Married With Zombies

Are you married? Has your marriage lost that spark? Do you need something to spice up your relationship? Well friends, nothing can improve your relationship more then surviving the zombie apocalypse. You don’t need marriage counseling or self help books to fix your love life, all you need is a couple of flesh eating zombies after you to realize how important your significant other is. That’s one of the many life lessons that you will get out of the book Married With Zombies by Jesse Petersen.

Married With Zombies is much more then a good comedy/horror novel, it will also help you fix your marriage if it needs fixing. You’ll also learn other lessons such as: how to use a toilet seat to kill a zombie, how to escape from a religious cult, how to blend in to a horde of zombies and you will learn the proper way to use a self help book. Before reading this I thought you had to read a self help book to get anything out of it, but that’s not true. If a zombie ever breaks into your house you can use that self help book to bash a zombie’s head in.

The main characters of this book are Sarah and David. They’ve been married for about five years and things are not going well. The story begins with the two of them on their way to marriage counseling. They’ve been going to counseling for about six months but it doesn’t seem to be helping any. Their trip to the counselor’s office on this day though is going to change their lives. As they get into the office they noticed that no one was there to greet them. After sitting for awhile they decide to check on the doctor. To their shock and horror they see their counselor eating the couple that was there before them.

From that moment on David and Sarah’s lives and marriage don’t get any easier, they soon find out that there is a virus spreading across the city causing  people to turn into zombies. So now in addition to fixing their dying marriage they also have to learn how to survive in a world gone crazy and not kill each other in the process.

I found out about this book by hearing the author talk about it on a podcast, I thought it sounded good but when I saw the book in a book store I almost didn’t get it. From looking at it I got the impression that it was going to be a lot more of a romance novel then a horror novel. Anyway, I decided to give it a chance  and found it to be a good horror story with a lot of heart.

This book does not skip on the gore, there are some very grisly death scenes along with some laugh out loud comedy and a lot of action. Married with Zombies has a little something for everyone.  The best part of the book is watching Sarah and David’s relationship change throughout the story. They start off as a constantly bickering couple on the verge of killing each other to a loving couple that supports each other towards the end.

There was only one part of this book that kind of disappointed me but only because it was so short. Right about the half way point in this book Sarah and David are taken prisoner by a religious cult called the Blackwell Truth Church Group. At this point I found myself getting excited and thinking: “all right zombies and a religious cult, can this book get any better?” To me religious cults are terrifying and any horror novel with a cult in it holds my attention. While I liked the scene I just wished there was another 50 pages or so with Sarah and David dealing with the cult.

There is a sequel to Married With Zombies that has just been released called Flip This Zombie. In this book Sarah and David start a zombie exterminating business. I’m looking forward to picking up this book and I hope it has more about the Blackwell Truth Church Group in it.

Its not often you can find a book that will gross you out,  make you laugh and make you cry. Well ok I didn’t cry but there is a scene at the end of the book that almost got me. Married With Zombies is a fast easy read that you won’t want to put down. In addition to picking up a copy of Married With Zombies make sure to check out the author’s website for extras such as tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse, a list of the best zombie movies ever made, a relationship quiz to see if your relationship will survive the zombie apocalypse and much much more.