Easter Poem: Arlene Radasky “Bunny Guard”

Arlene Radasky

“Dark little bunny, dark and darting.
Why doest thou carry a weapon?”

“I pray, My Lady”, he answered in a whisper,
“Not to find the need to use it.”

“But why, little bunny
Would you fear so?”

“Ah, My Lady,
‘tis the shadow of the moon.
You hear her creeping
And crawling through your thoughts.
She steals the sound of the spiders.”

“But, little bunny, I do not wish
To hear the sounds of spiders!”

“My Lady, ‘tis the whisper of spiders which warn us.
Gives us time to gird ourselves to fight.
We need the silken scream of the spiders,
To get us safely through the night.”

“But, my gun carrying little bunny,
Have you seen her in our midst?”

“No, My Lady. But the spiders were silent last night.”