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Free Words Wednesday: Infested by ReaperScoob

Free Words Wednesday

Guest Writer: ReaperScoob

Alexa woke up in a cold sweat. A reoccurring night terror disturbed her slumber and as usual, the events of said dream escaped her memory as she arose. The coffee started dripping into an awaiting mug in the kitchen. Alexa grabbed the mug, still in a haze, and sat at her kitchen table. With a deep breath, she took her first sip. Before it reached her gut, she spat it out in shock. 2 little cockroaches stood on her table, their antennas flailing this way and that. Her whole body tensed up. She hated roaches and had never seen one in her own abode before. One moved with a jolt toward her and she squealed in horror, rocking in her chair and falling backwards onto the floor. Coffee flew everywhere, covering Alexa and sending the mug crashing next to her.

Alexa’s head thudded off the wooden flooring, dazing her. Wet and somewhat burnt, she gave a frustrated scream and took a deep breath. She rolled to her left, away from the shattered mug, and began lifting herself to her forearms.  Glancing upward, she saw 6 or 7 more roaches on and around her table leg. She shuddered at their sight, tears welling up in frustration and fear. She got to her knees, noticing a trail of roaches leading from the kitchen out to a spare bedroom on the left down a brief hallway. These roaches were rather peculiar in their behavior. Only a few traveled back and forth, the majority acting as roadsigns for the insects traffic. They sporadically twisted and turned, going nowhere. The ones moving followed the mindless like a set of trail-markers. Reaching the door, the trail went right under, while dozens of other roaches covered the door-frame. Alexa crept up to the door. Her mind raced but some deep curiosity kept pushing her forward. Every inch of her crawled nervously as she took note of the roaches on the frame. Heart pounding, she grabbed the handle and opened the door.

Hundreds of roaches ran over her feet. The walls moved like living tar, pouring out into her home. Blood covered everything and a rotten corpse of a horse lay in the otherwise empty room now that most the roaches had ran out. The smell of death invaded her nostrils and she puked. She fell to her knees and put a hand down which was instantly covered in a swarm of roaches that came rushing from the living room. She flung herself backwards and her whole place was now ablaze. Fire engulfed everything as smoke piled into the room, Alexa began to cough. She rushed towards a window but a burst of flame blocked her path. She choked and began to black out. She ran for the front door, stumbled and fell to the floor.

Alexa woke up in a cold sweat. Her heart pounding and tears ran down her face. She remembered the whole thing. What hell had her conscience sent her to? Finally calming down, she sat up in bed. In the kitchen she heard the coffee begin to pour into her mug. As Alexa got up and headed to the kitchen, there scurried a roach, running rampantly towards the kitchen.

Griffin Mekelburg (ReaperScoob) has had a hand in a variety of jobs, giving him insight into many backgrounds that have lead to his stories. His style is graphic and unforgiving, covering all aspects of horror and thriller. 

Book Review: Jolene: A Ghost Story

Jolene: A Ghost Story by Casey Wickstrom

Review by Ariel DaWintre

Jolene: A Ghost Story is a great story! It starts with four guys, Jacob, Joshua, Billy, and Clyde, moving out together. The story is told in first person with Clyde narrating the story. The four characters are very likable and they are clearly very close. The roommates are all different and you get a true sense of their personalities in the writing. You can relate to the characters because they are young, on their own for the first time, and having fun. They all work and when they aren’t working, they are having lots of fun partying at home.

The roommates start having weird things happen at the house, but they don’t really think much about it and are not sure if they imagined it. Later, when they have people come over, they make light of it and give the ghost a name.  As the story goes on, they start to realize they are all having the same dream and of the same person. She is identifying herself by the name they gave her. The ghost’s intentions seem very innocent at first and she comes off as disarming. Although Clyde starts to have his doubts, and slowly the other roommates do too, all except one. They try to do the basic research and questions about where she came from but don’t really get answers.

As the story takes on a dark twist, the free-spirited guys start to become alarmed, but it’s too late. Jolene starts to divide and conquer. The house and the guys will never be the same.

Don’t expect a happy ending, but for horror lovers, the story keeps your interest and is engaging all the way to the end.

Although we get a little backstory on the ghost, I would have liked even more, even if it wasn’t really needed for the story. I would love to see a part two or a continuation because the author leaves you with wanting more.

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Free Words Wednesday: Infected by Liz Zemlicka

Free Words Wednesday

Guest Writer: Liz Zemlicka

I don’t know where it came from, but I can tell you what happened when everything went to shit.  By everything, I mean the whole world; at least it appeared to be happening everywhere before the stations went off the air for the last time.

I was one of the unfortunate ones that got stuck in the middle of the city when it all started.   By some miracle, I have not been infected, but soon we will run out of food and have to make it out, or at least try.

I was at work when the screaming started, blood-curdling screaming, the kind that sends the hairs on the back of your neck to full attention.  Everyone ran to the windows to see what was happening, all I could see was blood everywhere and people running in every direction.  “What the hell happened out there?” someone asked.  It appeared that a fight had broken out in the middle of the street, cars were stopped and honking at a man kneeling over someone who wasn’t moving, their blood pooling around him.  We thought he was performing CPR, until he raised his head and looked right at us in the window, chunks of flesh dangling from his lips, blood smeared over his whole face and his eyes…oh my god his eyes, they were blank, no life in them.  That’s when panic broke out.  I don’t remember much of what happened next but I know that person in the road was no longer there when I got out of the building.

I ran, driving would have been pointless, by this time cars were abandoned in the street and people were herding themselves in every direction.  I started seeing more people shambling aimlessly, attacking anyone in their way.  When I got away from the crowd, I stopped to catch my breath, the heavy smell of copper hung thick in the air and I watched in shock as one of them limped toward me, covered in blood, the flesh on his cheek ripped clean off.  He got closer and I couldn’t move, just stared at his blank, cloudy eyes and the gaping hole in his cheek, when someone grabbed my arm from behind me and pulled me back into a building.

“Are you stupid girl?” he screamed in my face once the building was secured behind us.  I couldn’t speak, but looking around the room, there were three more people, all looking scared.

“I get it, we’re all scared, but you almost got yourself killed.  Name’s Randy” he stuck out his hand and I slowly reached out to shake it.  “Gr…Grace” I stuttered.

He was a big man, his face chiseled, and hard looking, hair buzzed neatly close to his scalp, military style.  My eyes drifted to the 45 strapped to his side and he patted it lightly and smiled.  “Never leave home without her” he chuckled.

“This here is Max and Abigail and that is Isaac over there” he pointed to a man in his early twenties sitting on a crate by himself with his head in his hands, he didn’t look up.

I shook hands with the young couple, which looked terrified.

“What’s happening out there?” I asked finally.

Randy stared off for a minute, then answered quietly.

“The news is saying some new drug hit the streets, and it’s making people go crazy.  That don’t look like drugs to me, I saw a guy get killed in the street then get up and attack another person.  That ain’t drugs”

“I think I saw that happen too, I mean I saw a guy EATING someone and the next thing I knew that person was gone and I don’t think he was eaten” I mumbled, not believing the words were even coming out of my mouth.

Randy just nodded and ran his hand over his jawline thoughtfully.

The room was silent, while outside was chaos.   Just then, a woman, soaked in blood, slammed into the window, sending spiderweb cracks in every direction.

“C’mon! We gotta get outta here” Randy led the way deeper into the dark building.

We followed Randy through the building to an emergency exit, where he stopped.

“We need to find a safe place, then we need weapons and food,” he told us flatly, as he pulled his gun from its holster and checked the magazine.  “Stay close to me”

He pushed open the exit door slowly and peeked out into an alleyway, then waved his hand for us to follow.

We made our way across the city streets, careful to stay away from main roads.  “There’s an armory a few blocks down…” Randy said, catching his breath.  “We can make it if we stick to side streets and alleys, we will be safe there.  They should be setting up a safe zone for survivors”

“They? Who are THEY?” Abigail asked.

Randy looked annoyed “The military, now c’mon!” he snapped.

We made it to the armory, barely.  One of them grabbed Abigail by the hair, attempting to drag her into an alley, his jaws snapping next to her ear as she screamed.  Randy didn’t hesitate; he barely aimed and shot it right between the eyes.

“Who are you?” I asked, stunned.  He shook his head and stood silently as Max picked Abby off the ground.

Randy approached her, putting both hands on each side of her face, he turned her head to the side.

“What the hell are you doing man?” Max screamed.

“Shut up a second!” Randy yelled back.

He was looking in Abby’s ear; finally he dropped his hands and muttered

“You’ll be fine”

“What the hell was that?” Max continued to yell at Randy’s back as he continued on to the Armory.

“Just checking to make sure she wasn’t infected,” Randy said calmly.

“If you know something about what’s going on here you need to tell us man!” Max insisted.

Randy stopped suddenly, staring directly ahead of us.

“I will tell you what I know when we get there.  For now, shut up and follow me or you’re gonna get us all killed!” he snapped at Max without looking at him.

We continued on in silence.  Max had his arm around Abby, who was still shaking and Isaac walked next to them, head still down.

We made it to the Armory as dusk was settling in; the sirens and shots from the main roads in the city had begun to grow silent but the screams still rang out from all directions.  The Armory stood silently in front of us, dark and abandoned.

“So much for your safe zone” Max muttered bitterly.

Randy didn’t seem to hear him, he stood frozen in front of the door, his calm demeanor was starting to falter.

“Shit!” he yelled and kicked the door.  “Goddammit!”

The door swung open and the coppery smell of blood hit us all, Randy went in first and waved at us to stay back as he disappeared into the dark.

After a few minutes, he reappeared, looking defeated “It’s clear, shut the door”

Max and Randy barricaded the doors and windows with wood they got from broken furniture, while the three of us sat in a small office.

“Is he ok?” I whispered to Abby and nodded toward Isaac, sitting by himself in a corner.

“Don’t bother, he hasn’t said a word since we met him, I’m not even sure how Randy got his name out of him.  Maybe that’s not even his name,” she whispered back.

The guys came back in the room then, “That will have to do for now” Randy sounded tired now.

“Now tell us what the hell is going on, you know something about this” Max was still angry.

Randy pulled a chair out of a corner and sat down.  “I work for the military, retired actually, I was reactivated this morning to try and contain this….thing.  I guess I’m deactivated again now” he sighed.

“Thing?” I asked.

“I don’t know where it came from, if we created it or it’s some crazy supernatural…anomaly, hell from what I’ve seen today, I’d believe either.  It’s a parasite, a black nasty leech looking thing that feeds on brain matter…Those THINGS out there, they aren’t people, not anymore, they are infected”

The room was silent; we stared at him in disbelief.

“That’s what you were looking for in my ear” Abby whispered.  Randy nodded and hung his head.

“It spread so fast, there was nothing we could do.”

A heavy silence hung in the room.

Max wrapped his arm around Abby and she dropped her head onto his shoulder.

Isaac finally looked up from the floor; he stared at Randy, rage burning in his eyes as he slowly stood up.  He never broke his stare as he stood for a few moments, hands balled into fists at his sides.  Suddenly he was on top of Randy, pounding at his face and chest, screaming, “You killed her!” over and over.

A stunned Randy grabbed his arms and subdued Isaac.  “You got your shots in kid, but I didn’t kill nobody”

Isaac burst into tears and Randy dropped his arms.  Keeping his eyes on him he said, “Isaac’s girl got infected, I had to put her down.  I’m sorry, kid, but she was going to kill you”

“Put her down?” Abby sounded disgusted “she was a person!”

“Not anymore she wasn’t” Randy was still staring at Isaac.

“You should have let her kill me!” Isaac sobbed

Randy walked away from him “Jesus Christ!” he shouted and walked out of the room.

Now here we are, silently sitting in a little office, waiting.  Waiting for the silence to come outside, the silence that means everyone is gone, that means the infected have taken over the streets.  Then we can make our move to leave the city, to find safety if there is any left.  To survive.

Liz Zemlicka started writing as a teenager, over the years she had gone more in the genre of Blogging than storytelling, but has always stayed an avid reader. With inspiration from great writers of horror fiction like Stephen King, Anne Rice, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allen Poe and many more, she has improved her writing style and found her niche in storytelling and entertaining. Born and raised in the Midwest, with a fascination with the unseen, because there is nothing scarier than something that can play with your mind and terrify you beyond the reach of your 5 senses.

Crescendo of Darkness Tour: 3DX Party, June 14th

CRAIGMAN, aka A. Craig Newman,
invites you to come celebrate the release of “Crescendo of Darkness”,
a music-themed horror anthology,
which includes Craig’s original story,
“Circe’s Music Shop”!

June 14 from 6 PM to 11 PM @ The Pyramids

Come on out to dance or swim or whatever else makes you happy.
Win Door prizes and a chance to get a signed copy of the book!“crescendo-of-darkness”-book-launch-party-june-14-the-pyramids/#entry283322

Book Review: Fatal Fetish edited by Toneye Eyenot

Fatal Fetish edited by Toneye Eyenot

Review by Voodoo Lynn

Fatal Fetish is an interesting amalgamation of stories. You get everything from encounters in space to serial killers and sexual cannibalism to clowns, mechanical Jekyll and Hyde’s, yeti, goblins, djinn, redheads, and A.I. I learned new terms like ‘sissygasm’. The stories were engaging on various levels; obviously, some more than others.  Let me also add that there are stories here that you will want to have ready access to a computer because the jargon utilized was such that I was completely unprepared for it and would’ve been lost had I not have been able to look the words up. It did make for a more culturally diverse read, I will admit.

There are plenty of stories here that make the ones you don’t care for, well worth the read. In fact, you may end up losing time over the ones you like, as I did. Let it be noted, that the ones I liked or were most disturbed by, had me re-reading them a second time, with the more lurid passages having me pass over those words again and again—solely for comprehensive purposes, of course.

So please, allow me to escort you into the world that is Fatal Fetish

“Biscuits and Gravy, Those Wicked Little Things” by Essel Pratt

This is the first story in the anthology. Perhaps, I have a weak spot for science fiction, thanks to my father and my early exposure to Star Trek. Perhaps, it appeals to my deep fascination with space and all its dark mysteries and frontiers.  Perhaps, it just appeals to my deep seated fascination and ultimate dream of, not only traveling in space but, to also engage in naughty activities while in said vicinity of it. Yes, that is an active interest of mine. This story however, gives me a very grim and real look into the dangers of space. (Thanks a lot E. Pratt, as if Mary Roach didn’t do enough of that!)

I don’t say this lightly. I have thought about all the possible consequences about having such relations in space however, this story doesn’t necessarily focus on that for me—though that is definitely something you can’t miss. What it does highlight for me is how distracted we humans can become if we are otherwise engaged in other immersive activities. What this author has done is manage to engage you in what seems like an everyday, happy go lucky story of two extraordinary people who have feelings for one another, who finally engage in said feelings and pay a most terrible price for it.

Oh, did I mention that this story takes place all within five pages? The author deftly pulls you in (even though you know you’re gonna read something horrific shortly) and then, hangs you out to dry, shall we say?

If you are a fan of “Guts” by Chuck Palahniuk, you are way ahead of the game here. If you are unfamiliar with this, don’t look it up if you wanna be surprised by this story! It’s urban legend meets science fiction.

In the end, this was my favorite story. It was shorter than I liked, but it sucked me in with its straight forward and descriptive, albeit disturbing detail.

“Life-Like” by Brian Glossup

This is my next favorite story and it also happens to be one of the longest in the anthology. It is so worth reading, especially if you like to be left questioning things. At first you think of it as a story about a lonely, older man in middle management and his needs, who decides to buy a sex-bot.  You will find yourself questioning not only what is moral, and what should be expected when we purchase something, but where our rights end and where someone else’s begins. Or, do they even begin? Is there even a ‘someone ’?

Although, the lead character gives us hints that he may not be want we think.  In the story we follow Malcolm as he goes to the company headquarters and places an order for his sex-bot. We know it’s a machine but, as he starts picking out her personality and, I’ll just call them her ‘parts’, things start getting really creepy.

The president of the bot company makes it a point to inform Malcolm that she is capable of learning and feeling, due to her electronic brain and that it’s best to keep her happy for “maximum satisfaction”. As he’s chooses her personality, the president inputs “SLAVE-MAID-COOK-SLUT”.  Yup, I don’t like this guy anymore but, it’s just a machine, right? Property he’s paying for. When we decide to buy a new computer, we decide what programs we want installed, right?

I find it interesting when reading about how the sex-bot, ANNA, views her new master, she makes an immediate judgement call that I wonder how she is capable of making in the first place. (I mean, she didn’t go to Robot University. GO ANDRIODS!) When we get a general description of him, we’re told that

“His best shirt was stained and his good pants were ripped. He was overweight, overpaid and unattractive. The typical American.”

Damn. Where did that come from? Aside from the fact I find that a little insulting to a whole group of people, my question is, how did she come to this conclusion, fresh out of the box let’s say?

Poor ANNA. What comes next in her short life thus far is hours of brutalization. Her skin is so life like, that she is left with bruises all over her body. As the author tells us,

“Every inflicted pain was felt and processed through her electronic nervous system…teaching her positronic brain of his civilized barbarism.”

We see a new level of sentience beginning to form. She watches TV and learns about the ‘horrors of humanity’ until she discovers a channel where a woman is speaking about women’s rights and power. She has now reached a level of consciousness that makes her realize the true horror of her existence as a sex-bot.  It’s here that she begins to plan a way to forever escape this situation. The climax of the story takes place next and, it is electrical. And violent. And disturbing. And unlike anything I’ve read before.

It is at this point find myself starting to think about what criteria we utilize to say with certainty, that something is alive? Had Malcolm treated ANNA better, more like a sentient being shall we say, would she have really been happy in her new existence? She seems to have free will and is capable of making decisions, even if it’s via execution of various computer programs.  She’s intelligent and self –aware, don’t those things constitute a living being?  It reminds me of Star Trek TNG’s episode “Measure of a Man.” In it, Commander Data (an android) is being forced into a dangerous procedure to study his positronic brain and to hopefully, create a whole new generation of androids like him. He tries to refuse, and Star Fleet orders him to do it anyway. He resigns, and is then told he can’t because he is Star Fleet ‘property’. He then has a hearing to determine his status with Star Fleet, to determine whether he is a sentient being and has rights, or not and just property. There’s this fantastic dialogue between Captain Picard and Guinan and she mentions that there has always been disposable creatures—beings whose welfare and needs wouldn’t have to be bothered with—a whole generation of disposable people.

Isn’t that what we are dealing with this story? Is ANNA property, or is she a sentient being with a conscience? Did that company create a whole generation of slaves?  I think I can sum up the horrifying end of this story by utilizing a quote from Captain Picard with regards to whole generations of disposable people and the term ‘slave’.

“I don’t think that’s a little harsh, I think it’s the truth. But that’s a truth we have obscured behind a comfortable, easy euphemism. ‘Property’. But that’s not the issue at all, is it?”

If only Malcolm had heeded the warning he was given…

“An Excerpt of Yeti, Yearning” by Essel Pratt

I just wanted to give this one a mention because I find the idea of thinking like a sexually aroused Yeti interesting. This unusual story piqued my interest and I wish that they included a little more in the excerpt.

“Send in the Clowns” by Naomi Matthews

This one is a good one about psychopaths. In this case, a female with an obsession with sex and clowns. This is something I enjoy seeing—a strong, female, character being the antagonist. It’s interesting to read about how she slowly indoctrinates her boyfriend into becoming her sex-slave. Her reason for choosing him was pretty simple—he, and her last ex, both had a history of being jerks to women and not treating them well. Understandable yes, but that gives her no right to do what she does. The lengths she goes to, to get her boyfriend to be her permanent clown boy-toy is truly frightening and well worth reading about. I also want to mention that this is the story where I learned the new word ‘sissygasm’. A word that I never wanted to learn and now will never be able to forget.

If you are someone into reading about fetishes and horror, Fatal Fetish is for you.