatic force using sexuality, violence, passion, love and Magic in equal measure to craft a unique vision. Straddling brutality and frailty with ease and effortlessly encompassing the feminine and masculine of music. The music of Charlie Drown, while undoubtedly infectious, is difficult to term, largely due to Charlie’s broad spectrum of influences.

Not content to be just another pretty face in “rock star drag”, Charlie writes, sings, programs, records, produces and plays many instruments and finds capable dynamic musicians for recording, as well as hand picking those who perform it. Ambitious and aggressive in the studio, she has earned the respect of her peers in the industry. Her no rules attitude enables her to create without structure.

Charlie also owns her own “horrifically collectibles” store in Tacoma, Washington and records local Seattle/Tacoma bands in her Digital Dolly Studio. Her dedication to the Gothic/Industrial/Metal scene in Vancouver and the Northwest is highly respected.

Check Charlie out on:



Reverb Nation:








Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Murder Weapons


meganphotojessecoreyThe sound of Murder Weapons has been described as Shock-Rock Horror Industrial.Samples from actual trials of serial killers, horror flicks and other auditory terrors are amply delivered by this quintet, punctuating the tracks with bloody CHEESE. Live shows feature a “SPLASH ZONE” of blood and various body parts. Audiences have become accustomed this Murder Therapy, featuring gory visuals, simulated murders and blood splattered cage dancers. Amidst the scene of chaos, gore and murder the band churns out a barrage of guitar driven, hard hitting, rhythmic, aggressive, electronic industrial audio terror for your delight!

Murder Weapons began in 2012 when founder Jesse RazOrr begun writing music based on a fascination with serial killers, horror films, and the finer things in life. Not surprisingly, the music was dark and aggressive. Jesse began forming the band with keyboardist, Luke Guillotine , drummer Lynn Shank and guitarist, Gorey Clawhammer. All that was needed was a vocalist. In summer of 2012, Murder Weapons was offered the opportunity to open for a national act in Seattle. Seattle rock-electronic vocalist, Dawn WoodKill, joined the Family and rehearsal commenced. By December, Murder Weapons was opening for major Industrial acts such as My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Angel Spit, Angels on Acid, Psyclon 9, Charlie Drown and Hanzel und Gretyl, as well as co-headlining Seattle’s Mechafest later that year. Currently, Murder Weapons is working on new material as well as a studio album and is obliterating the Northwest regularly. The next live show in Seattle will feature Murder Weapons, once again, opening for My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.


Twitter: @murderweapons

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Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Grasp Logic

GL2Grasp Logic began (an alternative/industrial- electronic project created by electronic artist Mi-kel Munzter) in 2009. Grasp Logic’s GL3abrasive tones and distorted impacts revolve around a dark obscure atmosphere. Visually caliginous, various influences include: Horror, Sci-fi, Metal, Dark Wave, Ambient, Cinematic, Noise, and various forms of electronic music. Garrett, Mi-kel Munster started out doing scream vocals for a metal project in high school in Washington State. Eventually, he wanted to branch out into something different, yet still keep his metal influences. He has an avid love for horror films and some of his favorites are: Dementia 13, The Mad Monster, Attack Of The Giant Leeches, Halloween, Bruiser, Army Of Darkness, Dead Alive, and Bucket Of Blood (to name a few). In high school he spent a lot of time watching horror films, reading comics and working on music inspired by those interest, which eventually lead to starting Grasp Logic. So far music releases have include an experimentalGL1 EP entitled “Poetry In Machine” realeased in 2011 and since then, Grasp Logic has been releasing singles working toward  another release. At live shows, Grasp Logic features artist, Robert Bauder. Robert’s gripping artwork has been on exhibit at art shows all over the country. Logic is part of the Industrial music community “The Black List” and hasopened for such artists as: The Genitoturers, Dead Hand Projekt, William Control and SMP.Check out Grasp Logic on:Facebook:


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Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Desillusion

Seattle’s EBM and Industrial Scene has re-emerged over the past few years and shown itself to be almost front running. It’s about des1time! I remember when clubs were reluctant to play anything but rock (thrash, rockabilly, garage, punk or grunge). Electronic bands either had to play covers, slyly slide onto a rock bill, play an underground club or play a room that normally just had a DJ. It is encouraging to see numerous EBM, electronic and industrial bands start to gain attention in the region. It is also quite common to see these musicians being a part of at least 2 other projects. The scene is, at times, incestuous. Most of the bands/projects are less than 7 degrees of separation from one another. (Case in point, industrial rock band, Desillusion.) Desillusion is fronted by the hardest working musician I know, Wes Halvorson. Wes has worked his ass off to get electronic/industrial bands into the Seattle live music scene. Wes is also the guitarist of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and Anguisette. He is the drummer for Endless Sunder and he is very much in demand to fill in and collaborate with a variety of Seattle EBM bands including Elektronika. Desillusion Keyboardist and Producer, Asher Vast is alsowestin_pierce3 in Endless Sunder and quite collaborative in the Seattle music scene. On bass, is Jesse O, who also plays bass for his project, Murder Weapons Jesse is quite talented in video editing and has worked on the band’s videos along with ThinkPiece Productions. Desillusion’s versatile percussive talents belong to Lynn Sepeda. Lynn is also in Murder Weapons and has played drums with a
plethora of Seattle talent such as: The Donettes, Otherness, Mary Abaddon and Eddie Spaghetti.

Desillusion’s latest CD (set to be released by Fall 2014) is heavy and infectious, but their sound is now more creatively laced with stompy blistering industrial explosions and hypnotic dance beats. Westin added a female back up vocalist to the mix in 2013 to add a new dimension to the music. Desillusion’s new material is reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM with a dash of Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills. Their songs: “Anthem” and “Mod Me” are infective with a lush, hypnotic groove. “Mara” and “Jaded” are memorable, energetic and stompy anthems. “Vices” is pretty rockin’ in that “Stabbing Westward kind of vein” and the very catchy “Left Behind” and “Fall” mixes it up and featuring the accompaniment of female vocals.

Desillusion’s latest project titled: “Anthemphetamine” is scheduled for release in Fall 2014 Check Desillusion out on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Lastfm, Youtube and
Twitter: @desillusion1
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Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Endless Sunder

Sounds of Seattle CD Review-Endless Sunder “Descent”
by Dawn Wood 


The EBM and Industrial Scene has powerfully re-emerged over the past few years and shown itself to be worthy of grabbing attention on an international level.  There are some REALLY good bands that deserve attention.  Case in point: Westin Halvorson.  Westin has diligently worked to get electronic/industrial bands into the spotlight of the Seattle live music scene. Westin is the guitarist of (now touring) My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult.  He also fronts his own band Desillusion and plays in Pixel Pussy, Anguisette and is the drummer for an amazing electro-industrial band called:  Endless Sunder.  Desillusion’s keyboardist and Producer, Asher Vast, is the main composer, vocalist and Producer behind Endless Sunder.  Asher is also a great collaborator in the Seattle music scene.  On guitar, is the talented Corey Wittenborn (also in Murder Weapons) and on keyboards/ synths is Kevin Preston (also from The Crying Spell, Monicom and 64K.)

coreyasherwesEndless Sunder originated in 2007 in Olympia, Washington as an Electro-Industrial Rock project stemming from influences like Frontline Assembly, VNV Nation, Nine Inch Nails and 16 Volt.  One of the many things I love about this band is they take very seriously the entire presence of the band.  Although certainly not contrived, everything from their photos to videos to stage presence is intriguing, mysterious and from a marketing perspective…..packaged with perfection.

Asher was kind enough to let me review Endless Sunder’s CD entitled “Descent”. There is also a video of “Mechanism” to accompany the CD.

kevinThe CD starts out with the song “Atonement”, which is a heavy, grinding, fierce, industrial rock song and a great way to start out this CD.  Next, is “Pendulum” which is reminiscent of Marilyn Manson….only is actually danceable AND rocking with a catchy recurring motif.  I especially like how Asher’s vocals seem to swirl around the listener. 3rd track is “Choking Game” which is another great grooving industrial rock tune with smashing guitars and noise!  4th track is “Pawn”.  This song has a driving groove, is dark and sensual.  The vocals are absolutely amazing on this song. Asher’s vocals are whispery and present band Westin’s back up vocals are nothing short of fierce.  The 5th track is “Mechanism” which is epically industrial-dance and yet…a hard-driving rock track.  The percussion is especially infectious in this song and also quite memorable are the motif and chorus.  This song has become quite the favorite in the local Seattle scene. 1westin The 6th track is “Estranged”.  “Estranged” is another epic song with wonderful complexities and beautiful keyboard lines.  I almost want to compare this song to Depeche Mode.  Yes, you read that correctly and yes, this is a huge compliment from me.  What an extraordinary song all around!  The 7th track is “Shell”, which is a solid, infectious, straight-ahead industrial rock song.  “Shell” boasts a rocking beat, guitars and roaring, tortured vocals.  The 8th track is “Entrophy”, which is a kaleidoscope of industrial goodness.  “Entrophy” would be a perfect soundtrack song.  The 9th track is “Siren”, for which I especially enjoyed the amazing guitar work.  The last track is “Introvert”.  What a beautiful final song.  Once again, a lovely keyboard motif, intense…yet whispery vocals and plenty of mystery and intrigue that draws the listener in.  This entire CD is well worth having in your collection and Endless Sunder is a “must see”, “must hear” band.


Asher and Kevin have a video and photography company in Seattle called “AVAST Productions”.  They put together a stellar video for The Birthday Massacre, as well as several Northwest bands.  Check them out at:  and

You can check Endless Sunder out on their website:, as well as on:  Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, myspace,, and