Spooky Writer’s Planner Event Calendar

Welcome to the Spooky Writer’s Planner Event Calendar. We have many delightful events planned for your enjoyment and edification. Be sure to join us for interviews, tales of inspiration, excerpts, and parties galore! We would be most honored by your presence.

18 Planner Launch! horroraddicts.net
18 Planner Introduction Loren’s Blog
19 Events Calendar Revealed horroraddicts.net
20 Party on the FB Group Announcement horroraddicts.net
20 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
21 Planner Launch! Emerian’s Blog
21 Announce Second Life Event horroraddicts.net
21 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
22 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
23 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
23 Reminder of party on FB Group horroraddicts.net
24 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
25 Facebook Party Event Facebook Group
26 GB: Book Full of Tools for Writers R.L. Merrill’s Blog
27 Reminder of Second Life Event horroraddicts.net
28 Announce Facebook Party winners horroraddicts.net
28 Second Life Event Milkwood, VirtualWriters.org
29 Interview with Emerian and Loren horroraddicts.net
30 Facebook Watch Event horroraddicts.net
31 GB: Can a Planner Help Your Writing Career? Patrick Greene’s Blog
Jan HWA Newsletter coverage HWA
1 GB: Planners, planners, everywhere and not a one is right! Naching T. Kassa’s Blog
2 GB: Is Frankensteined a word? When it comes to planners it is! Loren’s Blog
3 GB: How Do Writer’s Stay Organized? Lea Kirk’s Blog
4 GB: Get Organized the “Spooky” Way. Dave Strom’s Blog
7 Facebook Watch Event Winners Announced horroraddicts.net