Thunder Peak Publishing – Fu Man Chu’s Vampire

The Battle Between Good And Evil Continues!

Thunder Peak Publishing Unveils Latest Supernatural Mystery

“Fu Man Chu’s Vampire” Marks The Latest Installment
In The Supernatural Mystery Series Featuring
Victorian-era Occult Detective Jason Dark

Thunder Peak Publishing, a division of international content developer G3 Studios, is currently in the process or preparing the release of “Fu Man Chu’s Vampire,” the eleventh, and latest installment in the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series of books (, scheduled to arrive on February 21.

Jason Dark, a fearless and resourceful occult detective, faces supernatural adventures in the vein of the old classic monster movies and detective stories. While using familiar themes and visuals, the series also continues to put a spin on various myths and genre stereotypes. Filled with plot twist and furious action, as well as handfuls of historic and literary references, it features somewhat sensational mysteries, just the way classic dime novels used to be, and are a perfect read for fans of fast-paced entertainment on-the-go.

In his review, Fangoria editor Chris Alexander called the series “a briskly paced pulp fiction throwback full of gothic dread and shivery intrigue” and “a cult of sophisticated fiends who like their terror full of elegant dread and Victorian charm.” High praise indeed, coming from the leading horror magazine in America!
What’s more “Ghosts Templar,” the third installment in the series won the 2010 Occult Detective Award on!

When ordinary measures are no longer enough, criminal mastermind Fu Man Chu makes use of a supernatural henchman to get his way. Soon, Scotland Yard is confronted with a series of unexplainable deaths that unsettle Victorian London, and Inspector Lestrade turns to occult detective Jason Dark and Siu Lin for help.
But as they look into the case, little do the ghost hunters suspect that the evil crime lord has already made them the vampire’s next target!
Filled with enough mystery, drama and suspenseful action to transport you to the sinister streets of gaslit London, your encounter with the extraordinary awaits as a new nightmare emerges and an old nemesis returns.

Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter

Not to long ago on horror addicts we took a look at classic horror. One good story that I mentioned on this Blog was Varney the Vampire which was released as a series of dime store type pamphlets (also known as penny dreadfuls) that came out between 1845 and 1847. Varney the Vampire was a horror mini series taking place in the victorian era.

In the same vein as Varney,  starting in January of last year was a new horror series set in 1880’s Victorian England called Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter by Guido Henkel. Jason Dark is a supernatural mystery series released by Thunder Peak publishing. Jason can be described as a Sherlock Holmes type character but instead of solving normal mysteries he deals with issues like finding grave robbers, stopping blood thirsty demons and investigating killer ghosts. Jason has help though from his partner and martial arts expert  Siu Lin along with other freinds.

There are nine installments of the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series so far with more to come. Each adventure is 64 pages and sells for about $2.99 each. Each book is a fast paced action packed read filled with historic and literary references. There is a character in this book named after H.G. Wells. Also the name Jason Dark is taken from a pulp fiction writer from the early 70’s. Jason Dark wrote about a charachter named Psycho cop along with a supernatural detective named John Sinclair who fought the forces of darkness such as vampires, zombies and werewoves. The length of the books is also a tribute to old pulp fiction which usually ended up being short fast paced reads.

The third installment of  the Jason Dark series, Ghosts Templar was the winner of the 2010 Occult Detective award from Also Fangoria magazine just announced that they will be putting installments of the Jason Dark story entitled Food of the Dead in their magazine.

The Jason Dark story I read was the latest in the series called Terrorlord. The story starts with a man named Edmund Hett who is performing a ritual by candlelight that will summon the Terrorlord. The Terrorlord is a skeleton type creature whose one desire is to open the seven gates of hell and unleash the creatures of the underworld to kill everyone on earth.

The Terrorlord uses mind control to use Edmund Hett as a puppet and sends him out into London to open the gates of hell. The terrorlord is also looking for the dark child which maybe Edmund’s son.

Just as the Terrorlord is released Jason Dark feels a tattoo on his arm left by the Terrorlord tingle and knows something evil has entered this world. As a child,  Jason accidentally set the Terrorlord free and was forced to open the gates of hell. Jason’s father was able to save Jason and close the gates  but the Terrorlord left Jason scarred for life and now is the only one that can stop the horror that is about to destroy Victorian England and the rest of the world.

This book does not go where you expect it to go and keeps you guessing what will happen next, which to me is a sign of a good read.  At about the half way point you realize that the hero of the story wasn’t who you thought it was going to be and the antagonist is also not who you think it is. My favorite part of the book is when Edmund Hett enters a London slaughterhouse to open a gate of hell, the scene turns into a bloodbath and this is where the story surprised me(no spoilers here).

My only complaint about the book was that I wanted more character development but considering the fact that there were eight books  before this one most readers probably knew the characters at this point. So I guess I’ll have to start reading book one: Demon’s Night to find out more about the characters. Also I found myself thinking that Jason Dark could make a great comic book series. The cover art for all nine volumes is excellent and the way the scenes are described I thought a hand painted comic would fit this story quite well.

If you like gothic horror, non stop action and are a fan of old pulp fiction stories like you would find  in Weird Tales, you will enjoy Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter.