Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Movie

In 2010 a book by Seth Grahame-Smith took center stage in the horror genre and branched out to impact people that are fans of history as well. The item that got most people interested was the lead character of the book, and that was Abraham Lincoln. The title of this book would later make it to the big screen, and that title, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Grahame-Smith was involved in turning his book into a movie by writing the adapted screen play and the movie was directed by Timor Bekmambetov. The film was additionally produced by Bekmambetov, but the big name that drew attention to the film was Tim Burton.

The movie does follow many of the main plot points fans of the book loved. The thing to remember in any book to movie adaptation is the movie will differ, even if the author writes the screen play.

This is much the case with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as the movie does change some scenes from those of the book. The way the film is presented is beautiful and the settings are the type of things that will catch your eye and wishing you were part of that world.

The dangers of the vampires in the era are well shown and the vampires themselves are cruel and deceitful. These are creatures that wish to feed and control society. They want to be, no pun intended, at the top of the food chain in more ways than one. However, as soon as a young Abraham finds out what they are capable off he makes a point of stopping them and eventually runs for office.

The history of Abraham Lincoln is well known to many in America and his iconic look is captured very well by actor Benjamin Walker. Along the way Abraham is assisted by the mysterious Henry Sturgis, who is played by Dominic Cooper.

The film does a great job of showing Abraham’s struggles as a young man as he grows and learns how to hunt vampires. Abraham takes lessons on how to kill them from Sturgis and later directions on who to kill as well. These lessons are shown in a great way and give motion and images to the things read in the book. Along with this piece the true story of Abraham runs in the back ground and we watch as he becomes President.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a film that vampire fans will truly enjoy. The intrigue, mystery and vampires themselves are things that will make this a film that can be enjoyed. Those who are more interested in the history side must keep in mind that it maybe there but it may not be completely accurate. The one thing I want to make sure all fans of the books understand that this is NOT the book. So go in with an open mind when viewing the film and enjoy it for what it is. A vampire slaying film, set with a main character named Abraham Lincoln with a backdrop of a young America.


Horror Addicts Top Ten Contest – The List and The Winner


The votes are in and they have been counted. So without further delay here is the TOP TEN MOVIES as voted by you the listeners.

  1. Ghost Ship – 2002 – Domestic
  2. 1408 – 2007 – Domestic
  3. Brotherhood of the Wolf – 2001 – French
  4. Paranormal Activity – 2007 – Domestic
  5. The Descent – 2005 – UK
  6. Saw – 2002 – Domestic
  7. The Mist – 2007 – Domestic
  8. The Ring – 2002 – Domestic
  9. Dead Silence – 2007 – Domestic
  10. Case 39 – 2009 – Domestic


Now on to the winner of the prize package which includes copies of some featured films from this season, and a copy of the book, “Vikings, Vampires and Mailmen”.

The winner is (Insert your own drum roll here);

Bill Rafferty of Illinois.

Congratulations to Bill and thank you to all that entered the contest.

Below are the movies Bill submitted to the contest in the list he had them in order.

  1. The Strangers – 2008- Domestic
  2. Laid to Rest –  2008 – Domestic
  3. Paranormal Activity – 2007 – Domestic
  4. Shutter (remake) – 2008 – Domestic
  5. Dead Silence – 2007 – Domestic
  6. Insidious – 2006 – Domestic
  7. Halloween (remake) – 2007 – Domestic
  8. Hostel – 2005 – Domestic
  9. Ghost Ship – 2002 – Domestic
  10. Saw – 2002 – Domestic

Tucker & Dale vs Evil (2010)

So often in horror movies those “hated” hillbillies are portrayed as deformed insane killers that will kill anyone that enters their property. They are often seen as cannibalistic creatures, more than humans that thrive on the meat of college students and travelers. The question raised in the comedic horror film, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, is what if this is not the case.  Is it possible that sometimes these poor people are just misunderstood?

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil starts out with Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are working their way to a vacation property that Tucker just purchased. They stop at a gas station and while there the inevitable happens. A car load of college students comes into the lot and Dale is smitten by one of the members of the college group.

The college students are on their way to go camping and consist of Allison (Katrina Bowden), Chad (Jesse Moss), Chloe (Chelan Simmons), Chuck (Travis Nelson), Jason (Brandon Jay McLaren), Naomi (Christie Laing), Todd (Alex Arsenault), Mitch (Adam Beauchesne) and Mike (Joseph Allan Sutherland).  It’s the very pretty Allison that Dale finds himself liking and after some pressure from Tucker he goes over to talk to her. The problem the man is nervous and isn’t exactly in his Sunday best. He freaks the group out. After all, they do say that first impressions are a key to making friends and in this meeting the kids think they met killer Hillbillies.

Tucker and Dale just let it go and continue out to their vacation home and arrive to find a rundown cabin. To them this is heaven, and although it may need work, they set out on making the place their second home.  It just happens that maybe a few miles away, along the same lake the college kids have setup their camp.  It’s here that Chad makes moves on Allison only to have her turn him down.

Chad shares the story of a Memorial Day Massacre that happened in these same woods years before. It was a case where some hillbillies had slaughtered a group of college kids with only one of them making it out of the slaughter alive.  As in most cases to take the edge off the kids decide to take a swim on the lake not knowing that Tucker and Dale are already fishing.  It’s only when Tucker and Dale see the beautiful Allison with her freaking out seeing them causing her to fall and hit her head.  The boys rush to her rescue pulling her into the little boat and as the other college kids’ look on their fear the worse.  The only thing this group of kids can do now is SAVE THEIR FRIEND.

At this point in the movie things just continue to get more confused and messed up on both sides of these comedic story. The kids mount a rescue missing as Dale does his best to nurse the injured Allison back to health.  As each side does their own things it’s bound to happen that they misinterpret the others actions. Things only get worse for the college kids as odd accidents end up in some shocking deaths that will not only have you laughing but shaking your head as you watch.

To think just a bad first impression and a misunderstanding will lead to all this carnage.  Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a great story and movie. It is truly comedic to watch as the two very kind hillbillies must struggle against the menacing college kids. The kids may be more to blame for what is happening in this film than the hillbillies turning this genre specific norm around.  The movie will lead you not only laughing but for a change pulling for the hillbillies.

The Ward (2010)

During the 1960’s the act of being in a psychological hospital was possible worse than what put you there to begin with. Hospitals during the period were known for harsh conditions, poor treatment, and the use of shock therapy.  It’s during this period that we find the setting of the John Carpenter Directed film The Ward taking place.

The Ward opens not in a calm opening seen but instead it opens with a murder. A young woman scared for her life is suddenly attacked and killed by an unseen assailant.  Moments after this we find a young woman standing out of a burning farm house, which was thankfully empty. The police arrive and the young woman ends up at the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital.

As the film progresses we find out that this little “fire brand” is known as Kristen (Amanda Beard).  She is put into a room that was previously home to Tammy who was the unlucky victim at the start of the film. Kristen is introduced to others in her wing that all have their own problems and mannerisms. There is Emily (Mammie Gummer), the wild one who loves stirring problems with the other girls. Sarah (Danielle Panabaker) is the snobbish, flirt, within the group who seems to feel better putting others down. Zoey (Laura-Leigh) is traumatized to the point she dresses as a young girl and must always have her stuffed bunny with her. Lastly there is Iris (Lyndsy Fonesca), who loves to draw in her sketchbook and is friendly to all the other girls. It’s possible that her mannerisms are why she may hold the secrets to the questions Kristen eventually starts to ask.

Kristen is put under the care of Doctor Stringer (Jared Harris) who seems to really care about the girls and will do his best to heal Kristen. The good doctor does his best to try and get Kristen to open up about her past but all he does is push her to multiple escape attempts.

The Ward takes into these women’s lives and shows us the struggles each has surviving in this psychiatric hospital. The mystery of the psychiatric hospital begins to grow as a figure starts to appear. Eventually Kristen is attacked and after telling a nurse she receives the dread electroshock therapy. It’s here that she learns of Tammy and the mystery and horror grows even more from this point in the film.

John Carpenter waited nearly ten years after directing Ghosts of Mars to direct another film. It’s fortunate that his unique style was used in this psychological Horror Film. Since films such as The Thing, The Fog, and others Carpenter has become a master at building suspense. The Ward does not let you down as those around Kristen start to disappear, or are they killed by that dark figure?

Amanda Beard helps to sell the character of Kristen to the point you begin to sympathize with her plight. She just wants out of the hospital and attempts to escape many times. You may even begin asking why she is truly trying to escape.  Is it the hospital, being locked up, or her own memories?  This is what Carpenter does well when shooting a film. He’ll take the story and frame it so that you could be on the seat of your pants waiting for the next scare.  So let’s close with this…………………..BOO!!!

Dark Passages (short film)

Dark Passages is a short film that came out of the mind of Cesar Cruz and Outworld Entertainment. The film may have had a limited budget but there is enough action and drama in the film that it appears to have been made for much more.

Dark Passages starts with people awakening in a wooded area having no idea how they got there. After a period we find that they start to question each other blaming the other for the mess they have found themselves in. It’s only when a maniac woman runs up to them trying to get them to be quiet and get them to run.

What’s after her? What’s got her so scared? It’s simple a man with a GIANT Hammer. The man can swing the thing with little effort and if he hits you with the device, well they don’t want to be hit.

The problem as they run to avoid the man with the hammer they find others lost in the wood and instead of banding together they start to watch for each other. The group starts to turn on each other questioning what has brought them to this point. As they do the Hammer gets closer and closer to his prey.

Dark Passages is a short story with a unique plot. It involves the struggle of individuals trying not only to survive but what got them to this place. The story unwinds and as it does we get ideas of what was all involved in getting them trapped in the woods with this maniac.

The viewer is left to determine who they may root for and hope is able to escape the madness. You begin to follow along and as the reasons for their sudden treatment becomes clear you ask, is there someone to root for.  This is what makes Dark Passages so intriguing to watch.  It’s full of emotions and short twists in the plot that you forget it’s a short film and not a feature.

Horror Addicts Top Ten Movie Contest Update

Horror Addicts it’s time to give you an update on how the movie contest is going.

The below list is the list of the Top Ten so far from the user lists that have come from our listeners, and readers.

Do you agree with this list of Top Ten movies or do you feel your movies are missing? There isn’t a lot of movies from those who are fans of Foreign Horror Fans.

Well this is just a reminder it’s your time to get your top ten list into the email address of HAddictsmovies@gmail.com to get a chance of seeing one of your films listed.  The deadline is August 15th so time is running out.

Again all we want is your top ten films, year of release and country of origin.

We have had some great sample lists provided to us as examples so check them out.

They were provided by writer Kevin Glennon and Directors Philip Chidel and John Pata.

Now without further delay here is the list of films that have gotten the most repeat submissions and will be in the Top Ten.

  • Dead Silence – 2007 (US)
  • Ghost Ship   – 2002 (US)
  • Paranormal Activity  -2007 (US)
  • Saw  – 2004 (US)
  • The Descent – 2005 (UK)
  • The Mist – 2007 (US)
  • The Ring   – 2002 (US)
  • Case 39 – 2009 (US)
  • Frailty – 2002 (US)
  • The Strangers – 2008 (US)

Some films that are just short of the Top Ten.

  • Shutter – 2008 (US)
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf – 2001 (French)
  • Insidious – 2010 (US)
  • Let Me In – 2010 (US)
  • Orphan – 2009 (US)

The key thing to note about the above list of film so far is that most are from the US. I know we have fans of Foreign horror but nothing has really come in for those movies. So the challenge is on.

So get your personal list of Top Ten Horror Films released during form 2000 to end of 2011 into us as soon as you can.  Their are prizes at risk for those within the US and Canada, and for those overseas bragging rights to see one of your films listed.

Wicked Little Things (2006)

Wicked Little Things was released in 2006 and was featured in the After Dark Horrorfest as a Film to Die For. Upon seeing this film there is many great reasons on why the film was listed in such a manner as it brings in not only questions but has something many horror films are often afraid to do. It has children as the creatures one must fear.

Wicked Little Things takes place in the old mining town in Pennsylvania. The movie shows the viewer horrible accidents in the early part of the twentieth century were children are being used in the mine as labor.  This may have been a common practice during that period but the fate that befalls these children is far from common.

We are then introduced to a family of women headed by the now widowed Karen Tunney (Lori Heuring). She is moving back to the town to take ownership of her late husband’s family home with her daughters Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Grace Moretz).  These women are unaware of what happened in the mine those so long ago, but they eventually will find out.

Karen moves into town and on her travels to her new home she meets some of the locals. They advise her to keep her family inside at night without giving much or a reason why. When she finally finds the old house you wonder if the house is safe as there are many things that are wrong with the now dilapidated home.

The interesting piece to Wicked Little Things is that writers Boaz Davidson and Ben Nedivi tell a great and spooky tale that focuses much of its story around children.  Being a precocious little girl the youngest daughter Emma ends up with an imaginary friend. As the movie progresses we are wondering if the friend is really imaginary and eventually you may find out.

Wicked Little Things does something few horror films can do and it uses a spooky setting along with children to tell a horrific story line. The ending is written in such a way that you’re actually left with enough closure you feel satisfied to what you have just seen.

Director J.S. Cardone did a masterful job in getting the best out of the many young actors he had to work with to complete the film. There are scenes in which severe violence is happening but its foreshadowed enough your mind gets to be involved and fill in what could be missing scenes.

Wicked Little Things is one of those movies that has flown under the radar of many horror film fans. The fact the film stars an up and coming actress in Chloe Grace Moretz may bring more of her fans to want to view the film.  Moretz does a great job in the movie and adds to the strength of a great cast. This is a film that horror fans should love not just for her work but also the spooky settings. The key thing here is that those Wicked Little Things mentioned in the title are indeed children and are capable of much more than you may think.