From the Vault: Audiodramas from started plugging in audiodramas every season in 2010 with the creation of GothHaus in Season 5. Now we have a way for you to listen to each drama in it’s entirety without searching through each episode to find them. We present to you 5 of our past audiodramas in full for your listening pleasure. Happy listening!

GothHaus, Season 1 circa 2010

GothHaus, Season 3: Gothmazing Race circa 2012

Black Magic, Season 1 circa 2013

End of the World Radio, Season 1 circa 2014

Black Jack, Season 1 circa 2015

HorrorAddictsCon: GothHaus Season 1

GothHaus, Season 1

e p i s o d e s

Episode 1: Emerian Rich, Rhonda Carpenter / Episode #46 of Horror Addicts
Trailer: Reporter Karen Murphy interviews the GothHaus creator, Beelzebub James.

Episode 2: Meet the Goths / Full Cast / Episode #47 of Horror Addicts
Meet the six goths that will be living in the haunted GothHaus.
They talk about the creator Beelzebub James.

Episode 3: Goth Sweet Goth / Full Cast / Episode #48 of Horror Addicts
The goths meet each other at the house.

Episode 4: Goth Decor / Full Cast / Episode #49 of Horror Addicts
The goths discuss unpacking and where the 6th member might be.

Episode 5: Resident666 / Full Cast / Episode #50 of Horror Addicts
The 6th resident appears.

Episode 6: The Eyeliner Incident / Full Cast / Episode #51 of Horror Addicts
Fang and Jez get in heated fight about eyeliner.

Episode 7: The Top Hat / Full Cast / Episode #52 of Horror Addicts
Jez gets back at Fang by having a performance and ruining one of his possessions.

Episode 8: Happy Horror Daze / Full Cast / Episode #53 of Horror Addicts
The residents exchange gifts.

Episode 9: Resolutions Smezalutions / Full Cast / Episode #54 of Horror Addicts
The residents talk about resolutions for next year.

Episode 10: Hair Don’t / Full Cast / Episode #55 of Horror Addicts
Star tries to dye everyone’s hair and Jez teaches her about “Adios My Friend”.

Episode 11: Bloody Valentine / Full Cast / Episode #56 of Horror Addicts
Valentine’s day on the horror side. Two housemates are missing and there is blood in the basement.

Episode 12: Penultimate Goth/ Full Cast / Episode #57 of Horror Addicts
Creepy things are happening in the basement. Someone is possessed!

Episode 13: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow / Full Cast / Episode #58 of Horror Addicts
The demon possession comes to a head. Will there be anyone to survive for next season?

HorrorAddictsCon: GothHaus Soundtrack – Midnight Syndicate

Music for GothHaus on, was provided by Midnight Syndicate.

Midnight Syndicate Halloween Music

Gothic Fantasy Horror Soundtracks

For more information on Midnight Sundicate, go to:

Since 1995, dark music pioneers Midnight Syndicate have been creating gothic, horror, fantasy soundtracks for the imagination. Formed by composer/director Edward Douglas in 1995, their music has become staples of the Halloween, gothic music, haunted attraction, and role-playing game industries. With a catalog of CDs that blend dark, orchestral horror and fantasy movie score-style music with sound effects, the band consisting of Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka has had its soundtracks to imaginary films featured in everything from Hugh Hefner’sinfamous Halloween parties, Dungeons & Dragons, Barbara Walters specials and Monday Night Football to X-Box games, tracks by the Academy-Award winning rap act, Three Six Mafia, and Twiztid as well as concerts by dark music pioneers The Misfits and King Diamond. The music has also been featured on countless television shows and documentaries relating to horror films and the supernatural.

For more information on Midnight Syndicate, go to: or visit them on Facebook at

HorrorAddictsCon: GothHaus – Creation

GothHaus started as a suggestion from one of my staff, David. He mentioned that he thought it would be cool to have a continuing story on that the listeners could follow. At first, I was against doing anything like this, because it would mean a lot of extra time and work for me which I didn’t have to give. But, about two months prior to the start of Season 5, I had a revelation. What if we did a spoof of a reality show like Real World on MTV? They never have goths on those shows – not sure why – but I thought it could be really funny of six goth characters had to live in a house together and get along. I had written about six episodes when I asked Camellia Rains (voice of Jez) to come over and record the episodes I had. By the end of the recording session, we had ad-libbed almost all of the rest of the episodes. I asked a few more friends to fill in voices, including the multi-talented M. J. Hahn, podcast powerhouse Rhonda R. Carpenter, and podnovelist Kirk Warrington, and GothHaus was born. I find it funny that Star is the most requested character because she was just one I threw in for comic relief. I thought listeners would really embrace the dark and lovely Lord DarkBlood and Mistress Raven, and they did, but nothing thrills listeners more than the most popular episode – #6 The Eyeliner Incident – which includes the big fight between Fang and Jez. Later today, you will be able to listen to this episode and the entire first season of GothHaus on an upcoming post. Until then, here are messages from some of the cast and links to find out more about their work:


“I have done alot of things in the podcasting world but GothHaus is the most fun I have ever had. I love the show!” ~Rhonda R. Carpenter
Rhonda R. Carpenter is the founder of She is an Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Handwriting Expert, Dream Analyst, and Professional Psychic. Her first novel, “The Mark of a Druid” is available in audio, Ebook and print. Rhonda is the co-founder of where you can learn all about the new authors and Indy-Authors from all over the world. Rhonda was awarded the coveted Wicked Women Writer’s Award in 2010 for her Sexy short horror story, “Barring Lilith” She lives on a secluded ranch in Southeastern Oklahoma where she enjoys raising chickens and cows. She is happily married and the mother of 4 boys, all grown and on their own and recently a first time Grandmother.


Hey Star, how about a spritz of SuperShinySpray on my parasol? I calculate that would raise the reflective quotient exponentially. ~ Dan Shaurette as Professor Pendulum
From the first episode of GothHaus season one I was hooked. I used to watch reality competition shows so the concept it posed to poke fun at goths in said genre was pure awesome. I was incredibly psyched when I was given the chance to give voice to a new character for season two, the profound and prolific (and potentially pompous) Prof. Pendulum. With Pendy, M.J. Hahn seemed to channel me and created a clever caricature. I actually found it difficult to ad-lib because I thought he did such a great job scripting essentially a spot-on parody of myself. (I got in one ad-lib though, which was the sonic screwdriver bit inspired by Fang’s asking for a Doctor.) I am thrilled to hear about season three and so glad to be involved again.
Dan is a goth-geek and has been a fan of horror (especially vampires) ever since seeing Bela Lugosi’s “Dracula” as a young child. He recently podcasted his vampire novel, LILITH’S LOVE, and also hosts the Out Of The Coffin podcast. While vampires are his horror addiction of choice, Dan does not limit his preternatural proclivities to them. He is a fan of most sub-genres but prefers those that have a dark tale to tell versus pure shock-schlock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You can find him online at


Tristy Taylor (voice of Kat an Aneshka) hails from Sonoma County, where she lives with her big bear of a husband and two tuxedo kitties. She was overjoyed to be a part of Goth Haus, as it was the perfect outlet for her inner Russian supermodel. She truly enjoyed playing a role in M.J. Hahn’s fantastic tale and hopes she can always play a part in future M.J. productions. When not recording weird and wonderful character voices, you can find Tristy doing improv with various Bay Area troupes or accosting people with puppets. You can find out more about her work


“I really enjoyed playing Baz. I like him, and I liked being him. And if he’s ever set to make a comeback in GothHaus, I look forward to being him again. I only hope next time he does something truly dastardly!” ~ Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett grew up in London and Windsor and spent many years in Brighton where he wrote his first novel, ‘One Among the Sleepless.’ He published ‘One Among the Sleepless’ through his own company, Seed Publishing, in 2002. He podcast ‘One Among the Sleepless’ from 2006 – 2007, then his short story collection , ‘Hall of Mirrors’ from 2007 – 08. He is currently writing and podcasting his second novel, ‘Underwood and Flinch’. He is married and lives in Sussex,England. Underwood and Flinch has been running for nearly two years and is currently on it’s 39th Episode from Mike’s sites and iTunes. Also Underwood and Flinch has just started at To find out more about Mike, go to:  /


“I enjoyed working on GothHaus. It really brought out the inner BUM in me.” ~Kirk Warrington
To find out more about Kirk Warrington, go to:



GothHaus was a great idea. When Emerian brought it up to me I loved the idea of giving the whole reality tv bit a gothic make over. I was always good with coming up with charactors and plots and when we got together to record the first parts of season one, the rest just flowed out naturally between us and we know we had something good. I loved having the chance to play Jez. It allowed me to channel my inner bitch and criminal and say and do the type of things that I wouldn’t do in my everyday life. I had mentioned the show to a couple of friends right before we did those first sessions and one of them who is a big reality tv buff said we had to do it. She thought and still thinks, that there should be a real GothHaus show. LOL! If only…

Camellia Rains earned her BA in Philosophy and Religion at SF State. She is a San Francisco born, lifelong resident of the Bay Area and has always had an interest in the darker side of life. She’s been a part of Eastern Contra Costa’s first Roller Derby team- The Undead Bettys since shortly after its inception in 2008.  She lives in the East Bay with her beloved black cat Voodoo and is currently the resident office goth at her work. When not trying to emulate her heart throb hero Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, she can be found playing with her vast make up collection, hanging out with her derby team or at the local watering hole The Red Hat in Concord making friends and listening to very loud punk music.

To find out more about GothHaus and get a full listing of cast and characters, got to:

Horror Addicts 069, Peter Giglio

Horror Addicts Episode# 069
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin
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nine-tail fox: a chinese heritage tale

Laurel Anne Hill

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Michelle Murrain

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13 Questions With M.J. Hahn

Stylist by day and word slinger night, M.J. Hahn is back again! And, it’s almost like he never left “[w]hat with being on GothHaus Season 1 and all. But it’s always fun for him to get a story together for Emz and all [you] Horror Addicts.”

Hahn’s story for HA episode 66: 1970’s is titled Sunset Tunnel. “Naturally,” M.J. stated, “like everything else I write, it’s set in San Francisco. It’s a true story from my 7th grade summer vacation waaaay back in ’78. In a nutshell, it’s about 3 D&D geeks who take dungeon exploring to a whole new level! Seriously — it’s a miracle we all didn’t end up on the backs of milk cartons!”

Now all you Horror Addicts out there are familiar with GothHaus. The show that M.J., Rhonda, Emz, Kirk and everyone else on the GH team work hard to bring to you every episode. Hahn was kind enough to let me in on the inner workings of GothHaus. “Emz was gracious enough to let me take the reigns for GothHaus this season. Wooho! Thanks Emz! After we worked out the general theme of Haunted Reno Casino, I loosely outlined where the season needed to end up. The scripts usually come together pretty easily. 5 pages of snappy dialog later, we record our parts separately a week or so before the show airs. After a fevered exchange of emails and MP3’s, and then a few hours on GarageBand, the show ends up sounding like we’re all hanging out together, even though we’re from all over the map. This season we went international! Welcoming the wondrous Mike Bennett into the GothHaus family.”

Wondering what’s in store for the “gothy, gothy house,” or aching for some sneak peeks? Look no further Addicts… “How about a new love interest for Fang, and then the return of a very pregnant Raven and Darkblood at the end of this season! There are definite plans to continue and expand the world of GothHaus. But you’ll have to talk to Emz about that! She’s officially in charge of season 3! Hahn would also love to take it into animation form if any body’s buying!” *Hint Hint*

Another well known M.J. project is The Bellefaire Podcast, which we talked about in our last 13 Questions interview. Bellefaire was just the first book in the newly named series, The Latchkey Tales. “Book two, The Isis Heart is now finished! All 13 episodes are available now at & iTunes. Book 3: The Tear Catcher, is now outlined, with a few rough chapters. The story picks up a year after Isis Heart with the principal characters, Crowley & Yuki, returning for more supernatural high jinks.”

If podcasts just aren’t for you (which is just silly if you’re a Horror Addicts fan) or you’re wanting a physical copy of Hahn’s work then you’re in luck! “Both The Bellefaire and The Isis Heart print novel versions each have at least 5 additional chapters, which delve into the back-stories of the villains in each tale.” Currently, Hahn is working hard, “formatting them to perfection for kindle and nook.”

As I mentioned earlier, M.J. is continuing his career as a hairstylist. Business has “been okay. I’m getting by. I love all my long-term gals! But everybody’s broke in SF! And it costs a BUTTLOAD of money to live here! So, this year I picked up some commercial work for a certain hair product line (which shall go nameless!) This involves going to LA every so often. Generally, I can last 72 hours before I start to climb the walls and crave the fog!”

What’s in store in the future for M.J.? “Well,” he said, “I’m grateful to still be able to pay the bills! Other than that, definitely completing the Latchkey series. We’ll have to wait and see what the next presidential election holds! If it gets any crazier, I’m moving to Budapest!!”

Be on the look out for future projects from M.J. Hahn. “Once he has GothHaus Season 2 wrapped up, he’s going to release a three part production of E.M. Forster’s: The Machine Stops. This will be featuring the fabulous Mike Bennett. Forster’s only Sci-Fi short story from 1909 eerily predicts a dystopian future where face to face communication is not only out of fashion, it’s practically barbaric! It will make you want to stop using Facebook!”

For more more information on M.J. Hahn be sure to check out these websites:

The Bellefaire Podcast –

The Bellefaire Podcast on Facebook –

The Isis Heart –

Horror Addicts #065, Rhonda Carpenter

Horror Addicts Episode# 065
Horror Hostess: Emerian Rich
Intro Music by: Saints Of Ruin
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