Free Fiction Friday: Bite Club

39216This week’s Free Fiction Friday selection is Bite Club by Hal Bodner. West Hollywood California was once a nice place to live if your gay but things have changed. Muscular young men are turning up dead. their bodies have been tortured, drained of blood and some are missing body parts.

The city coroner calls on an old friend who is an expert in serial killers who shows up with his friend to investigate the murders. The trio soon finds out that something not human is hunting these young men down and it can’t be stopped. Bite Club is a vampire novel that combines horror, romance and comedy.

Bite Club was originally published in 2005 and was followed by a sequel. Reviews that I read called this book campy, funny and an enticing work of modern gay fiction. If you want to win this book be the first to email us at

Free Fiction Friday: The Darker Passions: Dracula

72481This weeks Free Fiction Friday is a very different look at a horror classic. The book is The Darker Passions: Dracula by Amarantha Knight. The Darker Passions was a series of books that retold horror classics in an erotic way. Other books in this series include Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and a few works by Edgar Allen Poe.

In The Darker Passions: Dracula, Dracula not only has a lust for blood but he also has a thing for domination, spanking, bondage and S&M. This book was originally published in 1993 and  looks like it’s a steamy read that brings the repressed sexuality of the Victorian age out into the open.  The writer, Amarantha Knight’s real name is Nancy Kilpatrick and she has written several horror novels and edited a number of horror anthologies. Some of her other works include: Child Of The Night, The Goth Bible: A Compendium For The Darkly Inclined and  Vampyric Variations.

If you want to give this book a read and experience Dracula in a whole new way, send an email to The first email I get wins the book.

Free Fiction Friday: Kindred

469064This week’s Free Fiction Friday selection is Kindred by John Gideon. This book tells the story of a man who looses his legs but gains immortality. Lewis Kindred is a Vietnam veteran who comes home a bitter and broken man who knows evil. He ends up playing a game of poker and wins an evil prize. He becomes a vampire but he is determined to keep his humanity and not be like other vampires.

This book was originally released in 1996, one review I read said it had a great mystery to it and another called it improbable and entertaining. John Gideon has written three other books including Greely’s Cove, Golden Eyes and The Little Soup Spoon. If you love vampire stories and you want to read this book for yourself, send an email to The first email I get wins the book. 091, Greg Chapman

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Free Fiction Friday: Thirst

2813885This week’s Free Fiction Friday selection is Thirst by Pyotyr Kurtinski. Thirst is the story of a vampire named Van Diemen who was raised in the Old World, changed into one of the undead in the Balkans and is now on his way  to America to feed on new victims. He can change from a blood thirsty man to a vampire bat and nothing can stop him from killing.

I haven’t read this book but from what I hear the vampire named Van Diemen is writing an autobiography where he talks about fighting with the mob finding love and lots of killing. This book was released in 1995, it has great cover art and it looks like this is the only book this author has written.  This book could be a really fun read if you want to take a chance on it.

Be the first to comment on this blog post and you get the book. Good luck!

Free Fiction Friday: Blood Feud

1416033Our Free Fiction Friday selection for this week is Blood Feud by Sam Siciliano. This book was originally released in 1993 and tells the tale of two ancient vampires that will not rest until the other is destroyed.

Blood Feud is set in Portland Oregon where two vampire’s final battle will take place. One vampire is a master of manipulation and he now thirsts for the death of the vampire woman he once loved. The  woman in question is dangerously seductive and uses her body to possess her victims and now she wants revenge on the vampire who cursed her with immortality. They have been driven through the centuries by the desire to bathe in the other’s undying blood and now the final battle is drawing near.

Some other books written by Sam Siciliano include: DarknessBlood Farm and The Angel Of The Opera: Sherlock Holmes Meets The Phantom Of The OperaTo find out more about Sam Siciliano go

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Free Fiction Friday

1486069This week’s Free Fiction Friday selection is Matters Of The Blood by Maria Lima. Keira Kelly, half-breed descendant of a powerful paranormal family has chosen to live apart from her clan and among humans in the Texas Hill Country. Where she lives there has been several animal deaths and she starts having prophetic visions of her brother being murdered. Keira starts to investigate whats going on, but in the process she uncovers some long kept secrets that raise more questions then answers.

Matters Of The Blood is the first in a series of five books that include everything from shapeshifters to vampires. The series combines horror, mystery and romance and some of the reviews that I’ve read compare Maria to Nora Roberts and Charlaine Harris. If you want to know more about the author check out

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