#HauntsandHellions Special Edition Gift Pack

Harkening back to the glory days of gothic romance that had us up reading all night,
HorrorAddicts.net Press Presents: Haunts & Hellions

13 stories of horror, romance, and that perfect moment when the two worlds collide. Vengeful spirits attacking the living, undead lovers revealing their true nature, and supernatural monsters seeking love, await you. Pull the blinds closed, light your candle, and cuddle up in your reading nook for some chilling and romantic tales.

With stories by: Emily Blue, Lucy Blue, Kevin Ground, Rowan Hill, Naching T. Kassa, Emmy Z. Madrigal, R.L. Merrill, N.C. Northcott, Emerian Rich, Daniel R. Robichaud, Daphne Strasert, Tara Vanflower, and B.F. Vega.

$20.00 USD
signed book + wax-sealed letter + skeleton key

$20.00 USD

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