Movie Review: The Guest

image used from IMBDMovie Review – The Guest (2014) HanWay Films, Snoot Entertainment
Starring: Dan Stevens, Sheila Kelley, Maika Monroe

The Peterson family is heartbroken and dealing with the loss of their son/brother who served in the military. When an unexpected man shows up and claims to be one of his close friends, there is some tension when the mother invites him to stay in the family’s home. There’s something off about this visitor..but what is it?

First, let me go into the soundtrack. The music used in this movie alone deserves 5 skulls. Hands down. I purchased it as soon as the movie ended.

The movie itself I’m giving 4 skulls. It was somewhat predictable and that’s the only reason I deducted from the five but otherwise, this movie had everything. And if you’re a fan of 90’s type, thriller movies? This will satisfy that itch that only us other 90’s thriller fan types will understand.

Dan Stevens, who plays “David” had this role down and the chemistry between him and the angsty teen sister was honed in and on target. I don’t want to give too much away about the movie, just add it to your “to be watched” list and do it! This is a definite must-see.

For not having one of the “powerhouse” names in either cast or production, this movie stuck it to them and ended up being in my “purchased” and not just “rented” collection.

What are your thoughts? Agree? Disagree?