Death’s Parade Film Fest- San Jose, California

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Due to the number of high-quality submissions the Death’s Parade Film Fest will be holding a virtual festival October 3rd from 7PM – 8:30PM in Sansar two days before the festival at the Towne 3 Cinemas in San  Jose. So, what is Sansar, you say?  In a nutshell, Sansar enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences like comedy shows and film festivals, create and play games, have conversations in VR and much more. The Death’s Parade Film Fest is proud to be the first virtual horror film fest!


The view inside the theater is spectacular. You won’t need a virtual headset to enjoy the festivities, but the headset will enhance the experience. Logging into Sansar is made simple and with ease. The folks at Linden Lab want to get you into the world as effortlessly

The theater is decked out in Halloween affair, and we are arranging the program. The plan to is keep the duration within 90 minutes, and pack it with any many horrific selections as possible. We wish to thank the good folks at The NightmareCloset for sponsoring Death’s Parade – Sansar. It’s going to be crazy!



Hear about all these movies in our

interview with After Dark Films

on the finale,

coming October 17th.




Los Angeles, CA <September 28, 2015> – After Dark Films, in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox HomeEntertainment, releases the hair-raising new trailer for ‘8 Films to Die For,’ sure to evoke fear in all who dare to look.  View the trailer, as well as the newly released main event artwork, then scan the list to find one of these terrifying films in the theater nearest you.
The real terror begins in these eleven ghastly locations: Dallas, Chicago, Tampa, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles on October 16, 2015.  During the Los Angeles premiere at Universal City Walk, the cast and crew from various ‘8 Films’ features will be present to take pictures with and sign autographs for fans. Theater tickets go on sale Oct 2, 2015.
“Everything about the re-launch of ‘8 Films to Die For’ has been exciting. We are thrilled to offer fans a preview of these eight petrifying films,” says After Dark Films CEO Courtney Solomon.
In anticipation of the festival and due to overwhelming enthusiasm, After Dark Films has extended the search for ‘A Scream Queen to Die For’. The deadline for submissions and voting has been extended to Sunday, October 4, finalists will be announced Monday, October 5 with the Scream Queen to be crowned Thursday, October 8, 2015.
‘8 Films to Die For’ will be released in theaters on October 16, 2015, with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment handling all ancillary forms of media, including Digital HD™, DVD and VOD.  The festival will include 8 horror features:  Re-Kill, Murder in the Dark, The Wicked Within, Lumberjack Man, Suspension, Unnatural, Bastard, and Wind Walkers. If that’s not enough, Twentieth Century Fox is making the entire lineup available on October 16!
Fans can pre-order all ‘8 Films to Die For’ on Digital HD™ at Amazon by going
Check below to find a theater nearest you!
Hollywood Hits – Danvers, MA
Studio Movie Grill Spring Valley 16 – Dallas, TX
South Barrington 30 – South Barrington, IL
Studio Movie Grill Tampa – Tampa, FL
Great Lakes Stadium 16 – Mentor, OH
Harkins Northfield 18 – Denver, CO
Emagine Canton – Canton, MI
Superstition Springs 25 – Mesa, AZ
Theaters at Mall of America – Minneapolis, MN
Brenden Modesto 18 – Modesto, CA
Citywalk Stadium 19 – Universal City, CA
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Meet Emz at the Sonoma County Book Festival

Free Admission!

The 12th annual Sonoma County Book Festival, the oldest general interest book festival in Northern California, features a full day of literature, poetry and entertainment for the entire family.

Come meet Emerian Rich

at Sonoma County Book Festival
in Santa Rosa, CA
Santa Rosa Downtown Courthouse Square and Central Library
this Saturday
September 24
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Emerian will be reading at Redwood Writers Village at 11 a.m. during the Broad Universe: Rapid Fire Readings. She will also be seated at a table during the rest of the festival, so come up, say hello, and check out the freebies she has with her.

Also in attendance will be this year’s Wicked Women Writer Winner, Laurel Anne Hill.