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Morbid Meals – Berry Fool

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According to The Berry Bible, Berry Fools most likely get their name from the French word foulé, meaning “crushed or pressed.” Featuring berries and cream, a berry fool is a delicious treat that only a fool would pass up. That makes it the perfect compliment to The Fool tarot card, and a great treat for April Fool’s.


Yield: 2 servings


1/2 pound fresh (or thawed from frozen) berries of your choice
2 Tbsp granulated sugar
1/2 cup heavy (whipping) cream
1 Tbsp powdered confectioner’s sugar


  • Medium saucepan
  • Beater or electric hand mixer


  1. Rinse your berries and drain them to remove grit and such from the berries.
  2. In your medium saucepan over low heat, combine the berries and granulated sugar. Stir until the berries are soft, about 10 minutes.
  3. Raise heat to medium and crush the berries with a fork and stir to combine, creating a compote.
  4. Reduce heat again to low and simmer until the compote has thickened as desired.
  5. Refrigerate the berries to chill them at least to room temperature, or cooler if you like.
  6. Once the berries have chilled, make the whipped cream by mixing the cream and powdered sugar in a bowl with an electric hand mixer, until stiff peaks form.
  7. In a serving glass, layer cream, then fruit, and repeat, folding gently to allow the flavors to start to combine.
  8. Serve with a wafer cookie or a small slice of pound cake.


If you have a favorite compote or preserves, feel free to use that instead of cooking your own, but make the whipped cream yourself, for goodness sake. Any fool can whip cream.


So simple but so light and tasty. Fresh berries definitely make the difference, but I have had great success using frozen berries as well.

Dawn’s Dark Music Corner

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Seattle Scene Report with Lacuna Coil:

by Dawn Wood


I had the honor to meet Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia and chat with Andrea of Lacuna Coil at El Corazon Seattle in late 2014.  We chatted about the tour, album and where they are heading, as a band.  It was a great pleasure to hear the Lacuna Coil story and Andrea’s perspective. What a great conversation. Andrea is so incredibly humble and it is evident how Lacuna Coil fans around the world, are treasured by them.


(Dawn) Lacuna Coil emerged in 1994 in Milan.  How would you say you have evolved since this time, as a band?

(Andrea from LC) “ 1996/97. 1994 is when me and Marco, the bass player started to play together in his house, but just playing cover songs that we liked. So,  it wasn’t really a band, just me and him jamming in his house. 1996 we did the first demo tape.  In 1997 we created the name. We have evolved by doing things we never expected to have happen as a band.  Back then, we just wanted to send our demo out to a label and maybe get it released.  We never expected to be professional musicians and have it as our career, especially coming out of Milan, Italy.  It was not a story of other bands in rock and metal spreading around the world/touring the world. So, we were the only ones. There are some in other genres, but not really in ours. So everything that has happened over the years has been beyond our imagination at that time.  As it happened, we couldn’t believe, step by step and more than we could ever have dreamed. ”

(Dawn) Earlier this year (2014) you announced some member changes to Lacuna Coil. As a musician, I understand this has the potential to change the energy of a show. Has this been a challenge and/or added something different to your sound/shows?

(Andrea from LC) “Yup. Overall I think it has been a positive change because, it happened, not because we were not getting along.  It’s just that, after many years, if you are not motivated 100% to be on the road with this lifestyle, it gets really hard.  For someone who doesn’t want to be there,  it is difficult for them and for us. We never came to the point where we would fight. We just sat down and discussed, in a very civilized way, the fact of losing the passion over it and dedication of the project, being away all the time, away from family. Our drummer was moving in a different direction, moving to the countryside and building a house, had a baby girl and a more stable life. Our guitar player moved here to North America, with his wife. Neither of them are doing music anymore. So, it was just a matter of life changing. It had nothing to do with not liking each other anymore.  We decided to keep going with one guitarist.  So for the next album we will work on writing with just one guitar and maybe more keyboards.  And, our new drummer, Ryan,  was already working with us for 7 years as a drum tech.  He had stepped in to drum for our previous drummer when he had his baby girl, so Ryan  was already touring with us. It was a natural choice to have him a part of the band. By the time we start working on our new album, after touring this year with the lineup, arranging and finding out what works, we will have a solution.  This record has been a change in times for Lacuna Coil. We kind of closed a chapter, opened a new one and moved towards a new direction. It’s very challenging, but also very motivating…refreshing.”

(Dawn) How long will Lacuna be touring in 2015?
(Andrea from LC) “We tour as co-headliner, in Europe with Motionless in White and a new project, Devilment. We will do a rock cruise in January 2015.”


(Dawn) Your new video for “Nothing Stands in Our Way” is a glimpse into behind the scenes and also some performances on tour.  Tell us about the filming and where the footage was filmed.

(Andrea from LC) “Actually, it was filmed in Jacksonville, Florida at the 2014 Welcome to Rockville show.  The director asked if he could film footage of before, during and after the show and keep the camera on.  He wanted to share the experience.  Then it turned out so good, we wanted to use it for the video.  It represents the band so well. The label loved it, so we said: ‘why not?’, so we used it and here we are. ”


(Dawn) When you are on tour for such an extended period of time, how do you, as vocalists, stay healthy and keep your beautiful voices strong?

(Andrea from LC) “The voice is the hardest part,  because you get tired and easily can get sick. We try to not drink or just before a day off.  We don’t smoke. We do warm-ups before the show….and still we get tired.  It’s part of touring, you know when you are on tour, certain gigs will not be excellent.  It is what it is. It’s part of being on tour? We try to stay well rested and not talk too much, when not necessary. We have never had to cancel a show because of the voice.  We had to cancel a show for other reasons, but not for the voice.”

(Dawn) You have been quoted as having numerous influences and favorite bands from: Dying Bride, Linkin Park, Beethoven, Sound Garden, Meshugga, Black Sabbath, Gold Frapp, Cocteau Twins, Danzig, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative.  I’ve noticed amongst your loyal fans: everything from Classic Rock to Metal, to Gothic/Industrial to Dark Wave to Pop to Electronic fans.  This is such a broad spectrum and so complimentary to you as a band. Have you marketed to different genres or do you feel your “vast influences” have a part in winning your various audiences over?

(Andrea from LC) “Linkin Park?  Me? I wouldn’t say them, but maybe someone else. Wait, I think our former drummer was into them.  Nothing bad.  I really like their albums, just not one of my influences.  Black Sabbath, yeah! Danzig, Nine Inch nails, yes.  That is more MY kind of music. One band that every one in this band really likes is Faith No More.  Faith No More has always been very open to all genres.  Obviously we are coming from the Gothic/Metal Scene.  When we started, we wanted to be in the same sound as Type O Negative or Paradise Lost.  We evolved. We still fall into a Gothic-type band, but we aren’t exclusively in that genre or at least what a Gothic band is now-a-days. Actually to be Gothic is a very broad spectrum. I think certain song chord progression can be considered dark. Even Black Sabbath can be considered dark. It isn’t just The Cure or Sisters of Mercy or bands distinctive of that genre. Rammstein can be, in their way, dark. To me the vision of Gothic and dark is very open. Even Neil Young can be dark. Johnny Cash had songs very depressing and sad on certain lyrics.  The Doors. To me, dark is not just a cliché.  I love the Cure, Bauhaus, Joy Division, all those 80’s bands. I love Alice in Chains. They are also very dark. I like the term dark better than Gothic, because sometimes Gothic is too much restrictive. Growing up in Milan, a lot of the city’s monuments are Gothic and it is beautiful. It is just the view we have. So for me, dark is just a very wide spectrum of music. For us, we have two singers and there is always a certain dark element to our lyrics and the keyboard arrangements. We don’t want to fall into a cliché. But, whatever kind of album we do, still…there will be darkness.”


(Dawn) Favorite cities/places to perform live in US and abroad?

(Andrea from LC) “I think New York City, LA, Vegas. Playing in Texas is always good for us. It isn’t necessarily one place.  We have a good amount of fans here and we always have good shows. In Europe, playing in the UK is always really good for us. But, also France, Holland.  Italy is always good, but in Italy there is always a good deal of pressure. This especially in Milan.  It is always difficult to play in your home town. It’s always a good show though.  We did a show there last Summer for almost 10,000 people so it was great. So it is good there.  It is just a lot of pressure because your good friends and family will be there.”
(Dawn) So what do you think of the way that the music industry is going? Is it something you are excited about or…any concerns?

(Andrea from LC) “I think surely there are new ways and possibilities, but in general I think it is a much worse situation. And not because of all the downloading of music. That is OK, although that is a problem, of course, financially. It forces the bands to have to be on the road all the time and you have to release an album every two years, so there is no space. Sometimes I feel like we need some more time to finish an album.  Nowadays, you are forced to end touring cycle then go straight into recording.  If you don’t feel it, it doesn’t matter, because you have to. You have to get the album out and tour in order to be able to make a living. So I don’t like it.  We come from a previous generation in music where we had time to write an album. It could take two years.  It was great because we really felt inspired. Now you have to because the market needs you to do it.  You have so many bands today, but many of them are copycats.  They may be good players, but many sound the same. Only the image makes a difference. I don’t like that, because many bands don’t have the time to develop their own personality. We got that because we grew up in a time where we have two, three records before we became a known band. We were able to grow from the cliché of sounding like our favorite bands to incorporating our own, more personal sound. You need time to do this. Today, if you don’t make it in the beginning and get some attention, then you would be dropped. There are many more bands today but there are always those 5 bands which are gonna break out.”


(Dawn) Anything else you would like to promote?

(Andrea from LC) “Yes, you can check out our tour dates on our website.  We are also very active on social media.  Each of us have our own pages on Facebook, but are also on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. In 2015 we will be on the Shiprock Cruise in Miami.”


Check out Lacuna Coil on:

Lacuna Coil Official Website:


Andrea’s Facebook:






Mimielle on Makeup: A Spring Scare, a Story Preview and a Song

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One of my favorite makeup artists on Youtube is Klaire de Lys, her videos with unique vision and her quiet and gentle voice are so lovely to watch, even when her tutorials are sometimes a bit…unsettling. This Banshee makeup is in my top 5 favorites, inspiring me to try screen lenses myself for their other-worldy look and uncanny beauty.

Do you find unexpected beauty in the strange and mysterious, Addicts?

It’s hidden all around us!

Gold-Brown-Floral-divider 1

Gold-Brown-Floral-divider 1

Klaire’s first Book, Outsider 

Outsider book cover

“After witnessing the murder of her parents for marrying outside of their race, half-blood Astrid wants nothing more than to be left on her own. Placed in the care of Dag, a forgetful but well-meaning warlock, she vows to never feel as lost and helpless as she did on the day they were killed, and turns her back on the elves and the dwarves for destroying her life.

Forty years later, young dwarf Jarl Vǫrn is certain that his city, Bjargtre, is under threat from an emerging goblin King. When his fears are dismissed, he asks Astrid to help him and his adoptive son, Knud, to reach the capital of Lǫgberg safely, and Astrid finds herself pulled back into a world she never wanted to be a part of again”

Kindle edition is free on Kindle Unlimited (otherwise $6.99/$14.99 on Amazon), is lending enabled and already queued up on my spring reading list!

Gold-Brown-Floral-divider 1

The haunting music in Klaire’s video is

“Storm Song – The Disappearance of the Girl” by Phildel

Gold-Brown-Floral-divider 1


Stay Beautiful, Addicts!



Nightmare Fuel — Wisconsin Werewolves

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by Don Pitsladis

This week’s Nightmare Fuel takes a look at werewolves.  We all know the legends, people cursed or blessed with the ability to change into a wolf every full moon.  They are portrayed as heroes, villains, victims and heartthrobs in books, television, and movies.  What if there is more to them than just what we see and read?  What if they, in fact, actually existed?

In 1936, Mark Schackelman was driving on a highway in Wisconsin that ran past a believed Native American burial ground when he saw someone digging and pulled over for a peek. He described what he saw that day as a large man covered in hair with long limbs, opposable thumbs, and a face that was a cross between a dog and ape.  This modern day sighting ended up being the first of many in the same general area, with the majority occurring along Bray Road.  This creature is known by some as The Dogman, but most people refer to it as the Beast of Bray Road. Sightings of these creatures are not limited to just Wisconsin, having also been reported in Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois among other states.

Do werewolves exist, or are they all mistaken identity or hysteria?  With reports of these creatures as recent as 2014 and the amount of animal species still being discovered, who is to say? The next time you hear an animal in the backyard messing with your trash cans or scratching at the door, be sure to flash a light outside first.  It may be your dog asking to be let in or a hungry raccoon, but, then again, it might just be something larger and more frightening.

Review: The Undying

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22638090Post Apocalypse fiction is a genre that never gets old, because it shows you how humans might act under the worst circumstances. This is showcased well in The Undying by Ethan Reid. Jeanie and Ben arrived in Paris to celebrate the new year with friends. As the clock strikes midnight, the lights go out all over Paris and fireballs rain down from the sky.

Jeanie and Ben are now stuck in a foreign land as society crumbles around them. With all communications with the outside world cut off, no one knows what’s happening. To make matters worse there are intelligent, fast-moving, bloodthirsty creatures roaming the city and their numbers grow by the hour. The situation seems bleak as a small group of survivors go deep in the catacombs under Paris to escape the city in flames.

The Undying has a story that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The author gets you to care about the characters by giving a glimpse into their background and then throws them into a situation that seems hopeless. The heroine in the story is Jeanie who is dealing with the loss of her father. She didn’t handle the loss well and came to Paris to visit an old friend to get her life back together.  You feel sympathy for Jeanie because she had already gone through a lot before the apocalypse.

Ethan Reid does an excellent job making you care for everyone in The Undying.  I loved the way the author uses flashbacks to make you feel empathy. The setting is great in this book as well.  Two of the characters are Americans, they don’t speak french and don’t know their way around, which adds a lot of suspense to the book. Another great part in this book is when the main characters go in the catacombs under the city. I loved the description of the catacombs and how being in a dark place filled with old skeletons slowly makes the characters turn on each other.  Paris is almost like a character in this book and I felt like I had spent time in the catacombs when I was done with the book.

My favorite part of the book was in the beginning as things are first falling apart and one of the characters starts saying what he thinks is happening. Once again we see how the author makes you feel sympathy for everyone as we learn that his wife is in a hospital that has lost power close by and she is having a baby. You start to see how hopeless their situation is but at the same time they have to do what’s right and get to the woman and baby.

The Undying has some great characters, suspenseful moments and a great setting. The one problem I had with it was that it needed more action. Early on we find out that  zombie/vampire hybrids are walking the streets, but they don’t have a big part until the end. However I did like how they are introduced and how only one of the characters notices them at first. The Undying is a book that preys on your emotions, it might not have much action but it makes up for it in atmosphere and getting deep into everyone’s feelings. If you like books about the apocalypse check this one out.

Horror Addicts Guide to Life – Available now!

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FinalFrontCoverHorror Addicts Guide to Life

Available now! 

Cover art by: Masloski Carmen

Editor: David Watson

Do you love the horror genre? Do you look at horror as a lifestyle? Do the “norms” not understand your love of the macabre?

Despair no longer, my friend, for within your grasp is a book written by those who look at horror as a way of life, just like you. This is your guide to living a horrifying existence. Featuring interviews with Midnight Syndicate, Valentine Wolfe, and The Gothic Tea Society.

Authors: Kristin Battestella, Mimielle, Emerian Rich, Dan Shaurette, Steven Rose Jr., Garth von Buchholz, H.E. Roulo, Sparky Lee Anderson, Mary Abshire, Chantal Boudreau, Jeff Carlson, Catt Dahman, Dean Farnell, Sandra Harris, Willo Hausman, Laurel Anne Hill, Sapphire Neal, James Newman, Loren Rhoads, Chris Ringler, Jessica Robinson, Eden Royce, Sumiko Saulson, Patricia Santos Marcantonio, J. Malcolm Stewart, Stoneslide Corrective, Mimi A.Williams, and Ron Vitale. With art by Carmen Masloski and Lnoir.


Free Fiction Friday: Dark Soul by Emerian Rich

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punkprintThis is a throw back… reaching into the writing crypt for my very first publication credit. A poem of my youth that can still make me feel like I did back then. I’ve since realized, this is a symptom of our age. For many of us Dark Souls… we’ve had to come a long way to be comfortable with ourselves. For some of us, the path was to much to bear and we miss you dearly. For others, they are still trying to drown themselves in poison to be able to function in our world. For us rare few who have seen it to the other side, stay strong!


Dark Soul

By: Emerian Rich

If the world was as dark as my soul…

But it isn’t, I’m isolated.


What a powdered, pink mother

Gives birth to is all her

Fear of death.


But we aren’t scared anymore, are we?


A childhood of fear has turned into



Finally, fearlessness.


We are strong aren’t we?

We are jaded and mean.

We are heartless and rude.


Sometimes I cry at the things I’ve done,

For loving myself,

For doing what I want.


Where do I go to get rid of the guilt

From that house with the white picket fence?


I try to drown it in all types of poison.

Torture to my body and soul.


But there’s no hope at last

I’m dying from it.

The guilt of my mother’s past.


If you have poetry to share with us, please send it to:


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