#NGHW News 138


Hello, Addicts!

Well, how good were this week’s stories! I can’t tell you how happy I am that our judges did not agree. This way, we were blessed with seven stories instead of the promised three. And oh my Odin, what stories they were!

So this week’s challenge was to write 250 words about a monster. Seven monsters we were given, three survived to the next round and then one was picked and deemed worthy of the mini prize – Professional audio production of the winning short story.

Our stories, this week were:
1 LARVAE #teamsumiko
2 THE PET #teamdaphne
3 LINGUA #teamJC
4 BLOODWORM #teamjonathan
6 THE LAUGHING MAN #teamnaching
7 ALWAYS HUNGRY #teamcat
You can read and/or listen to all these brilliant stories here.

In the discussion after the stories were read, we learned some juicy deets about our beautiful, spooky host, Emz. Our leader into the night is scared of insects and monkeys! And even though the contestants have been warned, it will be interesting to see if any of them draw on this info for their next projects. Knowing what spooks the judges could give them a leg up or tear them down. Only time will tell if any of them dare to scare our dearest Emz.

But this discussion leads me to think … What do our fearsome fifteen fear? What makes our makers of fear jump in the night? I simply had to ask. (And if you’re wondering what scares me, it’s koalas.)

We had some super interesting answers. AE Kirk – our archaeologist – was freaked out by skeletons as a child. Sumiko – the author of LARVAE – has an irrational fear of maggots, which may explain her monster. Naching – our winner for this week’s challenge (oh, had I not mentioned that yet!) – is claustrophobic. Ten points to who can guess what JC is scared of …

One story, which I really wanted to share with you, was from our sweet Daphne. I will let her tell you the story…

“I am TERRIFIED of ladybugs. Yes, the little red and black beetles that populate gardens and children’s story books. I wasn’t always afraid of them–I wore a ladybug dress to my first day of kindergarten–but that all changed when I was ten.
My parents, after twenty-plus years of marriage, finally built their dream home in the Missouri countryside: a magazine-worthy log cabin situated on five acres of wooded land. All was well. The house was completed and we moved in. But at some point during the construction process, ladybugs had laid eggs in one of the interior rooms–specifically, what would become my room.
After a few weeks, the eggs hatched. Thousands of them. While the room had been open to the environment when they were deposited, it was now sealed, locking the beetles inside the house along with me. They were everywhere: in my bed, my clothes, my hair. Their tiny armored bodies blocked out the light that streamed through my windows as they swarmed toward what they thought was freedom. My father would vacuum my room every day (taking the wriggling, writhing mass of insects outside for disposal), only for more ladybugs to appear in their kin’s place. This continued for months before a significant majority of the monsters had been rehomed outside (where I assume they went on to reproduce more of their abhorrent kind). Yet, to this day, when visiting my childhood home, I, without fail, find one of them creeping over a couch cushion or across my arm.”

So, back to the contest. The top three stories this week were BLOODWORM by Jonathan Fortin, THE PET by Daphne Straset and THE LAUGHING MAN by Naching T Kassa. But I totally already spoiled it by telling you that Naching won. Her story, set in a war zone and crossed with creepy bedtime tale, won her this week’s mini prize which you can also hear on the podcast.

Next week on the #NGHW contest is challenge number 3! Write a 450-500 word, non-fiction, blog post about anything horror. This is to test our fearsome fifteen’s ability to blog which is a super important asset for any writer’s career. This is a very different challenge that may see some different contestants take the limelight. It will be really interesting to see how the contestants handle non-fiction. They will be judged on:
• Blog ability. What will appeal to the readers.
• Topic interest. Is it something horror addicts are interested in today.
• Writing quality.
The winner will have their subject discussed on a prominent horror podcast.
So, who will you follow? Perhaps you will be on #teamjonathan – the gothic, demon lover with a taste for the unique and bizarre – or #teamfeind – Cthulu’s best friend and our favourite metal head – or #teamquentin – our filmmaking fan of Frankenstein’s monster – or #teamriley – the beautiful cosplaying gal who loves herself a little bit of Freddy. Let us know in the comments or on the social media.

Stay spooky!

Hugs xxx

Adelise M Cullens


#NGHW Contestant Recap

Listed in alphabetical order.

Age: 29
From: El Cerrito, CA, USA


As a child, Jonathan Fortin was perpetually terrified, so of course he grew up to be a horror writer. Haunted by tales that grow in his head like demonic children, Jonathan believes that a good horror story is first and foremost a good story—just one where particularly awful things happen.
Facebook / Website

Age: 44
From: Dewittville, NY, USA


A late night viewing of Phantasm lit a terrible spark that led Feind to Stephen King then to the fantastical worlds of Clive Barker. Feind attempts to weave all the many facets of horror into his own tales using metal as his inspiration. Shhhh… he’s right behind you!

Facebook / Website

Age: 27
From: Bartow, WV USA


Timothy G. Huguenin grew up in Appalachia, a storytelling culture, where ghost tales around the camp fire are common. He wants to be a strong literary voice for West Virginia as well as for horror in general. Major influences are King and Poe, and he’s really digging Ligotti right now.  Facebook / Website

Age: 27
From: Peterborough, UK


Harry spends the majority of his day in an office. In the evening, he writes furiously all the disturbed imaginings dwelled upon while completing banal admin tasks. He crafts tales with subtle terror that are dipped in humor and roasted slowly over an infectious passion for all things horror related.

Age: 41
From: Valley, WA, USA


Naching T. Kassa devours fear, breathes terror, and bleeds dread. She has loved horror ever since she was a child and that passion has never wavered nor died. She knows the joy of fright and her greatest wish is to spread the madness among her readers. Join her journey today.
Facebook / Pintrest / Website

Age: 30
From: Devon, England


“I’m a 30 year old Stephen King admirer with a penchant for writing about the dead. I live in the UK with my husband and my non-brave Cavalier King Charles called Ginny. I work in the Healthcare Sector by day and by night I scare the pants off my readers.”

Age: 30
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Since the day she was born, Jess Landry has always been attracted to the darker things in life. Her fondest childhood memories include getting nightmares from the Goosebumps books, watching The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, and reiterating to her parents that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her mental state.
Twitter /  Website

Age: 27
From: Metepec, Estado de México, México


“I used to be afraid of the dark. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that, now, the dark is afraid of me, but I do know that since I’ve embraced it, it’s filled my dreams with beautiful nightmares. Nightmares that I hope to scare the whole world with.”

Age: 28
From: Somers Point, New Jersey, USA


“Everything I fear, hate, love, and am passionate about, as well as the what-if scenarios, are the ingredients to my stories. Reality is the perspective of an individual…and horror is a shifting-reality with an endless supply of terror.”
Twitter / Website

Age: 26
From: Austin, Texas, USA


For as long as he can remember, Quentin Norris has been afraid of the dark.  This fear was a hindrance to him, but one day he realized that he could harness this fear.  Now he uses his terror as inspiration to craft the most spine-tingling tales for his audience.

Age: 53
From: Morayshire, Scotland


“Horror invaded my life and I devoured everything it threw at me. Stephen King, Ramsay Campbell, Anne Rice and Clive Barker. Horror holds my hand tightly. I can’t escape and I don’t want to. I write to scare. The monster under the bed is my reality. Welcome to my world.”

Age: 31
From: Rice Lake, WI, USA


“When things go bump in the night, some will pray it is the wind. I will pray it is not. For as long as I can remember, I’ve sought out horror and the unknown. From Alvin Schwartz to William Peter Blatty, horror has been my lifelong companion. Writing has allowed me to become a literary Frankenstein, and I can’t wait to introduce the monsters I’ve created.”

Age: 48
From: Oakland, CA, USA


“Horror is my primary literary genre. My parents were ardent fans. I read my first horror novel, Peter Straub’s Ghost Story, when I was ten. For me, horror is about processing our primal fears as a species and attempting to survive in hostile environments. I find writing horror supremely therapeutic.”

Age: 27
From: Houston, Texas, USA


“To be honest, I’m a coward. Yet, I adore putting my fear on paper. I love to transform words into a reality that slithers off the page and claws inside you. I write so you feel my terror crawl up your spine and turn you into a coward like me.”

Twitter / Website

Age: 22
From:  Mobile, Alabama, USA


Cat Voleur lives and breathes horror. She runs a blog that celebrates the genre in all its mediums because she loves sharing that passion and supplying scares to fellow horror junkies. Now her attention has turned to writing fiction about what she knows best; fear.

#NGHW Prizes and Sponsors

GRAND PRIZES (One lucky winner):

logo-with-gentCrystal Lake Publishing

Grand Prize: Book Contract

With unmatched success since 2012, Crystal Lake Publishing has quickly become one of the world’s leading indie publishers of Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense books with a Dark Fiction edge.

Crystal Lake Publishing puts integrity, honor, and respect at the forefront of our operations. We strive for each book and outreach program that’s launched to not only entertain and touch or comment on issues that affect our readers, but also to strengthen and support the Dark Fiction field and its authors. This is what we believe in. What we stand for. This will be our legacy.

Welcome to Crystal Lake Publishing—Tales from the Darkest Depths

 Dario Ciriello, EditorDario

Grand Prize: Full edit of winner’s novel up to 50,000 words.


Grand Prizes:

  • Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.
  • Horror Writer gift box. Supplies and inspiration for the Next Great Horror Writer.

Challenge PRIZES (Open to all contestants):

 Mark Eller

markPrize: Read of the winner’s winning submission.

Mark Eller spent twenty years happily writing stories and then throwing them away. Then he met his future wife. She got mad about him throwing things away so he then happily began writing books, publishing his shorts, and creating audio-fiction podcasts, including The Hell Hole Tavern, Mercy Bend, and Traitor book one of the Turner Chronicles. He can be found most days sitting in his man cave with his fingers busy typing because new stories are constantly running through his head.

cemconfCemetery Confessions

Prize: Discussion of the winner’s non-fiction winning submission on Cemetery Confessions.



  • 60-sec audio play produced & aired.
  • Publication in the 2018 anthology.
  • Blog publication of  non-fiction article. x2
  • Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.
  • Read of winning work by Dan Shaurette for HorrorAddicts.net podcast.
  • 6 minute audiodrama produced and aired.

sirenscallpublications_promo_badgeSirens Call Publications

Prize: Publication of winning poetry submission.

Sirens Call Publications fervently believes in the gift of brilliant, edgy, dark fiction and we’re always on the lookout for talent. If you show us creativity, originality, and a desire to share the stories you spin, then we’d like the opportunity to help you succeed in the publishing world.

Current open calls for short story submissions and our bi-monthly eZine can be found on our web site at http://SirensCallPublications.com

scan0004Pixel Ghost Creations

Prize: A sketch of winning character by anime artist Alyssa from Pixel Ghost Creations.

mocha-memoirs-press-logo-aMocha Memoirs Press

Prize: Publication of winning short story.

#NGHW Contest Begins!

The Next Great Horror Writer Contest started with one of Emz’s crazy, mad-cap ideas.

“What if we had a writing contest where the winner would get a book contract?”

HorrorAddicts.net had contests in the past. In fact, we’d run two writing/podcasting contests, the Wicked Women Writer’s Challenge and the Masters of Macabre Contest. Podcasters like H.E. Roulo, Rhonda Carpenter, Rish Outfield, and Philip Carroll won as well as awesome writers like Laurel Anne Hill, Shaunessy Ashdown, Rick Kitagawa, and Killion Slade. However, with the great “podfade” that happened in recent years, authors were less-willing to produce their own audio. So what to do?

We decided to base this new contest primarily on writing. The authors would not have to produce their own audioplays and they would be able to concentrate on their craft. But with an awesome prize like a full book contract, we would need a tougher competition. The author that wins this one will have to REALLY want it. 13 challenges have been crafted to test their abilities in several different styles and formats. The winner will have to hold their own with fiction, non-fiction, and script writing.

After Emz asked…

“What if we had a writing contest where the winner would get a book contract?”

There was the matter of actually getting a publisher to help. Crystal Lake Publishing was the first publisher we contacted and the owner, Joe, was on board from the beginning. His enthusiastic interest in the contest helped propel this contest into being. With other sponsors such as Mocha Memoirs Press, Dario Ciriello, Sirens Call Publications, and Pixel Ghost Creations, we started filling in tangible prizes that writers would want to challenge for.

As Season 12 kicks off, we are so excited to have 15 of the brightest, imaginative writers competing to win the whole sha-bang. We hope you’ll join us for this first ever Next Great Horror Writer contest and cheer on your favorites.

For more information about the contestants, judges, and prizes, go to: https://nextgreathorrorwriter.wordpress.com

#NGHW News: Interview with Contestant Adele Marie Park

Get to know the contestants of the Next Great Horror Writer Contest!

What do you love about horror?

Horror takes the normal and turns it into paranormal. It brings chaos and change to the characters. We can read or watch these characters go through hell, get our adrenaline rush through fear and be grateful it’s not us.

What was the first horror movie/story/book/show that you fell in love with?

The first horror movie I fell in love with was Boris Karloff as the monster in Frankenstein. The first horror story was “Rumplestiltskin”, he scared me silly. First horror book was The Witches and The Grinnygog by Dorothy Edwards. First show was “The Children of the Stones”, a BBC1 kids programme.

Can you describe the sort of horror stories you write?

I write character-driven fiction. My characters are thrown into terrifying situations and have their lives change in ways they would never have dreamed about. I don’t write happy, sickly, sweet endings. I write horror that bites chunks out of the characters and their lives.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what?

I find listening to music helps when writing. At the moment Southern Gothic music is my favourite. Bands like Legendary Sack Shakers.

Do you have any hobbies besides writing?

I love to crochet eclectic dolls, which some people find terrifying.

What is your favorite part about writing?

The rush of the idea and the scramble to get it down on paper or typed.

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?


What turns you on in a book?

Believable characters thrown into terrifying situations and snappy dialogue.

Why should people be on team Adele?

I write reality themed horror that readers can relate to. I’m a prolific writer and the wealth of ideas is endless. I scare people but leave them wanting more. I love discussing horror topics or characters and will engage in conversations around these themes.

Writer’s Call: Real-life Frankenstein Stories

Dangerous Creations: Real-life Frankenstein Stories

Deadline: April 17, 2017

In the summer of 1816, in response to a challenge from friends to write the most terrifying possible ghost story, the young Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley dreamed up the story of a young scientist and his monstrous creation. The “Frankenstein monster” has fascinated the imagination ever since.

In conjunction with the ASU Frankenstein Bicentennial Project, Creative Nonfiction magazine is daring writers (as Mary Shelley was dared in Geneva) to write original and groundbreaking stories in the spirit of Frankenstein—but nonfiction. That is to say, we’re looking for true stories that explore humans’ efforts to control and redirect nature, the evolving relationships between humanity and science/technology, and contemporary interpretations of monstrosity.

Essays must be vivid and dramatic; they should combine a strong and compelling narrative with an informative or reflective element and reach beyond a strictly personal experience for some universal or deeper meaning. We’re open to a broad range of interpretations of the “Frankenstein” theme, with the understanding that all works submitted must tell true stories and be factually accurate. Above all, we’re looking for well-written prose, rich with detail and a distinctive voice.

Creative Nonfiction editors and a judge (to be announced) will award $10,000 and publication for Best Essay and two $2,500 prizes and publication for runners-up. All essays will be considered for publication in the winter 2018 issue of the magazine.

Guidelines:  Essays must be previously unpublished and no longer than 4,000 words.

A note about fact-checking: Essays accepted for publication in Creative Nonfiction undergo a rigorous fact-checking process. To the extent your essay draws on research and/or reportage (and it should, at least to some degree), editors will ask you to send documentation of your sources and to help with the fact-checking process. We do not require that citations be submitted with essays, but you may find it helpful to keep a file of your essay that includes footnotes and/or a bibliography.

There is a $20 reading fee. To find out more, go to: Dangerous Creations

The NEXT GREAT HORROR WRITER Contest: 6 more days to enter!


nghwcontestAre you a horror writer who dreams of seeing their work in print?

Are you willing to perform challenges to win a book contract?

Do you have at least one horror novel to pitch?

Then you might be the…


Enter to compete in the HorrorAddicts.net horror writing contest!

This contest is free to enter.

Grand Prize (one lucky and talented writer will receive):

  • Novel/book contract.
  • Free edit of novel up to 50,000 words.
  • Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.
  • Horror Writer gift box. Supplies and inspiration for the Next Great Horror Writer.

Mini-Prizes- Episode specific (one winner from each challenge will receive one of the following):

  • A read of your work for podcast and promotion
  • Feature on another horror news podcast of your non-fiction work
  • Audio drama produced for podcast and promotion
  • 4 different publication contracts for shorts.
  • A sketch of your character by an anime artist.
  • Short story contract with HorrorAddicts.net “Horror Bites” series.
  • More!

*Note: Unlike some previous HorrorAddicts.net contests, you will not be required to produce fiction audio for this contest. The only audio involved in this contest is in the form of interviews with HorrorAddicts.net staff. The contest will be based on your ability to write.

Professional writers, editors, artists, and movie industry people will be involved in the judging including, but not limited to:

  • Author Annette Curtis Klause, Blood and Chocolate, Silver Kiss, Freaks.
  • Producer, Director, Writer Frank H. Woodward, Men in Suits, Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
  • DJ & Horror Host The Count, Cemetery Confessions, The Requiem & The Belfry Network
  • Author & Editor Dairo Ciriello, Panverse Publishing, Aegean Dream, Black Easter
  • Author & Entertainer Mark Eller, Hell Hole Tavern, The Turner Chronicles, God Wars
  • Author, Editor, Game Designer Jeremiah Donaldson, Plague, The Hunt
  • Sirens Call Publications
  • Author & Publisher Nina D’Arcangela, Bent Metal & Sirens Call Publications
  • Author Juilanne Snow, Days with the Undead & Sirens Call Publications
  • Author & Humorist, Timothy G. M. Reynolds, The Broken Shield, Stand Up & Succeed
  • Mocha Memoirs Press
  • Author & Publisher, Nicole Kurtz, Silenced & Mocha Memoirs Press

Basic rules:
*You must be 18 years or older. (Or will be 18 by March 1, 2017)
*You must not currently be a HorrorAddicts.net staff member.
*You must be able to write and communicate in English, even if it’s your second language.
*You have to be a newbie—meaning you do not have a book-sized publication for sale with a publisher. Nothing over 10,000 words can be for sale by anyone but yourself. So self-pub authors are eligible.
*You are committed to doing your best to complete in each challenge by the deadline and in theme. Challenges run from March 2017-October 2017.



TO ENTER, copy and paste the section below and fill in your particulars. Don’t forget to attach to your email everything listed in the “ATTACHED” section. Email to: horroraddicts@gmail.com


Pen name:
Real name if different:



In your own words, what does horror mean to you?

Your favorite horror genre:

What is your writer goal?

How many years have you been writing?

Why do you want to be the Next Great Horror Writer?

Social media:

I understand that by submitting my name for consideration, I am in agreement with the statements below:
*I am 18 years or older. (Or will be 18 by March 1st, 2017.)
*I am not currently a HorrorAddicts.net staff member.
*I am able to write and communicate in English, even if it’s my second language.
*I have a full-length novel or novella ready to pitch to a publishing house.
*I understand I must not have a novella or novel-sized publication available for sale by a publisher of any size. (Self-pub is okay. Old book deals no longer in place are okay. As long as no other entity is making money from a book-length anything over 10,000 words–if in doubt, ask)
*I understand that the contest will consist of many challenges from March 2017-October 2017 and I am committed to doing my best to complete in each by the deadline and in theme.
*Writing, audio, or content I provide for this contest must be unaired, published, or otherwise distributed content aside from the final novel submission that can be self-published or posted only. More details on the content right will be discussed in the contract should I be chosen.

***Type your name here as proof of reading the above rules:

*100 word story horror story. (doc or rtf)
*100 bio and list of previously published works. (doc or rtf)