Press Release: Airship Game from Abney Park


A.C.E. Airship Crime Experts is a game for people who like “Clue”. 6 Sailors aboard the Airship Conundrum must race to find out what crime was committed, where, and what sailor did it! Was in Carolina Sassafras, sabotaging the engine room? Or is Captain Robert breeding mutant armadillos in the Captains quarters?

Game play is nostalgic of Clue, easier to learn, but much deeper to master, as you must track evidence moving about the game from player to player.

This is a hand made game, all on heavy wood, and packaged in a charming burlap sack. Durable, and packable, the game includes:

• 1 solid wood airship map
• 6 solid wood crew tiles
• 6 solid wood crime tiles
• 8 solid wood location tiles
• 6 pawns
• 1 burlap sack to keep it all in

These games are hand made by the infamous Captain Robert himself. Because if this, quantities might be limited, so get your copy before he comes to his senses.

Upcoming Events

October 5th / Fables Studios Interactive Haunted Attractions Grand Opening / River Grove, Illinois / Come join in the fun at the grand opening of the Chicago area’s newest haunted attraction. Make your way through the haunted carnival and watch out for freaks, geeks and living marionettes. This highly detailed sideshow is complete with fortune tellers and other amazing oddities. Don’t miss it. Addmission is only $10. For more information go to:

October 5th – 7th / Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorbilia Expo/ Stongsville, OH / This horror film festival includes showings of Wild Women of Wongo, Death Race 2000, Holywood Chainsaw Hookers and Whisper. Some of the guests include: Linnea Quigley from Night Of The Demons, Dyanne Thorne from Blood Sabbath and Tom Sullivan from Evil Dead. For more information go to:

October 7th / Steamstock: An Antiquarian Exposition / Richmond, Ca / This is a get together that celebrates time traveling musical acts. Some of the performers include: Abney Park, Victoria and the Vaudvillians, Vagabondage and French and The Punk. There will also be several steampunk vendors and an undead wedding. For more information go to:

October 11th – 14th / Eerie Horror Fest / Erie, Pennsylvania / This fest includes a Dawn Of The Dead reunion, an independent horror film contest along with movie making workshops. Some of the guests include: Vernon Wells from The Road Warrior, John Carl Buechler from Troll and David Early. For more information go to:

October 11th – 14th /Dead Air Paranormal Radio Presents: No Guts…No Glory!!!! / Pittsburg, Tennessee / This is a ghost hunt in at Old South Pittsburg Hospital with several ghost hunting celebrities including: Jeff Belanger, Brandon Kreitzer, Ben Hansen and Debra Wilson. For more information go to:

Abney Park Press Release


18″ by 24″
You can get this gorgeous poster in two flavors:

Poster: $15

Numbered and Autographed Poster: $25

On June 2, Abney Park’s newest album
Ancient World will go on sale.

This is a magnificent album, one of our biggest endeavors
to date, featuring 15 never before heard songs.

Steampunk Revolution
The Story That Never Starts
Terrible Affliction
Things Could Be Worse
Scupper Shanty
Fix The Boat Or Swim
Stealing From The Past
Tricked The Machine
Waiting For You
Can’t Talk About It
Ancient World
Steampunk Revolution Instrumental

…and more!

In total, nearly an hour of new songs!
52 minutes so far, unless we add some more solos!

Click the highlighted songs above to download those now, for free!
(I’m like a drug dealer, but for music! Getting you hooked, so you have to come back and buy it!)

Do you own your own store?
Do you travel to conventions and
sell from your merch booth?

Abney Park now offers wholesale
pricing to you so you can sell our books,
posters, and CD’s! You can even go
right now and order copies of
The Ancient World, Abney Park’s NEXT album!

MAY 25-28

“In 2010, we presented you a show 120 years in the making, and in 2011 we produced one of the largest Steampunk experiences in the world. Now we return in 2012 to bring you an event beyond the scope of your imaginations! Join us once again this next Memorial Day Weekend for high adventure and exploration galore! From elaborate events to a vendor’s hall that is beyond compare, we will bring the wonders of the world here, all for your enjoyment and entertainment.”

Abney Park Press Release


Click the picture to be linked to Abney Park’s latest music video EVIL MAN.

If you feel so inclined, go a vote for Abney Park for best band, Airship Pirates for best game, Mandem for best artist.

Captain Roberts is up for SteamHUNK!

And don’t forget Abney Park will be playing Portland, Oregon.

Friday, March 23rd at the Star Theater.

13 Northwest 6th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
+21 | doors at 8:30


Abney Park Press Release

February 25th, at 6pm
“Captain” Robert Brown
will be reading from his novel
The Wrath Of Fate

Ada’s Techincal Books
713 Broadway East, Seattle

This is a FREE EVENT

We’ve got a bunch of super cool vests added to the market for men and women. They come in three styles:

Airship Captain Tailcoat Vest: $95
Airship Captain Vest (no tails): $95
Cropped, Detachable Hooded Vest: $45

If you’ve shopped in boutique fashion stores lately, you’ll know these are amazingly low prices. Especially for something this cool.

These designs were all taken directly from the patterns made for my stage vest.

We’ve been hard in the studio working on a new album for over a year and a half. We hope to release it in the next few months!

We actually started writing this before we started recording Off The Grid!

Here is a partial song list for the new album:

Steampunk Revolution
The Story That Never Starts
Waiting For You
Terrible Affliction
Ancient World
Things Could Be Worse
Fix The Boat Or Swim
Tricked The Machine
Can’t talk About It

…and more!

– Captain Robert Brown

Abney Park Novel: The Wrath of Fate


Captain Robert’s novel, The Wrath Of Fate, which is the backstory for Abney Park, goes on sale January 1st. You have heard the stories in Abney Park’s songs for years, and wondered how they all fit together. Here is the adventure novel that explains it all!

First Addition Paperback: $15
Numbered and Autographed First Addition Paperback: $30
(These early release first additions will be only available as a trade paperback. e-book, and audio books available later in 2012.)

This is the story of a young and destitute musician, who through a series of failed heroics changes the history of the world. Expect time travel, clock work men, floating cities, apocalyptic wastelands, and of course Airship Pirates!

(click) Hear a chapter read by Captain Robert (click)

This story is told in 26 chapters, each beautifully illustrated by Juan Pablo Valdecantos Anfuso (one of the brilliant artists who works on the Abney Park RPG). Here are a few of his illustrations to wet your appetite.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a fantastic book?
(on sale January 1st)

Be an Airship Pirate and enter the world of Abney Park

Abney Park has been entertaining audiences since 1997. They got their start  as a goth band but have transformed their sound into a mix of industrial dance, world music and steampunk.  Through their music they have created a world where anything can happen.

It all started while the band was on tour. Their plane collided with a time traveling dirigible called the Ophelia that was created by Dr. Leguminous Calgori in a freak storm. The band took control of the vessel and became airship pirates. Abney Park now travel through time seeking adventure, playing music and altering the worlds timeline.

If your not content experiencing Abney Park’s story through their 11 albums you can now play Abney Park’s role playing game. The 300 page RPG book will be released on August 31st and is currently available for pre-order at the band’s website. The story is based on Abney Park’s music and all the artwork was chosen by the band. Steampunk is a fast growing sub genre and Airship Pirates could break out the way Vampire: The Masquerade did 20 years ago.

The story for Airship Pirates begins in the year of 2150. The earth was recovering from the great apocalypse of 1906 but someone screwed up the timeline. Taking place over the You are the captain of the airship Jolly Roger and your living a life of adventure as you sail over beast-haunted wastelands and the steampunk sky-cities of Isla Aether and High Tortuga.

Also below you in the  fog shrouded cities are people huddled in Victorian squalor being ruled over by the upper class. The Emperor’s clockwork policeman patrol the streets with the threat of the change cage hanging over anyone who rebels against the government. Out from the dockyards come the imperial air navy in search of pirates. Your mission is to use your ship to keep away from the emperor, sail the winds of time and plunder history itself but try not to screw up the timeline in the process.

Also coming soon from Abney Park is their novel The Wrath of Fate. Written by Captain Robert who started the band. The book expands on the origin of  the band, how they became airship pirates and tells the tale of their adventures throughout time. For more information on the music of Abney park as well as their RPG, their novel and some really cool looking goggles, check out

Abney Park

For those of you not familiar with or new to the band fan base. You may not have known that Abney Park’s name comes from a cemetery in London. Or that they started out as a goth band and since then have become the steampunk band we know them as today. Their current members or shipmates include Captain Robert Brown, Daniel Cederman, Jody Ellen, Kristina Erickson, and Nathaniel Johnstone.

Recently, Abney Park began sales of their newest poster Abney Park In The Clouds (as seen on the right). Each poster is numbered and autographed by the band members. You can also purchase past posters (autographed or not) at their online store Abney Park Market. You most likely have heard that Abney Park also has a RPG based on their songs titled Airship Pirates. You can find out additional information here.

They also have a new Christmas album in the works. I’ll let Captain Robert give you all the details, “Years ago Kristina and I wrote a Christmas Album in about two weeks. It was kind of a joke, and it forever haunted us, because people loved it so much we could never get rid of it (even though it was not very good). As the years went by, fans continuously begged for more, but we never really had time to do it justice, since we were always working on new Abney Park albums. Well, this year we are making time! We’ve started recording, and arranging songs, and I have to say the result is coming out awesome. With any luck, we’ll have this done in time for Christmas this year!”

May 7th, Abney Park will perform main stage at Blackbeard’s Ball in Oakland, California. The ball will be held in The Oakland Metro Opera House from 8pm to 2 am. All ages are welcome and tickets start at $20 for Early Bird, $22 for Advanced and $25 At the Door. For more information and to purchase tickets head over to Brown Paper Tickets.

And Pirates be ready for Dragon Con 2011! Abney Park will be performing along side many other amazing artists.

For more information on Abney Park check out these sites:

The 2nd Annual Tim Burton Ball

The 2nd Annual Tim Burton Ball

Following up on last winter’s blockbuster dance of the season, Burton Returns stars veterans Venian Process ( and regulars at The Mint in LA, The Tiger Club ( It also features the California debut of former Abney Park member, Finn von Claret’s new band: Imaginary Daughter ( or

In the first Batman movie, The Joker famously asked, “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Well, if you haven’t yet, you certainly can now as Burton Returns!

Insiders tell us the bands are working up some interesting covers and with DJs Mz Samantha (Clockwork) and Femme Mystique (Love Triangle and Chronos) providing the soundtrack between sets, it’s sure to be a night of surprises! PLUS, fusion belly dance by Diana Claire and Master of Ceremonies, Psychokat!

Photos from the first Burton Ball can be found here: and the SF Bay Gaurdian write-up can be found here:

Presales are available online at or with no service charge at Wicked Grounds, Dark Garden, Five & Diamond and Haight Ashbury Tattoo & Piercing!

$12 in advance, $15 door
8pm Doors
8:30pm Dance Lessons
9:30pm SHOW