Review: Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington

livforeverI was pleasantly surprised by Liv, Forever by Amy Talkington. With everyone jumping on the YA Horror bandwagon, I wasn’t expecting much, but Liv, Forever is original and refreshing.

Olivia Bloom, an outcast in life as well as at the school, has an understandably tough time fitting in. When she falls for one of the most popular guys in school and pisses off the most popular girl, you can kinda see how things will progress.

However, the author surprised me by creating characters that won me over. Olivia was much deeper than a lot of today’s heroines. She was smart and knew a lot about art. Gabe, Olivia’s classmate who can “see dead people” is entertaining. He’s not your average sixth senser and adds a lot to the story.

Since the book blurb gives away that Liv is murdered, I don’t think I’ll spoil anything by telling you she’s the best ghost character I’ve read in awhile. The author’s take on the ghost world is different and exciting to read. She added a lot of new elements to being dead that interested me.

Each ghost that Olivia runs into is her own, fully developed character and I liked reading their vignettes. I think I was most impressed by the author’s knowledge and use of art in the book. Being and artist, I hate reading books where the love of art and the artist’s viewpoint is phoned-in. This was not one of those books. It is clear the author either is an artist herself, or did extensive research about how artists see the world and how we react to seeing pieces of beauty that touch us.

Not only was this a great read, but in the end, the secrets are unwound in such a great way. I read the last few chapters on the edge of my seat. You might think that with murder involved, it might be depressing and it does have sad parts, but it ends nicely with all loose ends tied up and oddly (for a book full of murder and evil plans) upbeat.

Loved the sweet love affair Liv has with iTunes accompanied walks, secret rendezvous, and painting each other. Sexy, but in a sweet, loving way.