Deadline is November 28th, 2014.
December at is HAUNTED month. Looking for true stories of hauntings, reviews of haunted places, book reviews of haunted tales, or ghost investigator reports. Also need a few pieces of flash fiction and poetry in this subject matter.
*For articles, reviews, real ghost tales… word count 500-3000
*For Flash Fiction or poetry… word count 300-1000
*At the end of the post, please include your bio, url, and attach a cover pic and author pic.
*Payment: exposure / linkability

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Horror Addicts Writer’s Workshop Announcement!

Horror Addicts Writer’s Workshop Announcement!
December 31st, 2011, 11:59pm PST.

This is an opportunity for aspiring horror or like-genre writers to have their work critiqued by professional writers based on story structure, plot, style, and character development. One lucky writer will have their work produced for a show for Season 7 in 2012.

Submission criteria:

1)      This workshop is free

2)      You must state you if you are under 18 at the time of submission. If you are a minor, you will be entered in the junior league workshop. We will not accept stories from children younger than 15.

3)      By submitting to the workshop, you are stating this work is yours and yours alone and that you may submit it legally without publication ties. The work cannot be previously published in any form.

4)      Stories must be Gothic, Horror, Steampunk, Clockpunk, Fetish, Dark Fantasy, Horror Romance, or have a horror element of some kind.

5)     All submissions must be emailed to no later than December 31st, 2011, 11:59pm PST.

6)      Submissions can be excerpts from a novel, up to 4,000 words, or can be a complete short story, no more than 4,000 words. Excerpts from a novel, must include the first chapter.

7)      Manuscripts must be presented in the following format:

a)      Font size 10 or 12 point

b)      Font style Courier or Times New Roman

c)      Double spaced

d)      1st page header to state: author name, email address, type of story, and word count.

e)      Following pages header to state: author name, story name, and page number.

f)       Your manuscript must be in either PDF or RTF Format.

g)      No more than 4,000 words.

h)      In the body of the email, give us 100 words or less about you – a bio.

i)       In the subject of the email state: HA WRITER’S WORKSHOP

8)      We will review the first 20 manuscripts absolutely, after that, it is based on the number of pros available. Manuscripts are first come, first serve. If you do not receive an email stating your manuscript was received within two weeks, please send a polite query

9)      For any other questions, please leave a comment here or email:

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EKLECTIK – The 3rd Installation
Friday, December 2 at 11:00pm
Location: Uncle Mike’s, Manhattan, NY

Friday, December 2 at 10:00pm
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HorrorAddictsCon: Jeri Unselt on December by Phil Rickman

A Review of December by Phil Rickman

by Jeri Unselt 

In my search for literature that is horror with the element of progressive rock, one such novel stands out in my mind. In Phil Rickman’s 1996 novel December, a prog band called The Philosopher’s Stone was assigned in 1980 to record a concept album about and inside an abbey that possessed a sinister dark history. A horrifying death brings everything to a standstill, and the band members agree to destroy their work and disband. However, not all the master tapes are destroyed. Thirteen years later, the music resurfaced as a bootleg called The Black Album a The Philosopher’s Stone get back together at the abbey for one final performance.

As I read the book, I was picturing it as a movie complete with the music. If it ever happens, I would love to see John Payne in the role of the tragic character of Dave Reilly. I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe I would have enjoyed the novel more as a movie.

I had a hard time understanding Mr. Rickman’s writing style, I kept skipping pages to get to the story. Otherwise, I did think the story was good and worth checking out.

You can find December (pub. 1996) by Phil Richman on*

Jeri Unselt is a native of Colorado who has been writing stories ever since childhood. She started podcasting her first novel, Inner Demons, in 2008. The print book will be released in 2012 alongside a podcast prequel, Inner Demons: Turmoil. She is a member of the Wicked Women Writers, has been featured on several episodes, and will be in the up-and-coming Wicked Women Writers anthology. To find out more about Jeri, go to:

*Editor’s note: There is a listing for a deluxe edition (hardcover, limited, signed) coming out in December 2011 by M H B Press. Find more information here: December Deluxe Edition