“Dark is the Sea” by Heather Blanchard

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This week I bring an offering of witchcraft and mermaids in the form of “Dark is the Sea” by Heather Blanchard.

Rowan Munro was ten years old when she was kidnapped by a man whose face she doesn’t remember.  She managed to escape, although the how is also missing from her memories.  When her mother disappears months later, Rowan’s father moves her to London, far from her home in the Scottish village of Dorchay.  Years later, she returns to stay with her aunt and discovers her heritage is a very unique one.  She also rekindles a friendship with her best friend Violet, a young witch being trained by her aunt, and falls in love with another childhood friend named Blake.  Amidst all of this, a mysterious and powerful entity, known as The Hunter, has set his sights on her.

In many ways, this book reads like the Twilight series of books, only without the vampires.  There is a very clear romantic theme throughout the book, as well as plenty of paranormal goings on.   From The Hunter to a castle haunted by shadow creatures, this does have a lot to keep any reader’s interest.  If there are any faults to it, it’s Rowan’s reactions to certain key events.  It is a good read, but more so if you are a fan of paranormal romance stories.

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Donald “D.J.” Pitsiladis

Press Release: Dark Is The Sea

Dark is the Sea by Heather Blanchard

dark-is-the-sea_book-coverMystery, witchcraft and intrigue take centre stage in Heather Blanchard’s shadowy debut tale of a reluctant young witch, forced to her darkest potential in fighting for all that remains of her tragic family.

Rowan Munro had always wanted to be normal, but abduction as a child and the disappearance of her mother soon after had ruined any chance of her fitting in. Crippled with grief and with no trace of his beloved wife, Rowan’s father resides himself to loss, moving what remained of his small family away from Dorchay. After years of listless moving he settled what lit- tle was left of his small family in London where his devastation would drive him, fatally, to drink.
At just eighteen Rowan is left alone without immediate family, and finally succumbs to her great aunt Kit- ty’s offer to return home, in spite of the painful memories that surely await her. Gathering her meagre be- longings she boards the Caledonian Sleeper headed straight for Dorchay, quietly intent on finding an- swers to the questions that have plagued her since her fraught childhood.

En route north to Scotland the mystery only intensifies. But as she encounters a strangely familiar figure on the train, Rowan’s inquisitiveness gives way to fear, keeping her distance from the alluring young man. On arriving, Rowan is greeted by a welcome sight in aunt Kitty, and for a brief time feels at ease with her surroundings. But as Rowan realises things may not be what they seem in these once known surround- ings, Kitty reveals a shocking truth about her family’s sorcerous powers. Rowan comes from a long line of witches, and for once in her life, she’s no different.

More terrifying than this unbelievable truth, the reluctant young witch learns she’s marked for death by the Hunter – a callous and vengeful predator tasked with rounding up and destroying Rowan’s kind to the very last – and is forced to master her long-hidden abilities in order to fight back. Did this dark force mur- der her mother, and how could she stand a chance of stopping it? Caught in an overwhelming spiral of disappearances, murders, and unseen threat, the increasingly fearless teenager is about plunge headlong into a world she never could have imagined. Committing her mind, and body to the dark arts, she begins to wrest control of her own destiny.

Dark is the Sea is the must-read debut from Heather Blanchard, driven by a fiercely modern heroine, it’s sure to draw in fans of dark fantasy, the supernatural and beyond. Wrought with twists and turns, her vividly realised characters are planted firmly in the dark and misty locale of remote Dorchay, in a coming of age story like no other. Blanchard will have you squirming at the edge of your seat, and desperate for the next chapter of Rowan Munro’s tumultuous journey toward the fulfilment of her destiny.

About Heather Blanchard: After her career in early education, Heather moved into writing and her stun- ning debut, Dark is the Sea is the culmination of two years painstaking work. She is currently studying for an M.A. in Gothic Studies, and lives in the South of England with her husband, Paul. Visit www.darkisthesea.com for more details.