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Send all submissions to: with the appropriate BOLDED subject line. All submissions are unpaid unless otherwise noted.


2017 Horror Anthology

Cover by Carmen Masloski

Crescendo of Darkness
Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” -Victor Hugo

There’s a funny thing that can soothe the soul after a rough day at work, can put you in the mood to take on any challenge, or can transport you back twenty years in time. It’s the most widely enjoyed mode of entertainment and the most used form of mood alteration. Music.

Your story must involve music in some way. This could take the form of a specific genre or song, but also the creation of music, an instrument, or even the lack of music. What would you do if you didn’t have your favorite music to calm your mind or to motivate you? What horrible deeds are prevented on a daily basis because someone listened to their favorite song? How many people are alive because someone heard the right song at the right time? What is the power of music?

Note: This is a anthology. Your story must be a Horror story and contain something emotionally, physically, or mentally horrifying.

Manuscript Format:
Font: either Courier or Times New Roman.
Double spaced, font 12 point.
Your manuscript must be in either DOC or RTF format.
1st page header to state: author name, mailing address, email address, and word count.
Following pages header to state: author name, story name, and page number.

In the body of the email:
100 words or less bio about you.
One sentence explaining the story attached. Your elevator pitch.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ids
Your website or blog

Subject of the email state:
Send to:

No previously printed work and no simultaneous submissions.

Deadline: October 31st, 2017, 11:59pm PST
Length: 2,000-5,000 words
Payment: $10.00 USD + digital contributor copy
Return time: Final decisions will not be made until AFTER the submission close date (10/31/17). You should expect a return within 3 months of the submission close date.

If you do not receive an email stating your manuscript was received within two weeks of submission, please send a polite query to:

For any other questions, please send an email to:



Deadline: Ongoing

Free Friction Friday is your chance to share just a little bit of your work with the readers.

*200-1000 words flash
*Must be horror or fit in one of our **Approved Themes below.
*This is for free posting on our blog, exposure only, with link back to your work.
*At the end of the submission, please include your bio (100 word max), url, and attach a cover pic or author pic.
*Send all submissions to:, SUBJ: FREE FICTION FRIDAY


Subject: Annual Writer’s Workshop 
Open every year from Oct-Dec.



Deadline: Ongoing

*Must be horror or fit in one of our **Approved Themes below.
*This is for free posting on our blog, exposure only, with link back to your work.
*At the end of the submission, please include your bio (100 word max), url, and attach a cover pic or author pic.
*Send all submissions to:, SUBJ: GUEST BLOG


**APPROVED THEMES: Dark Fantasy, Monster, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Clockpunk, Alternative, Goth, Metal, Industrial, Avant-garde themes. Erotica only if it tastefully falls into horror / goth / fetish culture. If your submission is in the Science Fiction / Fantasy / Thriller / Suspense or any other genre, please email before submitting with a 2-3 line query. If it seems like it fits, we might make an exception. We do not publish any works that are used to inspire hate or violence against any race, sex, or sexual orientation. We do not enjoy serial killer stories (which are usually true crime, not horror anyway) so don’t send them.

For full submission requirements, go to: SUBMISSIONS



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    • Yes, reprints are fine on Free Fiction Friday as long as the publisher is okay with it. They usually want a link to their publication, which is fine too. Just make sure to add it to your submission. 🙂


  5. Hi there! I submitted a story to Once Upon a Scream and I’m just wondering if you have any idea when we might start getting responses. If not, I understand – but I’m pretty anxious, so I thought I’d check in lol


  6. Answers for the Once Upon a Scream anthology are going out soon. I hate that we have to decline some, but we got so many submissions, it’s a necessary evil. Sorry writers. Believe me, I know what receiving a decline feels like. If you subbed, you should have an answer within the next week.


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