Press Release: Fang Me Three Times by R.L. Merrill

New Paranormal Romance Release
Fang Me Three Times: Magic and Mayhem Universe 

The Miscreants #1
By R.L. Merrill 

Three kisses will break the curse, but what if your Prince Charming can’t hold back the fang? 

Cursed witch Wilma Wetter is proud to represent her magical Germanic ancestors as a weather forecaster, even if it means taking a job in a town called Assjacket, West Virginia. While tracking the weather before a historic lunar eclipse, she and her trusty camerawoman Jules come across three ridiculously attractive rock stars wandering in the woods. 

Gustavo “Gus Valens” Valenzuela comes from a rock ‘n’ roll family and has been living the dream since joining his cousins in forming The Miscreants, but a hazy meeting with insistent groupies leaves The Miscreants forever changed. And hungry. 

Gus holds the key to awakening Wilma’s latent powers, held in check by an ancient family curse. Can he help her break it without changing her life forever? And would change necessarily be a bad thing? 

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About the Author:

R.L. Merrill brings you stories of Hope, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll featuring quirky and relatable characters. Whether she’s writing about contemporary issues that affect us all or diving deep into the paranormal and supernatural to give readers a shiver, she loves creating compelling stories that will stay with readers long after. Winner of the Kathryn Hayes “When Sparks Fly” Best Contemporary award for Hurricane Reese. Ro spends every spare moment improving her writing craft and striving to find that perfect balance between real-life and happily ever after. She writes diverse and inclusive romance, contributes paranormal hilarity to Robyn Peterman’s Magic and Mayhem Universe, and works on various other writing and mentoring projects that tickle her fancy or benefit a worthy cause. You can find her connecting with readers on social media, educating America’s youth, raising two brilliant teenagers, trying desperately to get that back piece finished in the tattoo chair, or headbanging at a rock show near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area! Stay Tuned for more Rock ‘n’ Romance.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @rlmerrillauthor 

Crescendo of Darkness Tour: While My Guitar Gently Bleeds

Crescendo of Darkness from Press.

“While My Guitar Gently Bleeds” by Benjamin Langley
A rock musician is visited by an undead band member and forced to pay for his crimes against rock ‘n’ roll.

Benjamin shares his thoughts about his story with us below.

Of all the stories I have written and submitted, none have spent as much time under consideration with editors as ‘While My Guitar Gently Bleeds.’ Finally it has found its home in Crescendo of Darkness and I couldn’t be happier.

The first place it was submitted was to a university tutor. This story was one of two I handed in for a second-year short story writing module. Given the way that horror was frowned upon, it wasn’t as well received as the literary story that accompanied it. (‘I Am Roadkill,’ published by Flash Fiction Magazine in 2015.) Why did I write quirky horror story about aging (and undead) rockers for a tutor I knew wouldn’t like it? It was the story I wanted to write at the time, and was never a fan of playing it safe.

The first time I sent it out seeking publication it was shortlisted from more than 500 submissions. Eventually, it did not make the cut, but the fact that had been close brought me comfort. I took it back in gave it a polish, and sent it on its way again. A number of editors seemed to like it, but claimed it didn’t quite fit and I could see their point. Yet again I took it into the workshop, and gave it another going over. It was changed from present tense to past, which seemed to give it more of an edge. Key parts of the story where slowed down, allowing for tension to build. Extraneous parts of the text were cut away. The story of former band-mates Dallas McCann and Tyler Gunn was stronger, scarier, and dare I say, gorier.

I was sure that when I sent it out again, to a well-selected publication, they would be sure to take it.

Not so. But again, it was close. I got one of those rejections that made me feel positive, that made me feel like I was getting somewhere. The rejection note stated that they had to cut some stories that they loved. The final line was great: “We’re sorry for sitting on it for so long, but these last few cuts caused us real pain.”

I knew the story was good; the trouble was that it was rather niche. Imagine my absolute joy when I saw the submission call for Crescendo of Darkness, an anthology seeking to combine horror and music. Perfect. So I sent the story, and again had to suffer the agonising wait.

Finally it was accepted. I was elated. Every time I see the cover to the anthology I think about what a perfect fit the story is. I can’t wait to get hold of my own copy now, and I’m looking forward to hearing readers’ reactions.


Crescendo of Darkness

Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

Cover by Carmen Masloski Press


Let music unlock your fear within. Presents: Crescendo of Darkness

Music has the power to soothe the soul, drive people to obsession, and soundtrack evil plots. Is music the instigator of madness, or the key that unhinges the psychosis within? From guitar lessons in a graveyard and a baby allergic to music, to an infectious homicidal demo and melancholy tunes in a haunted lighthouse, Crescendo of Darkness will quench your thirst for horrifying audio fiction. is proud to present fourteen tales of murderous music, demonic performers, and cursed audiophiles.

Crescendo of Darkness includes:

“Audition” by Naching T. Kassa

This could be a guitarist’s ticket to the big time, if he survives auditioning in a ghoul-protected graveyard.

“Circe’s Music Shop” by A. Craig Newman

A music store owner, who won’t be bullied into submission, teaches two hitmen the meaning of pain.

“Last Lullaby” by Emerian Rich

An opera diva is haunted by a dangerous secret which threatens to end her career and her life.

“Loved to Death” by Sam Morgan Phillips

Death explores his dream of being a rock star, but can’t avoid his purpose when a young woman forces him to live up to his destiny.

“The Music Box” by Daphne Strasert
When a mom finds her childhood music box, she unleashes a tragic horror on her family, dooming them to repeat history.

“While My Guitar Gently Bleeds” by Benjamin Langley
A rock musician is visited by an undead band member and forced to pay for his crimes against rock ‘n’ roll.

“Six String Bullets” by Cara Fox

The pull of a busker’s song becomes too much for a young woman to resist.

“Lighthouse Lamentation” by R.A. Goli

A lighthouse keeper helps a mysterious guest, but the stranger’s haunting sea shanty might drive him mad.

“Solomon’s Piano” by Jeremy Megargee

A grieving husband builds an unnatural piano, but can his music raise the dead?

“They Don’t Make Music Like That Anymore” by Kahramanah

A musician’s obsession with creating a masterpiece leads to him discover why they don’t make music like that anymore.

“Become the Music” by H.E. Roulo

A cellist would do anything for her child, even give up music, but that might not be enough to stop a curse from consuming her baby.

“Keep the Beat” by Calvin Demmer

A young girl questions why her tribe plays the djembe drums every night and finds it may be more than just a tradition.

“The Legend of Crimson Ivory” by Sarah Gribble

An audiophile finds a legendarily sinister demo at a used record store and decides to play it, despite his friends’ warnings.

“A Whisper in the Air” by Jeremiah Donaldson

Employees at a job find solace in playing music on break, but a haunted melody draws in more than just new musicians.

Check out the Crescendo of Darkness blog tour!


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1 Sneak peek at: “They Don’t Make Music Like That Anymore”
2 Sneak peek at: “While My Guitar Gently Bleeds”
3 Sneak peek at: “Solomon’s Piano”
4 Sneak peek at: “Become the Music”
5 Sneak peek at: “The Legend of Crimson Ivory”
6 Sneak peek at: “The Music Box”
7 Sneak peek at: “Keep the Beat”
8 The music influence of “Last Lullaby”
9 Two music shorts.
10 Announcement of Live Chat
15 SL Party announced!
30 SL Party! Live readings online.


1 Live Chat about Crescendo of Darkness


Crescendo of Darkness

Edited by Jeremiah Donaldson

Cover by Carmen Masloski Press


Let music unlock your fear within.

Ghosts In Bones: Release party and Book Signing

Ghosts in Bones Release Party:

Sunday, August 16
4:00pm – 7:00pm at The Dark Entry:
2589 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, California 94704
Come celebrate the release of Ghosts in Bones, There WILL be cupcakes.
Sumiko Saulson, deTraci Regula, and Elva Nelson-Hayes will be reading from their books as well.



The main theater of crime in Ghosts in Bones is a forsaken kitchen. It’s where most of the attacks on the body take place. (The body itself is no longer our protagonist, Pallas’s, true home.) It’s complicated because, while our clever and intuitive Pallas may want some mysteries solved, she doesn’t want The Beast, her internal captor, sentenced and gone. She is a possibly- perimenopausal ciswoman, and people wonder why she isn’t over her anorexia yet. It is a misunderstood, stigmatized, and lethal disease against which she has no insurance, so obtaining treatment seems unlikely. The ever-sabotaging beast—her eating disorder personified—is happy about that.

Pallas’s loved ones grow increasingly worried. Her partner, Anatoliy, is her biggest enabler, and her best friend, tattooed cat priestess Audra, isn’t having any of it. Audra, along with Pallas’s outpatient therapist, Tula, are up against a lot-—our protagonist also struggles with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Determined to get her accepted inpatient, Audra and the therapist connect with the desperate mother of another adult anorexic. Will Pallas eventually vanquish her beast?

Serena Toxicat scratches out dark fiction, lyrics, and poetry in English and in French. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and has been published by Greenery, Feral House, Les Editions du Rocher, and other presses. She currently lives under the reign of her two cats, Isis (now in spirit) and Selket.


On the surface Pallas is a carefree, creative and beautiful woman. But the ‘beast’ that lurks in her mind tells a different story. ‘Ghosts In Bones’ shares the stark and terrifying truth about living as an adult with an eating disorder. The torrid confusion caused by this debilitating mental illness is evident, and Serena (as Pallas) lays this out with courage and honesty. Despite recent advances in the understanding of eating disorders, it is clear from her suffering and difficulties accessing appropriate treatment with state insurance that so much more needs to be done. This is an eye-opening book.
—Cate Sangster – author of ‘Ed Says U Said‘ and ‘Food to Eat

Ghosts in Bones is a phenomenal and brave story that takes the reader on a journey to the depths of the eating disorder darkness.
—Grace Summer – author of ‘I Will Not Give Up On My Daughter

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Press Release: No Tears For Old Scratch

Bully Press releases: No Tears For Old Scratch by Ken Wohlrob


“Welcome to Knob’s End—The Holiest Town in America.”

So reads the sign that greets a mysterious stranger as he steps off a bus one dark night in upstate New York. But life is not so great in the small town of Knob’s End. The economy has tanked, jobs are drying up, and people are losing their homes. Led by their local pastor, Father Balano, the citizens’ only source of pride is an award-winning community display—”The Graveyard of the Innocent.” Once the stranger arrives, however, things go from bad to worse. Soon, a child is missing and the sins start stacking up. As the stranger stirs the pot, he can’t avoid confrontations with menacing old ladies, anarchic metalheads, pugnacious Christians, and the ghosts of his own past…

No Tears for Old Scratch is a dark and humorous literary tale about an outsider who suddenly finds himself lost in a veritable dead-end.