Cheesy Movie Review: Sideshow

SIDEDVD_sideshowEver since I got on staff at, I wanted to review a cheesy horror movie. So I finally decided to make my dream come true and pick a good(or you could argue bad) horror film to review. I love cheesy horror flicks and it wasn’t an easy task to pick one to talk about; but after I thought about it awhile, the perfect movie came to mind. That movie came out in 2000 and is called Sideshow.

I rented this movie on video when it first came out for a couple of reasons. Number 1: I love books and movies that include sideshows, carnivals, theme parks or circuses. Something about horror in one of these settings makes it a must have. Number 2: This movie was produced by Charles Band, directed by Fred Olen Ray and was released by Full Moon. If you’re not familiar with Full Moon they released such epic unforgettable award-winning films such as: Puppetmaster, Killjoy, Head Of Family, Subspecies, The Gingerbreadman and Evil Bong. Ok maybe I’m stretching the truth when I say how great Full Moon is, but their movies are at least a lot of fun. To me these are the perfect type of movie to watch at the end of a hard day.

sideshow_shot1lThe story for Sideshow is simple. Two women and three guys go to a traveling sideshow and manage to upset the man in charge. They then have their worst fears or insecurities turned into reality as they try to escape the sideshow. The movie begins with the five teenagers walking around the sideshow grounds when they come across Abbot Graves who is the head of the sideshow. Abbot Graves is played by Phil Fondacaro who has been in several TV shows and movies and gives a good performance here. The teenagers harass Graves who then gives them free tickets to the sideshow to get them to stop. The five sideshow customers think they’re in for a good time but I guess they forgot that they made Abbot Graves angry and now they have to pay the price.

001585_25The sideshow freaks have their revenge and the five teenagers get what they always wanted but find that sometimes getting what you want is not always a good thing. This movie has some interesting freaks, we have Hilda The faceless girl, The inside out girl, Morganna the Love Doll, Squeakie, the human canary and my favorite Digestina who lives in a pool of stomach acid. This movie had a limited budget but they put a lot of work into the sideshow freaks make up and because they look so good, your able to get past the bad acting and horrible dialogue.

imagesWhile I do admit that this isn’t a good movie, I did enjoy it. The background music is good and the special effects aren’t half bad. Whenever I watch a Full Moon movie I get the impression that the people making it are more interested in having a good time and making sure their audience has a good time rather than making a great movie.  This is the kind of movie that’s fun to sit back and make fun of and I think the people making it know that’s what your going to be doing. This movie may be hard to find but if you ever come across it, give it a chance, and remember sometimes bad horror films can be just as much fun as good horror films.