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Horror Addicts Episode# 087
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Cancer Killing Gemini
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Monster Mash with DE_TOT_COR

For episode 87, we are featuring the song “Distant Lights” by DE_TOT_COR, which is the solo studio project of Jordi MC of Barcelona in Catalunya, Spain. Jordi writes and plays all of the music but he has collaborated with artists from around the world. He told me, “it’s been amazing to work with all those artists. It brings a varied style of songs depending on the vocals.”

“Distant Lights” was the last song he re-worked. “It originally appeared on Gothic Light album (2011) and I did a new version for the compilation In case you have deleted all the previous songs.” (Which, I just wanted to add, is a brilliant name for an album. -Dan) “It brings the collaboration of Kari Berg on vocals (www.kariberg.com). It was great to work with her, who also did guest vocals for bands like Psy’Aviah or Chaos All Stars.”

I asked Jordi about playing in Barcelona, and he told me that “there is a ‘dark’ scene here in Barcelona, and obviously everything that surrounds you influences your music. I started this because I had fun making music. The bands you listen to influence your music. However Barcelona the city itself has never been an explicit influence for my music. From the beginning I thought of DE_TOT_COR as a studio-project. In general I don’t like to see instrumental bands to play live. I prefer someone who sings and talks to the audience. It’s a live show! However I can tell you I am working on arranging the songs for live shows at the moment. There are many DE_TOT_COR songs with vocals now, and I think they came out as a nice set. Maybe there will be some concerts in the future. I would like to play wherever in the world, no preferences.”

Outside of the usual labels, how do you describe your music? “That’s a very difficult question. ‘De tot cor’ is a Catalan expression that means ‘with all my heart’, ‘in all sincerity’. It is just electronic music, the music I like to hear and write. Nothing more. Let your readers have a listen, discover and describe it – detotcor.bandcamp.com.”

Which of your songs is your favorite? “The answer has to be ‘Strawberry panic’, because it was the song where everything started. Two popular dark electronic compilations selected the song and it was played in many dark clubs around the world. I still want to thank the Endzeit Bunketracks and Extreme Sundenfall compilations for giving me that chance in 2007.”

What has been the hardest part or most fun part of creating your own albums? “The hardest part is when you have to check the final result in different CD players and machines, before the mastering. The EQ of each instrument is really boring, you never get the point. On the other hand, the greatest part is when you find the perfect sound for a melody (a lead, an arp, etc). However the best moment is when you receive the CD and you can have it on your hands! I released a free compilation of DE_TOT_COR songs in December 2012 called In case you have deleted all the previous songs. We live days too fast and we write less than 140 characters to explain it. Albums are downloaded for free and deleted one hour later. There needs to be a second chance. It also means a break in the discography. In fact, the first working title for this free digital album was In case you have downloaded all the previous songs on Russian sites. As I read lately, we pay more for a coffee than for a music album. That was the inspiration.”

What music do you listen to? “One of the biggest influences was the band Reaper, with the first EP Angst and then the album Hell starts with an H. Apart from Reaper I’ve got a long list of favourite bands: VNV Nation, NamNamBulu, SITD, Rotersand, Assemblage 23… to name a few. I listen to indie-rock bands like Interpol, Editors, ILikeTrains, and more house-electro oriented music like Pendulum or Deadmau5. It depends on the day.”

Is there a style that you haven’t worked in that you would like to? “No, there isn’t. I’m just doing the style of music I want. Maybe when I was younger I would have liked to play in a heavy metal band, but now I’m fine writing melodies with the keyboards. I started playing the bass guitar and learning some music theory a long time ago. First I played on a rock band, but I decided to leave, cause it was not my style. Then I started creating electronic music with my computer. It was around ten years ago now, more or less.”

Do you listen to podcasts? “Yes, I do! Communion After Dark, Maschinentakt, Cyberage, The Oontzcast and some more. They play dark electronic music, both new and established bands.”

Do you have any other creative outlets? “I used to have a weekly radio show. Then it turned to monthly show, and finally I stopped, mainly because the radio station closed. I sometimes think about doing a podcast, but I haven’t got enough time at the moment. Anyway it won’t be the same as being in a classic radio studio, broadcasting live. So yes, I’m nearly always working on music when I’m not on my regular job.”

What’s next for DE_TOT_COR? “I am working on live versions for the songs. Let’s hope that there will be some DE_TOT_COR concerts soon. I can’t think of any new songs, I need to take a rest. I also stopped doing remixes for other bands. I want to concentrate on that song set for live shows.”

What advice do you have to new bands? “Have fun creating music and playing it. Always be sure to have the freedom to do what you really want.”

To find out more about Jordi MC and DE_TOT_COR, please visit detotcor.bandcamp.com, his blog at musicadetotcor.blogspot.com, and his Facebook page.