Alfred Hitchcock Basics – A Video Primer

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock!

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Kristin Battestella aka Kbatz here again with a video review breakdown on some of our Alfred Hitchcock Favorites! From The Lady Vanishes, Lifeboat, Notorious, and Spellbound to Psycho, Rear Window, Vertigo, and The Birds – if you haven’t seen one or two, here’s why you should!



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Shock, 1946

How would you react if you looked out a window and saw someone murdered? Would you scream, would you call the police, or would you find yourself in shock?

The film Shock, gives us an insight into one of the possibilities to my queries.  One Janet Steward (Anabel Shaw) is staying at a hotel and she hears a loud argument taking place.  As most people would,  she takes a moment to look and see what the heated argument is about. She witnesses a horrific sight as she sees a man murder a woman.  Janet is later found by her war veteran husband in a complete comatose state.  She is taken to a mental hospital where she will find herself treated by Dr. Richard Cross, played by Vincent Price.

Fans of Vincent Price will automatically come to see him as the villain in this film as most know that was the type of role he was best known for.  Shock is a film that will not disappoint Price’s fans as we get to see a master of his art portray his character in a great way.

We get to watch as this masterful actor finds ways to make all those attached to Janet believe she has truly lost her mind.  Dr. Cross is aided on this quest by Nurse Elaine Jordan (Lynn Bari) who just happens to be the good doctor’s lover.

Shock has a short running time that modern movie viewers may not care for, but even with it’s shorten span, the film packs a great punch.  The film is a thrilling twisted tale as we get to witness what the good doctor is able to get away with, within his own asylum.  The rest of the cast also turn in some great roles and that includes actor Frank Latimore who plays Janet’s husband, Lt. Paul Stewart.

Vincent Price fans will greatly appreciate this film as it captures Price at the peak of his acting career.  Those who love psychological thrillers will also find the film quite engrossing.  Another factor is that we get an idea of some of the old medical practices that were used to treat those with psychological issues.  It is one of these methods that help to bring the movie to a climax, but not quite to the ending.  As any Price film, the film ends in such away you may find yourself asking questions.