Monster Mash with TuT

TuTOur featured band this week is Seattle’s own Hard-rockin’ egyptophiles, TuT. The band is formed by bassist Randy Adsit, drummer Brett Miller, and lead guitar and vocals by Chris Tuttle. All of them got together to share their thoughts about their band and their music, saying “Randy plays bass & sings back ups w/ screams. His open grooves on the 6 string give the band its sound.  Brett’s drumming style is unique… it melds with Randy. He works hard on his grooves which definitely influence our sound.  Chris is the rhythm/lead guitars and lead vocals, he provides the meat, the flesh of the song’s melody.”

We are featuring a wicked song, “Hell’s A Comin'” from their new album The Tomb. The song’s dark theme is a fine fit for our Horror Addicts. It has great beat and melody and the vocals are tight, evoking everything I love from a great metal song. I would have to agree with Chris’ description of their music, “RAW, full of emotion, tight”. Chris explained that the song, “Hell’s A Comin'”, was written when “we (the USA) were invading Iraq, at the time we wrote the music and operation ‘Shock & Awe’, that helped influence a lot of the lyrics.”

I really dig the Egyptian theme throughout their websites, including their sweet animated band logo. Chris said, “I have always been inspired by Egyptology and Tut is a nickname I had in high school.”

A few places they’ve played are the Met Theater in Spokane, The Showbox (Seattle), Hempfest (Seattle), The Phoenix Underground (Seattle), 7 Cedars Casino (Sequim, WA), Tulalip Casino (Marysville, WA), J&M Café, Club Motor. Randy said that they’d love to play the Marymoor Park Amphitheater, Key Arena. Chris added, “It would be cool to play some out of state touring like to Cal & Oregon… like a west coast tour.”

Chris told me about one gig in particular where he may have learned a valuable lesson. “Everyone who comes out to our shows seems to have a great time. We have some awesome fans, who truly appreciate music. I have learned you have to be careful what you say when you are playing @ The Central Saloon. Between songs I yelled, ‘break something’, then a girl picked up a glass & smashed it on the ground ‘yeah!!'”

Of the rest of their music, Randy’s favorite songs are “My God” and “Not Ready” and for Brett there’s “In Your Eyes” (for its complexity) and “Resonance” (because it’s new). Chris added, “I’m really excited about the new material we are writing. If I had to choose from The Tomb album it would be a tie `hahaha’ between ‘In Your Eyes’ and ‘Hate’.”

The guys have all been making music for a very long time and their experience shows in their music. Randy said, “I have been involved with music in some form or another all my life.  I grew up singing and in the early teen years started playing guitar and bass.” Brett has been playing music for 21 years, and writing/composing for 16 years. Chris has been playing for 20 years and “started on bass and switched to guitar about 7 years ago. Most of my writing has been the last 10 years with TuT.”

They have a diverse taste in music, not only in what they like and listen to, but Randy confessed, “we try hard not to let outside influences color our music.  We try not to listen to our preferred genres when in writing mode.” In creating their album, The Tomb, Chris said, “I have always loved recording. This one was more challenging because we recorded it ourselves. I think the best part of recording is how the band grows each time you complete a project.”

When they aren’t making music, Chris loves just being outdoors, hanging with friends and family, and playing video games. Randy admits, “Music is my only creative outlet but things I do for fun outside of music is reading (fantasy, sci-fi, action-thriller), and gaming (PC, MMO’s, some console).” Randy also listens to talk radio podcasts, like The Men’s Room and the BJ Shea Morning Experience, but he and Chris both said they will listen to Horror Addicts. Muahaha, the legion grows… ahem, sorry.

The TombTo wrap up, they each shared some advice to new bands out there. Randy said, “Learn to listen to each other.  Share your vision of the music.  Don’t quite or give up, longevity can allow for greater musical evolution in a band you just can’t get in the short term.” Brett said, “Find a group of people you like to work with and stick with it.” Last but not least, Chris added, “Practice, practice, practice… Believe in yourself.”

In addition to their homepage at, you can find them on Facebook and MySpace, plus you can download tracks from their album The Tomb at CDbaby and iTunes.