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MMM Challenge #2: Miss Fortune

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By Rish Outfield





A young couple, TARILYN and GEOFFREY, walk along the cobblestones, bickering and laughing. In the distance, the sound of a festival can barely be heard.



You just made that up.




I swear, that’s where the word “geek” came from.



No, it’s from the Sixties, like “hippie.”



You’re thinking of “nerd.” That’s from the Sixties. “Geek” has been around since, like the Eighteen Hundreds.



I think you’re lying, but I’m willing to let it go.



That’s the difference between us. What do you want to do now?



I dunno. It’s your pick, Geoffrey.



Okay. Let’s go back to the motel and watch TV.



How boring are you? We’re out, in a strange city, and you don’t want to do things? I didn’t get all dressed up to watch television.



Alright then, let’s go somewhere and fool around.

I didn’t get all dressed up just to take it off again.





Tarilyn, did we take a wrong turn? Where are all the people?



Hey there, strangers.



Oh! You startled us. Hello, sweetie.



Hey, little girl. Are you lost, or is it us?



Tell you your fortune? Take a step inside.



No thanks, kid.



Afraid of a glimpse of your future, mister?



We’re on vacation.



How about you, pretty lady?



How much?



Twenty dollars. But for you, ten.



I’ll save you the money. Tarilyn, I see jet lag, massive credit card bills, and an unhappy return to work next week in your palm.



I don’t read palms. I read the Tarot.


YOU’RE the fortune teller?



What are you, eight?



I am ten, and I have a special gift.



Oooh, let’s do it.



What? Are you serious?



Step right in here, sir and madam.




Oh, come on.




They enter a tent, and all outside noise is silenced.



I have on the table a special deck of the sacred Tarot, a way to peek into destiny.



Tare, you don’t believe in that stuff, do you?



As a matter of fact, I do.




You believe in everything.



I didn’t believe you about the dudes who bite the heads off chickens.



I just can’t win.



I should’ve told you that before we started dating. Sorry.



Honey, I—



Shh, she’s dealing.


The sound of cards on a table can be heard.



The Hermit.



Yep, that’s you, Geoff.



The Hermit represents travel. Solitude. A transition. The end of something.


Big surprise. We are on vacation.



It is crossed by the Lovers.



Is that both of us, or just Geoffrey?



In this case, it signifies an unhappy choice for the Hermit.



Say, like, coming in to get my palm read by a kid?



(sad surprise)

Oh. A separation. One of you will leave. A happy union split in two, a crossroads reached, and the wrong turn taken.


Dammit, Geoffrey, I knew you were being distant.






I felt it before, but I thought it was my imagination.


It is your imagination.


All I needed was a sign. And here it is.



Come on, this is bullshit.



You’re not going to leave me, Geoffrey. ‘Cause I’m gonna beat you to it.


It’s a joke, Tare, a scam. It doesn’t mean anything.



Yeah? Neither do you!


She stomps out. He is now alone with the kid.



This night just keeps getting better.



Whoops. There she goes.



Why would you do that? I’ll be lucky if she lets me in our hotel room.


I just laid the cards as they wanted to be laid.



You’re a real help, kid. In the future, if you want a big tip, tell people they’re gonna live forever, that their love is perfect and one in a millio—



Wait, you don’t have to pay me, mister. Let me make it up to you.



How? Explain to my girlfriend that tarot cards are less reliable than fortune cookies?



Come on.




They go outside. The only sound that can be heard is a nightbird and their footfalls.






She’s gone. I don’t even know which way the hotel is. I can’t remember how we got here.

You’ve been drinking.



A little, yeah. But that doesn’t mean–



I can help you get back.



I don’t . . .


Oh, alright.



Follow me.



Do you know the Royal Chidister Hotel?



Oh yeah, everyone knows that one. Nice rooms.



Wait, where did everybody go? There was dancing, music, people everywhere.





I thought this city never went to sleep.



Tourists, maybe. The locals are all indoors tonight.



They are? Why’s that?



Have you ever heard of the Raw Head?



They were an Eighties metal band, right? Man, they sucked.



It’s a creature, mister. Rawhead and Bloody Bones, a story people tell.




A story.



A scary story. And maybe more than a story.



Is that the main street? It seems too dark.


Right or left?






(muttering, nervous)

You ought to be careful, out here by yourself, you know?



Years ago, there was an old woman who lived here, when this was all forest. She lived by herself, but she had pet pigs. She loved the pigs.



Right. Who doesn’t?



But the townspeople wanted a feast for their war celebration, so they caught some of the pigs, slaughtered them, had a big banquet.



Is that what all the buffets were about today and yesterd—


Yes. But what the villagers didn’t know was that the old woman was a witch. She was furious when she found out. And she cast a magic spell on the remains of her friends the pigs.



Oh, I saw this once. Disney movie.



The bones and meat and uneaten flesh came to life and began to walk around.



If it bit the heads off chickens, I’m going to be somewhat impressed.



Not chickens, mister. But you’re on the right track.


It was hungry to put a little fat on its bones.




You gotta tell my girlfriend this story when we get back. I like history alright, but she just loves ghost stories and internet rumors and you know, Di Vinci Codebreakers and conspiracies.

I wish she was here now.



Well, the Rawhead, as folks called it, was too awful to look at, too obviously a monster, so its mother cast another spell before she died, that the Rawhead could choose to look like whatever it wanted. That made hunting a lot easier.



And let me guess: tonight is the anniversary of the night the monster was born. Something everybody in the town knows about and celebrates? Tamilyn would love this!



Turn right here.



Wow, it’s creepy to see the streets abandoned like this. I hope Tamilyn made it back okay.



Oh, I’m sure she’s fine.


Their footfalls are loud and echoey on the cobblestones. Geoffrey’s breathing gets louder.



I can’t believe nobody would be out walking around. It’s . . . unsettling, you know?


So, kid, all the people really believe this story?


Do you believe in the Rawhide?


Raw head. I do.



Uh huh.


Well, maybe we, uh, should talk about something else.




A dog barks somewhere. But no other sound.



So, how long have you been telling fortunes?


The footfalls stop.


Hey, wait a minute. This isn’t the right street. It just ends at that wall.



It’s fine. Look.



What? What am I looking at?



Look . . . at me.



What do– My god, what’s that on your face?



My face.



N-no. You didn’t look like this before. Your eyes are . . . your teeth . . .




Go ahead and say it. From the fairy tales.






You know . . . what big teeth you have.



Help! Somebody help me!



Ah well.


The man screams, but it is cut very short. Crunch crunch. Squirt squirt.


The creature laughs, the combination of a child, a pig, and something else.


The End


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MMM Challenge #1: Hungry As Hell

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Page 1 of 9



An audio play by
Sean T. Young

© 2015. All rights reserved.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
Page 2 of 9

Skeleton Productions Presents: Hungry as Hell. An audio play by
Sean T. Young.

[MUSIC – UP, FADES out and transforms into the sound of Airraid
siren SFX]
[Each of the soundbites is read by a different voice, with SFX
of switching channels between each]
Central Park has become a sight of total confusion as…
…to our correspondent in Beirut, where ther…
Impossible as this may sound, the Sphinx seems to have
…carnival like atmosphere, quickly become one of terror and
bloodshed as thousands attempte…
…into the streets of the Vatican and torn limb from limb
apparently, from what hundreds of witnesses say, by invisible
creatures. Again, it appears that the Pope has been killed…
…happened, there are police all around us, flames all around us,
rumors of gunfi…
…Paris, London, Berlin, all reporting widespread looting and
rioting as their cities burn…
Honey? Are you hearing all this?
I know the damn Alarm clock has been going off for like five
minutes straight.
Not the Goddamn alarm clock! All the shit on the TV! The whole
world is going crazy!
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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What? What’s going on?
What’s not! Listen to this.
…Even the National Guard seems hard pressed to turn back the
rioters from, Oh my God!
[SFX of machinegun fire and people screaming]
The troops have begun to open fire on the rioters, hundreds of
people cut down in a matter of seconds, the machine gun fire
does not appear to be letting up. A slaughter of this magnitude
this reporter has never seen, even in a warzone…
[SFX of switching channels]
…as has been previously reported in over 30 cities now, from all
around the world, we see this same creature. It’s sitting upon
what looks like a large stone block that appears to be hovering
in the air, just feet above the ground. This Being, for lack of
a better word, looks like the classic Biblical version of the
Devil. The large Goat head, with curling horns, bat-like wings,
furry legs ending in raptor talons, I cannot think of any other
way to describe this creature, other than the Devil. The block
is being pulled along by a naked man and woman, or perhaps
leading it, each with a chain around their neck connecting to
the block. In the creature’s left hand he holds what looks like
a torch, which instantly ignites anything he touches with it. As
you can clearly see, there is a literal army of hunched, grey
skinned humans following the beast, resembling something out of
a zombie movie. Joining us now in the studio is Arch Bishop
Patrick Flannery to discuss the apocalyptic ramifications of
these world shattering events. Thank you for joining us at this
dark time…
[The TV turns down to background noise at this point]
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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So… What the hell? Is this Armageddon or something? The devil
seems off to a good start, where are all the angels?
That’s not the Devil, come on.
Really? What the hell are those things then? An Alien invasion
or something?
I don’t know! No one else seems to know either.
Well… fuck, we have to get out of here, get someplace safe, away
from other people, you saw all those riots and shit. It’s not
going to take long before that craziness reaches us. Tom!
Tommy? Get your games and stuff we’re leaving!
[SFX of the front door opening, and an air raid siren blaring in
the background. Tommy is shouting from the front of the house]
Mom, dad! You’ve gotta come outside, there’s all these
spiderwebs up in the sky.
Spiderwebs? What are you talking…about…
Oh, no.
What is all that? Are those planes?
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
Page 5 of 9

No they’re going too fast for jets, those are ICBMs
Nuclear fucking missiles! What do you think the air raid sirens
are for?
Wow! There’s like a thousand million in the sky! Woohoo!
So what do we do?
(pause) We go outside and watch the fireworks. Tommy? Come back
to your mom and I.
Isn’t that cool, all those airplanes zooming so fast!
[SFX woman sobbing]
Yeah, really cool. In just a few seconds we should see some
really neat fireworks, so big they’ll light up the whole sky.
COOL! Mom, why are you crying?
It’s just because I’m happy. I like fireworks.
This is gonna be the best fireworks show ever!
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
Page 6 of 9

The show to end all shows.
[SFX of distant explosions and thudding with Tommy reacting to
them as he would a fireworks display. The explosions get closer
and more frequent.]
(Whispering to wife)
Honey, I just want you to know that I Lo-
[All sound is drown out by SFX of an atomic explosion. The
explosion fades and is replaced by the wind whipping across the
wasteland. SFX of shift debris and someone extricating
themselves from it.]
I… survived? How did I live through that? I can breathe okay, I
don’t feel any burns. Got all my limbs… goddam I’m hungry
(chuckling) Man, you didn’t survive shit.
Ah, and now I get to meet you face to face. What should I call
you? Satan? The Devil? Lucifer? Baphomet?
Ooo, Baphomet, most cats don’t even know that one, check you out
with your big brain. Shiiiit, you can call me anything you want.
You can call me Buttercup for all I care.
Well, whatever then, Devil. Sorry to disappoint you, but your, I
assume it was your, nuclear holocaust didn’t kill me. I’m alive
and well thank you, just hungry. Unless you’re going to tell me
I’m dead and this is Hell, which wouldn’t surprise me.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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Wha… (Laughs) Well ain’t you a sassy motherfucker! No, this is
not Hell, you’re here on good old planet Earth. You’re gonna
flip your shit when I tell you the truth though.
You? Tell the truth?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s not go casting aspersions on my
character here, my man! Ain’t no motherfucker ever made a pact
with me that I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain! Just ‘cuz
they get cold feet when they realize their ass is mine when they
die is through no failure on my part.
We’ll stop you, you know. The other survivors and me, we’ll
fight you. And Jesus and the angels are supposed to come and
kick your ass, you know, the whole Armageddon thing?
Oh, no! Oh, what’s that… you hear that sound? That’s the sound
of nothing happening. You see any survivors? I sure don’t.
I don’t believe that.
Hey, baby, I won! There ain’t gonna be a second coming, there’s
no one left! Science destroyed God, and the few left that
believed in god tried to destroy science! It was too easy, baby,
stir up some riots and shit here, make some freaky shit happen
there, technology! TV broadcasts all this shit, mob mentality
takes over, people go apeshit, I whisper a couple of launch
codes in the right ears. BOOM! Even the nukes are politically
correct now, they got neutron bombs. Kills all the people,
leaves most of the buildings intact. Which is good, since we
need those resources.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
Page 8 of 9

So why now? Why destroy the world now?
This may be bad for Hell’s marketing department, but we have an
energy shortage. That’s where you and all my ravenous friends
come in.
[SFX of a mob of ghouls sauntering up, chuckling and growling]
Zombies? That’s the best you can do is zombies?
Zombies? (laughs) Zombies suck. They can’t do shit, other than
shamble around and rot and eat brains. Ghouls, on the other
hand, while still undead, do not rot, and are not mindless. They
might go a little crazy after a while, considering the job and
all, but they retain the brain, I like to say. Why do you think
I raised you out of the ashes, to waste my time talking?
That’s right, my friend, welcome to the ghoul army! See, ghouls
are always hungry and they’ll eat any flesh they see, living,
dead, irradiated, diseased, it doesn’t matter! We need those
BTUs back in Hell, we use a lot of power there, and a ghoul that
keeps eating an eating, can keep us powered for a long, long
time. A Ghoul is like a black hole that leads to Hell’s power
plants, best analogy I can think of. We’ve got seven billion
some corpses out there. You can start on what’s left of your
family over there, if you like. So, eat up! I’m glad to hear
that you’re hungry.
[Outro music]

Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
Page 9 of 9

Background music Aythya_G by gis_sweden courtesy of Sound effects courtesy of, with
other explosion effects from
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story. To read or listen to more of my work, go to

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Wicked Women Challenge #2: Winter Love

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Act I.
Why are you wearing that? You look silly wearing those clothes. It’s sunny and warm, out here in the woods.

What’s wrong with my clothes? I thought I look cute, like the dress you are wearing. You look good in white by the way.

Hmmm…thank you. (You’re welcome) And you do, too! But don’t you feel warm in that outfit?

No! I feel just fine. But, now… Now, I don’t like it. I think I feel “unattractive”.

Unattractive? No, you look adorable, sweetheart!

Am I? I thought I looked silly? That’s why I said unattractive. You did call me silly, right?

No, not silly as in looking goofy, but silly as in looking adorable. Like a puppy with a Christmas sweater on…

Why? Because I am wearing a sweater and corduroy pants! That’s why I look adorable like a puppy?

Yeah…! Because the last time I saw you in these clothes was during…

Our first encounter….?

Has it been six months we’ve been together?

Yes… These are the same clothes I had worn that night on the second of December, when we first met.
Aaawww… See what I mean by you being adorable?
That’s why I wore these clothes, as a tribute or a testimony to our fated encounter. I wanted you to know that I love you and that I love every moment that we spend together.
I love you, too.
Come on… follow me. It’s just up ahead, two more miles.
Two more miles? Ugh, and what is so special about this place you are taking me to?
A secret hide away out in the middle of the woods. I hope it becomes our little love nest.
That sounds like fun, just the two of us.
And during the winter time, it becomes magical.
Jaa, it holds many precious memories for me. Every time, I come here. Something magical happens and I remember everything.
So, we are coming here to make special memories for us to have later?
No….. Just me. (playful slap)

Act II PART 1.
Just two more months, ladies! And then I am off for a month on vacation, in the woods, staying in a quaint cabin and with my boyfriend. I can’t wait, girls.
I can only imagine what the two of you are going to be doing up there in that cabin.
Probably, banging each other like jack rabbits out in the woods.
Or strip down naked and howl to the moon.
{Howl} {More Laughter}
Okay, calm down… calm down. You girls are making a spectacle of yourselves.
Not like how you two are going to make a spectacle of yourselves in that cabin!
{Nervous Laughter} You told them!?
Honey, I didn’t think that it would be a problem.
Did you tell them where the cabin is?
No, I didn’t!
Hey, calm down. We were just having a laugh.
Can we talk? Alone?
Sure… Excuse us.
Come back when you are finished! We don’t get to hang out much like we used to, before.
That’s because she has a boyfriend to keep her company! Why don’t you two find one of your own to occupy your time?
Hey! (Excuse you!?)
Honey, let’s go somewhere else to talk. Come on… follow me.
Why are you acting like this?
That cabin is a secret! And I don’t want everyone to know about it. Next thing you know everyone will be asking me if they could use it. And then sooner or later I won’t have it for myself like I do now!
Sorry, I didn’t know. Besides, I was just excited about us taking a trip for the two of us. I sacrificed a lot of my free days, Holidays and overtime hours, for this entire year, to spend time with you in that Cabin.
Hey, we were talking and we were wondering when you guys are finished with cabin, can we maybe stay
(No!) Sorry girls, it is just for us two lovers.

Act III.
I love being here with you, with the two of us on this love seat.
Jaa, it’s very nice here…quaint. Where did you get this cabin from?
It’s been in our family for generations, since the Second World War. My family was able to keep it hidden from the Americans. They took my family to a Japanese concentration camp and revoked their privileges and their properties. My father was left alone in this cabin when he was only a little boy. Unfortunately, all of my father’s family members, who were taken, had perished in those camps. My father was only 11 when he was left alone in this cabin. He stayed until he was 18.
How did he survive out here on his own?
He was so scared, but he remembered his family’s tradition and he honored his ancestors. He told me: “It was them, who kept him…well and safe from the Americans.”
Then why are you letting me see it?
It holds very special meaning to me… Like our love.
Then I shall build a shrine to honor our love.
True, and may it last forever.
Yes, don’t you want our love to last forever?
Well, Jaa… But if it doesn’t then at least we have these beautiful memories.
{Laughter} What’s so funny?
My father used to say that is why this cabin is so special. He was able to hold on to his memories of his family and that is why he was able to survive so long by himself. The beautiful memories, his ancestor kept alive for my father to remember. So, he may not ever feel alone. That is also the reason why he came back here that night.
Because of beautiful memories, is that how he was able to live for so long by himself outside here in the woods?
Yes. The only reason why he left, was because he was told it was time for him to go out into the world and find himself a partner. A lover, who will keep him company and provide him with a family. Children, who will also pass on his ancestor’s legacy and remember them and him, too.
I guess it is typical Japanese not to be forgotten and to be remembered by your loved ones.
I think it is typical Japanese to remember and honor our ancestors, but it is human nature to not be forgotten or left alone. We all like a bit of company.
And a bit of love!
Hmm… that too!

Act IV.
{Ice being poured} I am so cold. I can’t feel my body anymore. It hurts just to move my fingers.
That’s good. The sacrifice is almost complete.
I don’t want to be sacrificed.
Sometimes, as lovers… we gave a part of ourselves in order to receive another part from someone else. We sacrifice parts of our hearts. So, we can be together. You can’t have something without giving something in return. It’s funny that we as humans, our first instinct is to survive. That when it comes down to it… We would do anything necessary to survive, but for love… We would do anything necessary for love, just not to have our hearts broken.
But I gave you my heart.
I know and that’s why I am taking it.
{Scream} Please!!! I am begging you!! Please, don’t do this to me. You are scaring me. Don’t you remember who I am?
Jaa, you are my girlfriend. Of course, I do.
So why are you doing this to me?
Because I have to remember!
My name is not Yuki. I don’t speak Japanese. My parents are English and you told me that you loved me.
I do love you, Yuki! I will always love you, forever! I remember! I will always remember!
No! That’s not my name! Please, remember who I am! We met at a Christmas party on the second of December. We came here to the cabin to celebrate our one year anniversary!
No! It is our twenty second anniversary!
No!! This is our first anniversary. We’ve been together for just one year. Just one year!
We’ve been together longer than that! I have loved you ever since I met you when I was 18 and we fell in love with each other, the moment we laid eyes on each other, on the twenty second of December!
{Scream} Please, stop! I will do anything you want! But please, stop hurting me! This is not you! You are supposed to protect me! Why are you doing this? Aah! Stop, hurting me!
I just want you to remember who you are. Come back to me, Yuki.
Oh God don’t! Don’t do that! I am not her. I AM NOT HER! Please, stop… you are breaking my heart.
No, my love! I will never break your heart in two. I am here to keep my promise to you and honor our tradition.
Tradition? What tradition? We don’t have a tradition! I thought we were making beautiful memories.
Jaa, we always do have beautiful memories and we do have a tradition! The tradition of keeping our love alive and lasting forever!

[My love, remember me. Never forget me]

{Sobbing and shivering}

I can never forget you, Yuki. I will always love you. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t know what I was doing. Please, forgive me.

[I am so cold and so alone without you]

I didn’t know what I was doing! I promise I will never do that again. I will never leave you

[You promised me. You said ‘FOREVER’. You said: We will be together, forever!!]

It was just a slip up! I wasn’t thinking and I messed up. You know I would never do that again! I didn’t mean to hurt you and I will never do it again.

[Never leave me alone again. It was so cold in this cabin waiting for you. I waited for you, here and alone by myself. The winter is so harsh and cold as I waited for you to come home to me. Why did you leave me?]

I didn’t mean to leave you. I didn’t mean to leave you alone. It must have been hard for you and you must have suffered a lot, by yourself.

[I never want to be alone again. It was so cold. You left me alone and you promised to love me forever. You said you would always love me, forever.]

Hyperthermia is such a horrible way for you to die from. You must have been so frightened and scared when the generator ran out. You had to choose between walking back to the car and leaving or taking the gas from the car and filling the generator with it. Either way, you were more afraid of losing me than your own survival.

[I will always wait for you]

I should have picked up the phone to tell you that I wasn’t going to make it.

[I will always remember your promises]

I should have come home

[I will always love]

I promise never to leave you again

[Do not be afraid. You will never be alone]

But I am… I am so afraid. I am terrified.

Act VI.
{Sounds of a blizzard}

Wow, it is really storming outside. No wonder why it is getting colder inside?

Jaa, it looks like it is going to be another cold winter.

So, what are you doing here by yourself? Why don’t you come and join us for a drink?

Nah, I don’t want to be A bother.

Why would you think that? You are at a party! The whole point is to socialize. You know… get to know people and have fun.

Jaa, but I am not so good with people. Take for instance, those two girls talking in the corner and making a spectacle of themselves. Besides, they’ve totally forgotten that we know each other. Some impression I must have left not to be remembered. You know… I remember our first introduction.

When was that?

A year ago. When, I first met my ex-girlfriend, but it is all in the past with the rest of my beautiful memories. Not to worry, I am ready to make new ones.

Oh, so I take it that you are ready for that drink?

Jaa, and who wants to be alone for Christmas?

Act VII.
{Flies buzzing}

Another year has gone by and it is our 21 anniversary!

[You remembered me, my love]

I do remember you.

[Do not ever leave me]

I won’t ever leave you.

[I was so cold and scared]

Jaa, me too.

[Stay with me]

You were always terrified of dying alone like your father out here in the woods, in this Cabin. You were the one to find his body, when he didn’t come home.

[I will always wait for you, my love]

I know (sobbing) and that’s what I am afraid of.

{Tears out heart and lays on it on a shrine}


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WWW Challenge Story #1: The Sun Child

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The Sun Child



Jaq D Hawkins


Approximate playing time: minutes

*~*Judging panel has not altered/edited this text.*~*
*~*Text is posted as sent by the author.*~*





NAME Description Actor
Mallory A childless woman Sharra Davies
Usha A Gypsy Witch Beth Chandler
Priest A travelling priest on a donkey Lee Foster
Risa A village woman Beth Chandler
Claire The Sun Child Claire Chandler

Music by Kevin MacLeod



  • INTRODUCER: (softly) Title.
  • SCENE 1.
  • /SFX/  
  • Feet walking in dry leaves. Knock on door. Door opens.
  • Mallory
  • I’m sorry to disturb you…
  • Usha
  • You wish something from Madam Usha.
  • Mallory
  • They say you are a witch, that you can help me.
  • Usha
  • The villagers come to Usha when all else has failed.
  • What malady has brought you to desperation?
  • Mallory
  • I wish to have a child.
  • Usha
  • And you think Madam Usha can fix what God cannot?
  • Mallory
  • I even tried to adopt, but there are no children available.
  • Since the blight, there are too few children.
  • Usha
  • And you… You can care for a child?
  • Mallory
  • If you can cast a spell, to bring one to me…
  • Usha
  • You wish magic?
  • Mallory
  • They say you have the ability.
  • Usha
  • I can read the future. I can give you herbs.
  • But magic… it never works how you expect it will.
  • There is danger.
  • Mallory
  • I would brave any danger, if only to have a child to care for.
  • Perhaps if you read the cards first, to see where danger lies…
  • /SFX/   Shuffling cards. Sit deck on table.
  • Usha
  • Choose three cards, lay them left to right.
  • /SFX/   Sound of cards laying out on table.
  • Usha
  • You have had much sorrow in your life.
  • The past is represented by the three of swords.
  • As you can see, it is a heart pierced with pain.
  • Mallory
  • Yes, I have known many sorrows. The loss of my husband…
  • Usha
  • You have no husband, yet still you seek a child?
  • Mallory
  • That is why I tried to adopt. I don’t expect miracles.
  • Usha
  • Don’t you?
  • The card of the present, the nine of swords.
  • This is a card of disaster.
  • It is a warning that your present course will bring evil to you.
  • Mallory
  • I see a child on the last card…
  • Usha
  • The Sun. It can be a card of hopes fulfilled.
  • But it is reversed, upside down.
  • In this position it is a warning that plans will go awry.
  • I see disaster for you, if you persist.
  • Mallory
  • I am determined. I will find a way to avert disaster.
  • Please, Madam Usha. I can pay well.
  • /SFX/   Coins clinking.
  • SCENE 2.
  • /SFX/   Donkey hoofs on cobbles.
  • Mallory
  • You there, young priest.
  • Why do you ride with a child on your saddle?
  • Priest
  • I seek a foster home for the girl.
  • The people of her own village have cast her out.
  • Mallory
  • Why?
  • Priest
  • She was cursed with a deformity.
  • God’s punishment for her illegitimate birth.
  • Mallory
  • Who was her mother?
  • Priest
  • A nun of the convent. She was simple minded, but cloistered.
  • Mallory
  • And her father?
  • Priest
  • No man could have come to her in the convent.
  • The village folk said it must have been Lucifer himself.
  • Mallory
  • When Jesus was born to a virgin, they believed he was
  • created by God.
  • Priest
  • Jesus learned to speak before he was five, Claire does not.
  • Mallory
  • I will take her, if you will give her to me.
  • Priest
  • Have a care, daughter, for she is an unnatural child.
  • But it is not fitting that she should ride with a priest.
  • I give her to you to care for her, but with some reservations.
  • Watch her well.
  • Mallory
  • I will! She is my Sun Child.
  • SCENE 3.
  • Risa
  • She’s a strange child. Why doesn’t she talk?
  • Mallory
  • She is only five, there is time yet.
  • Risa
  • But the way she spreads her arms out and spins,
  • as if she were casting a spell…
  • Mallory
  • The witch in the glen did something like that.
  • When she worked her magic, to draw the child to me.
  • Risa
  • It isn’t natural. I don’t trust the witch’s magic.
  • How did Claire come to you?
  • Mallory
  • People can be superstitious.
  • No one would take her in the village where she was born.
  • They feared a child who was different.
  • Risa
  • Listen, she’s singing!
  • Claire
  • Praise be to Lucifer! (Repeats through dialogue)
  • Mallory (reviled)
  • What does she mean by that?
  • Her first words and…
  • Claire
  • Praise be to Lucifer! (Continuous repeat)
  • Risa
  • She’s unnatural! Look, she spins! And the baker’s is on fire!
  • Mallory (panicked)
  • And the town hall!
  • /SFX/   Fire crackling
  • Risa
  • The whole village is going up in flames! We’re trapped!
  • Mallory (panicked)
  • Oh my God! What are those?
  • Risa (In shock)
  • All the demons of Hell…
  • Claire
  • Praise be to Lucifer! (Continuous repeat)
  • /SFX/   Fire crackling, demons chanting, screams of terror.


To vote for this story in the 2015 Wicked Women’s Writing Challenge, send an e-mail to
Voting ends: July 27th, 2015


Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Steven Rose Jr.

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Steven Rose Jr. writes horror and dark fantasy, including an anthology called  The Fool’s Illusion.  For Horror Addicts Guide To Life  Steven wrote  two articles in the book entitled Horror And Dark Fantasy and Tomb Toons and Kid’s Horror. In his essays Steven gets into the differences between horror and dark fantasy and gives us a history of horror aimed at children. To read Steven’s work, along with several other articles on living the horror lifestyle, pick up a copy of Horror Addicts Guide To LifeRecently Steven was nice enough to tell us what he likes about horror:

What do you like about the horror genre?

18521949Ever since I was a little kid (4 or 5) I’ve loved that sense of mystery and the unusual that the darkness and grotesqueness of much horror conveys. Because I like the unusual, I like the supernatural monsters and alien/mutant creatures of horror; a lot of sci fi, especially in film, overlaps with the horror genre.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

One of my favorite all-time classic horror movies is The Shining, a movie that is so chilling that I was not able to watch it all the way through until several years into my 20s. I love the classic Universal monster movies, especially the Frankenstein and Wolfman films. When it comes to Dracula, however, I just can’t get into Bela Lugosi’s enactment of the vampire (although I’ve liked a lot of the other horror characters he’s played, especially the mad scientist ones). I like Christopher Lee’s enactment of Dracula in the British Hammer films much more. Lee portrays the vampire a lot more realistically, in my opinion. (Lugosi comes across as over-acting the part.) When it comes to contemporary horror films, I have not really seen a lot of newer horror films that I really like. A couple that I were really good and are post-2000 are Universal’s remake of the Wolfman and the Alien prequel, Prometheus. I thought they did a great job giving a gothic ambience to the Wolfman re-make and Prometheus gave interesting background to the earlier Alien movies without info-dumping (a term us fiction writers use that refers to background information in a story where it’s not needed).
Favorite books: I like Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, especially “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Pit and the Pendulum”; I like Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu; The Manitou by Graham Masterton; Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts; the list is nearly infinite especially since there’s so many horror short stories that I really like because I’m a big lover of the short story in general (that’s what I normally write, as far as fiction goes.) But my favorite classic novels of horror are Frankenstein and Dracula, not only because they star monster characters who have been most iconic in modern horror but also because it conveys so much meaning on a literary level.
Television: I haven’t really been a big fan of horror television, although I’ve liked many of the dark supernatural episodes of the original Twilight Zone, such as one about a living ventriloquist puppet that torments its owner and another about the ghosts of murdered Jews who come back to haunt their Nazi oppressor. I like television horror-hosted movie shows such as Elvira’s Movie Macbre of the ‘80s, Sven Goolie’s show and Mr. Lobo’s Cinema Insomnia of today and the 1970s’ Creature Features hosted by Bob Wilkins in which this last one I grew up with. Horror- hosted movie shows such as these often feature B-rated flicks that are so horrible they’re good which I like right up there with the, believe it or not, A-grade or big budget horror films. I like the pop culture of the eras many B movies grew out of and reflect, especially the 1950s through ‘70s.

Another television show that I’ve always liked, although it’s not supernatural horror, is the original Outer Limits. MV5BODk0Nzg3OTAwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDM0OTIzMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Many of the episodes were dark, featuring menacing monsters from other planets or from mad science experiments. And even though I’ve only seen a couple episodes since it debated about two years ago, I thought Sleepy Hollow was pretty good. Even though it’s way off course from Washington Irving’s short novel, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, as a TV show and so within itself it’s been made really good and utilizes the Biblical apocalyptic theme well during this trending time of post-apocalyptic zombie themes (even though Sleepy Hollow isn’t a zombie series like Walking Dead is, in which this second one I was never able to get into by the way.)

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

I wear horror fandom tees, such as ones with Cthulhu prints, skull images, Universal Monster tees. I wear a ‘70s long-hair style and a full beard, which most people seem to be scared of the ‘70s. [laughs] I collect horror memorabilia, especially skull figurines, and use Halloween items I’ve bought on clearance for year-round interior decorating. For example, I have a “painting” of a figure that metamorphosizes from an 18th century naval captain to a dead pirate captain that was manufactured as a Halloween decoration but I hang it in my living room year-round. I don’t dust off the cobwebs in most places in my house. I’m fascinated with crows since they’re so much like ravens and so I’ll take extra effort to avoid hitting them while driving on the road no matter how much an angry driver in back of me is blaring his/her horn or yelling curses to me for “holding up” traffic. I call our local countryside coyotes “little wolves” or “mini wolves”, and I’ll stand several minutes outside at night admiring the full moon. For me, rain and thunder storms are beautiful weather (especially in fall and winter). Also Halloween is like an autumn version of Christmas to me, and so is my ancestral Day of the Dead which for me the two don’t contradict each other. Other words in my Lexington of horror that I use in everyday settings: I call my apartment maintenance man and the cemetery groundskeepers “caretakers”; I don’t call the underground level of a house a “basement”, I say “cellar”; I’ll say “coffin”, not “casket”; I’ll say “grave-“ or “tombstone”, not monument; and I never call a cemetery/graveyard a “monument park”.

My sense of humor tends to be pretty dark too. I listen to pop music by horror-inspired bands, especially the Groovy Ghoulies (who are no longer together) and the Phantom Jets, both who are local to my home area of Sacramento. But a few of my favorite horror rock songs by more notable artists are Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London”, the Rocky Horror Picture Show’s “Time Warp” and, of course, Bobby Boris Pickett’s classic “Monster Mash” which was probably my very first rock song I really got into.

What are you currently working on?

I was working on a second book of short fiction which I originally planned to release in August of this year but it looks like it won’t happen that soon. That’s because I’m trying to submit some stories to some magazines and, because many literary magazines don’t want simultaneous submissions, I would have to write up some new stories for the book. I plan to title it The Hidden. However, if my short story submissions don’t follow through, then the book release may not be delayed for too long (hopefully no later than the fall, ideally in time for Halloween).

Where can we find you online?

My book of short fiction, The Fool’s Illusion, is available on Amazon in both print and e-format (Kindle) []. You can sometimes find sample stories of my book at my blog, A Far Out Fantastic Site ( as well as ones I have not yet compiled in a collection. Not all of my stories in Fool’s Illusion and on my blog are necessarily horror but most are dark to some degree. I also have a sci fi “column” at the news site,  [ ] My Twitter page is @StaRosep2, The Fool’s Illusion Facebook page is [] (you may have to be logged into Facebook to see it), or you can email me at

The Passing of Sir Christopher Lee

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by A.D. Vick

On May 27, 1922 Christopher Frank Carandini Lee was born in London, England. He was the son of Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Trollope Lee, of the 60th King’s Royal Rifle Corp and Countess Estelle Marie Née Carandini di Sarzano, whose lineage traces back to Charlemagne, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. With such an aristocratic background, it is not surprising that young Christoper would go on to create a distinguished and record-breaking career in his own right.

After the end of World War ll Lee became interested in acting and made his film debut in 1947, taking on a one-line role in a Gothic romance film entitled Corridor of Mirrors. By the year 2007 however, he had set a record for the most screen credits of any living actor with an incredible 244 film and TV appearances over the course of six decades.

Lee had difficulty breaking into the acting scene during the early part of his career due to his being considerably taller than most actors chosen to play the films’ leading roles. The break he needed came in 1957 when London-based Hammer Film Productions asked him to play the role of the monster in The Curse of Frankenstein. Due to the success of that film, Hammer signed him up for future roles, which often involved him playing the villain opposite his friend Peter Cushing. Some of the most notable Hammer films he starred in included Horror of Dracula (1958) and The Mummy, which was released in 1959. Hammer Film Productions produced a number of sequels during the 1960s into the early 1979s during which time Lee continued in his role as Dracula. Although he is well known for his roles in horror films, Lee also starred in films representing other genres such as the 1974 James Bond film, The Man With the Golden Gun.

Due to his earlier successes, the actor moved to Hollywood during the late 1970s. America’s movie capital failed his expectations however, and Lee only made minor film and TV appearances. Eventually, he moved back to Great Britain where his slumping career underwent a revival. During the 2000s he was given the role of Saruman The White in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Count Dooku in Star Wars; Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Christoper Lee’s deep operatic voice inspired him to pursue a musical career as well, where his achievements ranged from his singing the soundtrack on a film entitled The Wicker Man to his recording of two full-length symphonic metal albums. In 2010 he received the Spirit of Metal award for his album, Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods event.

In June, 2001 Lee was made a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of his service to drama and in June, 2009 he was created a Knight Bachelor in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his work in both drama and charity.

On June 7 of this year, Sir Christoper Lee departed this world. His talents, abilities and achievements far exceed the mere outline of his works, which appears on this page. He was a most distinguished actor and gentleman who will be deeply missed. Still, his incredible contributions to horror, fantasy and music will remain with us for many years to come.


DSCF1060A.D. Vick is short story writer living in Northwest Arkansas and is the author of a blog entitled The Gothic Embrace, which features a variety of topics of interest to the Goth subculture. He is also involved with the maintenance and preservation of some historic cemeteries and spends his quiet time with one rather large cat named Mr. Gray. He enjoys listening to a variety of music, which ranges from heavy metal and dark wave to classical, and takes great pleasure walking through the woods and burial grounds that surround his home.  

Free Fiction Friday: Fortune Cookie

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Fortune Cookie

 by Grey Harlowe

It was their last chance to get dinner; the restaurant scene in town closed in an hour. Max and Claire had been arguing Mexican versus pizza, Paige wanted seafood and Boyd was ambivalent about any option. He was thirty seconds away from just heading home when they stumbled into a Chinese diner, keeping a low profile next to an arcade.

“Let’s try here,” said Max, triumphantly.

The diner had low lights and an old fashioned bar. The four coworkers, who’d worked late at their small office, sat on its round stools eating. The staff, indulgent types, left them alone.

As the meal wound down, Paige cracked a fortune cookie. Boyd, who hated them, moved to stop her. She giggled.

“Superstitious?” she asked.

“No, that’s why I don’t read these. And who’s ever heard of anything this silly actually telling someone’s future?”

Rolling her eyes, Paige opened her tiny white scroll.

“Good health will be yours for a long time.” She smiled.

“Can’t beat that,” Max said, smiling back. Everyone knew the ex-lovers had been considering reconciliation, delayed while Paige endured a cancer scare. The final tests weren’t back, but it appeared she’d dodged mastectomy.

“Indeed,” said Claire. “I’m next.” Slowly, she recited, “A new wardrobe will accompany great change.”

“Like you need improvement,” Paige said. They all nodded. Claire was often mistaken for a model. “Do yours, Max.”

Max hesitated, then read, “You will be successful in your work. Hmm. Maybe Chuck will lay off soon.” Their boss had been giving Max a hard time. Rumor was, Chuck was unhappy with Max’s pitch to a big overseas client. Chuck was impatient for their product, eco-friendly playground material, to go international.

Pressured by his friends, Boyd opened his cookie.

“You will soon be crossing the great waters.” He was greeted with cackling laughter.

“Ouch,” said Paige. “You don’t think that means—”

“What does it sound like? Is there ambiguity there?” Max teased. “No wonder you hate these cookies, bro.”

“Helpful,” said Boyd, trying to stay brave. The reason he avoided fortune cookies was to avoid tempting fate.

He drove home apprehensive.

It turned out, he’d had cause to be afraid.

The next morning at work, he arrived to a grim scene. Paige was in the breakroom, staring at her coffee mug. Max and Chuck were facing off in the doorway of Chuck’s office, clearly having had a harsh exchange. Eventually, Max stormed out. Boyd could hear someone crying in the bathroom. It sounded like Claire.

“What’s going on?” he asked Paige.

“Well,” Paige said, “Claire’s pregnant. I’m surprised we didn’t notice, but she’s been…dressing to hide it.” Paige looked at the wall. Both recalled the ominous ‘new wardrobe’ fortune.

“Gets worse,” she continued. “Claire admitted affairs with both Max and Chuck. Paternity’s up in the air. Max is dealing, but Chuck’s pissed enough he fired him.”

Boyd gulped. He wasn’t shocked; Chuck was a territorial guy.

“How’re you dealing?” This couldn’t have done Paige’s intended reunion with Max any favors.

“Fine, I guess,” she said. “Doc’s office called. My tests are normal.”

It became surreal. Claire fled the bathroom, tears streaming. Paige followed Claire downstairs. Boyd and Chuck soon heard the women arguing in the street, alongside Max’s voice. Then tires squealing. Screams. Paige would enjoy her ‘good health’ an eternity.

After the funeral, Claire disappeared. So did Max, to search for her. Chuck told Boyd that Boyd would take over their new European account, which Max had been successful at securing in the end. Boyd was to leave immediately, courtesy of a trip on the client’s cruise line.

Crossing the great waters after all, Boyd thought bitterly.

The third day out, Max surprised Boyd beside his deck chair. He looked livid. About his firing, his lost women, or both, Boyd decided.

“I’ve felt so guilty,” Boyd said “Mine was the only nice fortune. Here I am, crossing the water.”

“Don’t feel guilty,” said Max, blood in his eye. “Fortune didn’t say you’d be crossing back.”


HarloweGrey Harlowe’s fiction has been featured on Every Writers Resource and  She is the 2014 winner of the annual ghost story competition, and has also been published in the journal, The Last Line.


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