An Interview With A. Craig Newman

Our featured author for Epispde 128 of the podcast is A. Craig Newman. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and was raised on the works of Stephen King. Recently A. Craig Newman answered a few questions about his writing:

What is your story for episode 128 about?

3ab6fea455b8b4fedce5461374d4672ab6bd6b19“Randall’s Visit” is about a man who is talking to his therapist while being plagued by the spirit of a little girl.

When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing since 1984 when I was 10. I was telling my dad a story one day and he told me to write it down so he could get some sleep. Been writing ever since.

What are your favorite topics to write about?

Insanity is a frequent feature in many of my stories. I also like to explore sex, religion, power, and the abuse of all three. I like twist endings that makes the reader want to go back and see what clues they missed. Hence, I say my stories are written to be read twice.

Who or what inspires you?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my life. I’ve been the guy on their therapist’s couch working out his demons. I hope to help the reader escape from their reality for brief moments and enjoy a trip down the rabbit hole.

What do you find fascinating about the horror genre?e7586778cd932d0101b886dfa1b6cbbe8f758800

Horror seems to be a warped take on many concepts found in faith and religion. As a man who grew up in the church and even wanted to be a minister at one point, I find it fascinating to explore the flip side of belief.

What are some of the books you have available?

Burn” is about a man in pain who takes drugs to relieve his suffering. But he isn’t careful and with this relief comes new consequences for his actions.
“Dierste Hamelin and the Pied Piper” is my update to the old fairy tale. Dierste hires Piper to take care of a pest. All goes well until she has to pay.
“Wages of Sin” is about a future were the punishments for certain crimes are more creative than today. The reader sees two women punished for the crime of loving each other

Soon to be available ( hopefully by the time this airs) is my first published full length novel, “The Apocalypse Plan”. Michael and Liz are FBI agents on the task force investigating the destruction of the United Nations building. As they follow the trail, they come face to face with their own demons and secrets and End Times Prophecy .

Where can we find you online?

Here, my books can be purchased and more information about me can be found.

Cinderella’s Secret Diary

Ever wonder what happened to Cinderella after she got married? Not all fairy tales have happy endings and things aren’t going well for Cinderella. Its the late 1700’s, Napoleon is raging a war on Europe and Cinderella is about to start a journey of self-discovery as she comes to terms with her failing marriage and inability to have a child.

This is the story behind Cinderella’s Secret Diary Book 1: Lost by Ron Vitale. The story begins with Cinderella writing in her diary asking her fairy godmother to help her with her problems. She then goes on to tell a story that her mother told her the night she died about the Faerie Lord. The Faerie Lord in the form of a silver fox was walking through the woods and finds a woman who was unhappily married. The Faerie Lord tells the woman that he loves her and has followed her for years; he then takes the woman away to the land of Fey, where the two are married and live happily ever after.

It has been a few years since the prince has married Cinderella and her life has not been a happy one. The prince neglects her and has been seen in the company of other women. Cinderella has yet to have a child which upsets the queen and she has no friends with the exception of a woman named Clarissa. Despite living in a palace Cinderella feels like a prisoner.

After writing several diary entries asking her fairy godmother for help. She finally receives an answer in her diary from her fairy godmother saying that she must free her mind and look within to solve her problems.  With the help of the queen, Cinderella comes up with a plan to visit France where she will meet with a witch to see why she can’t become pregnant.

In France Cinderella falls in love with another man and at this point in the story your thinking that this story is going to be just another romance novel, but then the story changes and becomes much more then that. The witch that was supposed to help Cinderella become pregnant is working with the queen to stop Napoleon from invading England. The witch also lets Cinderella know that she is more then just a princess and her fairy godmother is not working in her best interest. Cinderella is left to decide if she should follow her heart or do what she thinks is right.

If you buy Cinderella’s Secret Diary looking for a nice little fairy tale your going to be disappointed. This book is more of a dark fantasy aimed at a teenage  audience. I did enjoy this book but I had a couple of problems with it. There were a couple of continuity errors and there we’re a couple of things that I felt could have been explained better, but I don’t want to mention them here, because it would spoil the story. Another thing that bothered me was the fact that the whole book is from the first person point of view. The story is told entirely from a series of diary entries made by Cinderella (with some exceptions by the antagonist in the story). I don’t mind reading a whole book from one view point and the fact that it was all diary entries didn’t bother me. In fact there is a reason given why the whole story is told in diary entries.  I still would have liked it if we knew a little more about what the other characters and what they we’re thinking. I did find myself getting tired of reading about Cinderella’s feelings and hearing other character’s viewpoints would have made it better.

On the positive side I enjoyed how the author points out that Cinderella is trapped in a situation that she doesn’t like and can’t control then he goes on to show how the other characters are also trapped in situations they have no control over, such as the prince and queen. I also liked the exchanges between Cinderella and the rince. Despite both characters admitting to each other that they don’t love each other, they still show great affection for each other when Cinderella stays with the  prince when he gets injured and when the prince tries to rescue Cinderella from the villain in the story.   I found myself wanting the prince and Cinderella’s relationship to come to a different conclusion. I also loved the characters of the queen and the silver fox. Most of all I liked the point that the book makes that you shouldn’t wait for someone to come along to solve your problems with a magic wand, you have to depend on yourself to find what makes you happy. Though this book isn’t the kind of book that I usually like to read, I did enjoy it and can’t wait for Ron Vitale to write Book 2 of Cinderella’s story.