Deathly Fog: Book Event Calendar

DFBannerFInal2 proudly presents Book 5 in our Horror Bites series, Deathly Fog by Adam Breckenridge. Please, help us celebrate our newest release by attending the following online events:

13 PR Press Release
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14 Excerpt A.F. Stewart
15 Inspiration Adam Breckenridge
16 Interview Chilling Chat
16 Excerpt Deathly Fog
17 Announcement Facebook Party
17 Facebook Party Facebook Party
18 Intro Introduction
18 Facebook Party Facebook Party
19 Intro Introduction
19 Facebook Party Facebook Party
20 Announcement Announce FB Winners
20 Excerpt Deathly Fog
7 Excerpt Deathly Fog
7 BE Calendar Book Event Recap

Deathly Fog
by Adam Breckenridge

When Jacob and his brothers discover the ability to capture fog from the marsh behind their house, they bring it back with them. The fun game turns to danger as they realize perhaps something else accompanied them home. Is it too late to escape the Deathly Fog?