#HOWCon 2020: Live Shout Box Events!

It’s that time of year again! Time for the HorrorAddicts.net Online Writers Conference! Take a little winter time out with us February 25-27 at http://horroraddictswriters.freeforums.net/ to focus on YOUR writing thanks to our writing articles, author interviews, and publisher how-tos. Browse at your leisure regardless of time zone or pajamas, or join HOW for our Live Shout Box Chats featuring noted editors and horror authors!


Here’s the Schedule for our Live Shout Box Events:

Tuesday, February 25 8 p.m. est/ 5 p.m. pst HOW Shout Box Welcome Party

Tuesday, February 25 9 p.m. est/ 6 p.m pst NGHW Winner Jonathan Fortin.  Jonathan is a winner of The Next Great Horror Writer Contest. His LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS will be available on March 27th, 2020, on both Paperback and Kindle. It’s being published by the award-winning horror publisher Crystal Lake Publishing. Visit www.facebook.com/pg/JonathanFortinAuthor for more!

Wednesday, February 26 12 noon to 1 p.m. est / 9 a.m. pst Horror Author Charles F. French. Charles is a college professor and the author of Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 1; Gallows Hill: The Investigative Paranormal Society, Book 2; The Investigative Paranormal Society Cookbook; and French On English: A Guide To Writing Better Essays. For more information about Charles visit

Wednesday, February 26 9 p.m. est/ 6 p.m. pst Naching T. Kassa Chilling Chat Hostess and HorrorAddicts.net Publishing Editor

Thursday, 2 p.m. est 11 a.m. pst Horror Author Nancy Kilpatrick. Nancy has been a 4 time Bram Stoker Award finalist, a 7 time Aurora Award finalist, a 2 time Paris Book Festival winner for anthologies, the ForeWord Reviewers Award silver winner for collections, the winner of the Murder, Mayhem & the Macabre award; The Standing Stone short fiction winner award; Interzon winner; and winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for best mystery story. For more information, visit nancykilpatrick.com/

Thursday, 12 est 9 p.m. pst Shout Box Late Night Finale Party

See you at #HOWCON2020!

Fiction and Genre Panel – 3rd Indie Author Day Event

Moderator and horror author Brian McKinley is joined by science fiction writer William Gold, humorist Loretta Wish, mystery and thriller author J. Lauryl Jennings, dark fantasy author Kristin Battestella (yes that’s me! Your trusty Kbatz!), and urban fantasy storyteller Laura Kaighn for the Fiction and Genre Panel at the 3rd Indie Author Day hosted at the Heggan Library in Sewell, NJ.

You can see the entire 7 part video below or also view the Childrens and Non-Fiction Panel from the Indie Author Day.  For more photos and author events, visit the South Jersey Writers Conference, Facebook Page.




Kidnapped! Spotlight on author Jessica B Bell



Jessica B. Bell is a Canadian writer of strange fiction. It is rumored that she lives in a damp, dark basement, writing her twisted tales in her own blood on faded yellow parchment. Her stories have been published in various anthologies, the most recent of which is Voices. She also writes under the name Helena Hann-Basquiat and has published two novels on the metafictional topic of Jessica B. Bell, titled Jessica and Singularity. A third and final novel is planned for 2017.

Find more of Jessica’s (and Helena’s) writing at whoisjessica.com


Viscera — Jessica B. Bell

Viscera is a collection of short stories full of all the things that make you squirm, cringe, and laugh when you know you shouldn’t. You’ll remember why you’re afraid of the dark and experience an abundance of weird creatures: witches, ancient gods, and all-too-human monsters – the scariest of all.

Indulge your twisted sense of humor with stories about unconventional werewolves and a woman with a frog fetish. Know what it’s like to arrive too late to save an unusual alien abductee, or giggle with sick delight as a woman serves up a special Hasenpfeffer dinner to her pig of a husband.

Settle in for bedtime stories fit for monsters.

Viscera will grab you by the gut and squeeze, making you cry for mercy—or laugh like a fiend!

Available on:


US| UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India | The Netherlands

Amazon Print:

US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India | The Netherlands


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Horror Addicts Guide to Life Author Spotlight: Emerian Rich

2742877Emerian Rich is a woman who needs no introduction. She started the Horror Addicts podcast and is in charge of everything we do here at horroraddicts.net. The Horror Addicts Guide To Life would not be possible without Emerian Rich and she contributed a lot to it including a horror almanac. Some of the things in her almanac include horror birthdays, horror holidays and several horror related activities you can do throughout the year. Emerian also has articles in the book on Goths In The Workplace, Top 10 Horror Mangas,  Bloody Good Party Games and much more.

You can get your own copy of The Horror Addicts Guide To Life and read Emerian Rich’s articles by clicking here Emerian also answered some questions for us on what she likes about the genre:

What do you like about the horror genre?

I’m into the dark beauty that permeates the genre. I feel a special tingle in my soul when I read about cemetery angel statues and listen to haunting tunes. I don’t think “norms” feel that way, and so they can’t understand why we like those creepy things.

What are some of your favorite horror movies, books or TV shows?

I like the classics, but I also enjoy the romance of movies like Ghostship and Vampire Journals. By romance, I’m talking about more than the passion between two lovers. When the Ghostship slices through hundreds of passengers all at once or when a dark shadow passes over the moon. It’s as if the director has given me a kiss when they pay homage to the dark and eerie they create. There’s a beauty when they get it right. The same can be said of my favorite authors, Anne Rice and Andrew Neiderman. They have the skill to massage the horror into a delightful pleasure that stays with you long after you’ve read their books.

TV series are completely different animals to me. I must be intrigued, excited, and entertained. Corniness and 16121361humor are a plus, even if they don’t mean to make them that way. Series like Sleepy Hollow, Kindred: The Embraced, Forever Knight, and Blood Ties are great examples. They may be a little corny, but they also bring up some subjects that I am excited about: vampires, ghosts, spooky legends, and knowledge learned over centuries. My favorite all-time TV character is LaCroix, Nick Knight’s devious vampire maker. He had the right mix of evil and humor to win me over. Ichabod from Sleepy Hollow is well on his way to becoming an all-time favorite too.

In what way do you live the horror lifestyle?

I really don’t even realize I live a horror lifestyle until someone points out my ghouly family photos hanging on the stairs or the way there are skulls and beautifully dark items scattered throughout the house. To me, it’s just the way I live. I tend to like the spooky and macabre whether it’s a dinner party or a fancy dress occasion. Even at normal functions, I gravitate to the dark and interesting people.  It’s a natural component to me, like having green eyes or small feet. It’s not something I choose to be, but rather a state of being I have no control over.

What are you currently working on?

A horror erotica tale about a girl with an extra-special body part that tends to cause pain to others. I’m also deep in the process of creating my horror coloring book.

Where can we find you online?

emzbox.com or on Facebook and Twitter. My handle is emzbox.