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Emerian Rich – San Francisco, California
Creator and Horror Hostess Publishing

Emerian Rich created as a place for horror addicts, by horror addicts, glorifying every aspect of the horror lifestyle. Emerian is the author of Night’s Knights Vampire Series, the Sweet Dreams Novel Series, and has been involved in dozens of podcast and story projects. She was the editor of the horror ‘zine DarkLives for ten years starting in the mid-nineties. To find out more about Emerian, visit her site at:

Blog Editor

Dan Shaurette – Arizona
Head of Publishing
Writer / Content Creator

Dan is a goth-geek, born in Phoenix, AZ. He’s been a fan of horror and especially vampires ever since seeing Bela Lugosi’s Dracula as a young child. He is the author of the vampire novel, Lilith’s Love. He is a fan of most sub-genres but prefers those that have a dark tale to tell versus pure shock-schlock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You can find him online at


Naching T. Kassa  – Washington State
Editorial Assistant
Writer / Interviewer

Naching is a wife, mother, and horror writer. She’s created 17 short stories, two novellas, a poem, and co-created two children. She lives in Eastern Washington State with Dan Kassa, her husband and biggest supporter. Naching is a member of the Horror Writers Association and a contributor to the Demonic Visions series. She took second place in’s Next Great Horror Writer Contest and one of her poems was included in The Horror Writers Association’s Poetry Showcase Vol. IV.



KBatz – New Jersey
(Kristin Battestella)
Writer, Reviewer
Horror Media / Movies / TV

When other kids were playing with dolls and teddy bears, this South Jersey born and bred addict KBatz was watching Price, Lee, Hitchcock, Dark Shadows, Alien, anything and everything in analysis of what was scary and why. Be it vamps, scares, or weres, you name it-freaky or macabre and she is there-regardless of how you pronounce macabre. For more bent paranormal fiction and horror film, television, and literature reviews, find Kbatz’ insanity on the web at:


Mimielle – Arkansas
Writer, Reviewer
Fashion / Beauty / Events

Mimielle is an Addict of Particular Sensibilities who embraces the Dark and Historically Gothic Aesthetic in many of life’s aspects. An Old-school Gothic Lolita, she is fond of dressing elegantly and perfecting her makeup to throw her monthly Tea Salon, staying current with the latest runway and street fashion trends, and always on the lookout for new and beautiful techniques and unique items that can be corrupted for darkly beautiful purposes. Follow her at

blarghJesse Orr – Washington
Fiction Columnist

Jesse Orr was born and raised in Alaska and has no idea, nor do his parents, when or how he began reading and writing; as is the case with so many things, they just are. Moving to Seattle in 2007, he settled down to a life of recording and performing music as well as writing whatever caught his fancy. He has a dog named Mr Dog and lives in West Seattle.

331037_312584995428558_993191725_oCrystal Connor – Washington
Reviewer / Movies, Books, Music 

Washington State native Crystal Connor loves anything that has to do with monsters, bad guys, and villains. Connor grew up telling spooky little campfire-style stories at slumber parties. Living on a steady literary diet of horror novels and healthy doses of horror cinema, it surprised no one that she ended up writing horror novels! When she’s not reviewing horror films she is busy terrorizing readers with tales of blood and woe. Find out more at:

 20141003_175602Lisa Vasquez – Texas

Lisa Vasquez currently resides in Houston, TX with her Brady Bunch sized family and menagerie of pets. She works for the Horror Writer’s Association as the Publisher’s Liaison and mentor, and is the CEO of Stitched Smile Publications. Occasionally, she takes on outside clients for book covers. She also donates her time to helping teens in crisis.

adeliseAdelise M. Cullens – Sydney Australia

Adelise M. Cullens explains herself like this:  “I’m a hugger. Oh … and I write things.” I love to write, so I do. Writing, to me, is about sharing and connecting with people. I like to metaphorically reach out and hug people with my words! And as long as I am doing that, I am a happy clam. I hail from Australia, the land down under. (Where women glow and men plunder) More specifically, I am from the western burbs of Sydney. It is a truly magical place, where you can hear the call of sirens through the night and the sunsets are a bright watermelon from all the toxic pollution … but nah, seriously, I love it here. About my writing, I don’t tend towards any particular genre. So, if you stick with me, hopefully you will be in for some surprises along the way. To quote the great Sylvia Plath – “And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise.” 

Kenzie Kordic – Alabama

Kenzie is a young author who strives to create truly scary stories. Kenzie has been obsessed with the horror genre for as long as she’s been able to read. She has written numerous short stories as well as working on a novel.  She can be found watching horror movies with her pup. To find out more, go to:,, or

Daphne Strasert

Daphne Strasert  – Texas
Writer / Reviewer

“To be honest, I’m a coward. Yet, I adore putting my fear on paper. I love to transform words into a reality that slithers off the page and claws inside you. I write so you feel my terror crawl up your spine and turn you into a coward like me.”

New voices coming soon…