Mimielle on Makeup: A Spring Scare, a Story Preview and a Song

One of my favorite makeup artists on Youtube is Klaire de Lys, her videos with unique vision and her quiet and gentle voice are so lovely to watch, even when her tutorials are sometimes a bit…unsettling. This Banshee makeup is in my top 5 favorites, inspiring me to try screen lenses myself for their other-worldy look and uncanny beauty.

Do you find unexpected beauty in the strange and mysterious, Addicts?

It’s hidden all around us!

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Klaire’s first Book, Outsider 

Outsider book cover

“After witnessing the murder of her parents for marrying outside of their race, half-blood Astrid wants nothing more than to be left on her own. Placed in the care of Dag, a forgetful but well-meaning warlock, she vows to never feel as lost and helpless as she did on the day they were killed, and turns her back on the elves and the dwarves for destroying her life.

Forty years later, young dwarf Jarl Vǫrn is certain that his city, Bjargtre, is under threat from an emerging goblin King. When his fears are dismissed, he asks Astrid to help him and his adoptive son, Knud, to reach the capital of Lǫgberg safely, and Astrid finds herself pulled back into a world she never wanted to be a part of again”

Kindle edition is free on Kindle Unlimited (otherwise $6.99/$14.99 on Amazon), is lending enabled and already queued up on my spring reading list!

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The haunting music in Klaire’s video is

“Storm Song – The Disappearance of the Girl” by Phildel

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Stay Beautiful, Addicts!