Press Release: Kollin Bros – Day By Day



The Kollin Brothers joint novel Day by Day, a Mayan prophecy (and first-ever short story) is officially on sale!

Day By Day is a Mayan prophecy tale that takes place on the last day of Earth’s existence. The Prometheus award-winning authors have not only come up with a doomsday like no other, they’ve also managed to place the fate of humanity on the hopes and perseverance of a most unlikely duo — quite possibly the strangest in science fiction history. Enjoy Day By Day, a Kollin Brothers adventure that begins at the end.

The Unincorporated Woman Book Release

On Thursday August 25th from 7pm to 9pm there will be a book release party for The Unincorporated Woman at Barnes and Noble in The Grove in Los Angeles California. The Unincorporated Woman was written by Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin, both authors will be on hand to sign the book and answer questions.

The Unincorporated Woman is a sequel to The Unincorporated Man and The Unincorporated War. The story for this book follows 21st century tycoon and president Justin Cord as he is brought from cryogenic storage into a 24th century society where people own stock in each other and watch out for others only because they own a part of them.

Justin Cord has rebelled against the system and created individual freedoms for people,  but his legacy is in jeopardy when he dies unexpectedly. Now the government must find someone to continue Justin’s work and who better to take on the task then a woman who came from the same time period as Justin.

She was meant to be a figurehead, but she has her own ideas and proves to be a force that no one can control. She plans on running the government her own way and wants to rule with an iron fist.   The Unincorporated Man won the 2009 Prometheus award for best novel and the early reviews for The Unincorporated Woman say that its just as good as its predecessor. So please support the Kollins on August 25th in Los Angeles. For more information check out or