Chiller’s 13 Scariest Films of the Decade.

Recently, the Chiller Television Network has been running a special announcing, what they consider to be, the top 13 Scariest Films of the recent decade.

I’ve posted the list below and I’m curious if anyone has any comments on the list of films.

Are there any you believe are missing, or some that are listed that should be removed?

The List in order from the top spot to spot 13.

  1. The Ring
  2. Paranormal Activity
  3. Saw
  4. The Mist
  5. 28 Days Later
  6. Cloverfield
  7. 30 Days of Night
  8. Hostel
  9. The Descent
  10. Orphan
  11. Final Destination
  12. The Strangers
  13. Drag Me to Hell