November: Dark Fairytales

Because most fairy tales contain a dark side, the term Dark Fairy Tales is repetitive to me. The term fairy tale is defined as,

A magical and imaginary tale, usually with a happy ending.

However, I think it’s all in the eye of the beholder. A tale like Hansel and Gretel is not a happy ending for the poor little old lady that just wanted kids out of her yard.

1020150903In my opinion, fairy tales are lessons in how to treat people. The modern version of Cinderella is a lesson to stepmothers–treat your new daughter well or you’ll end up a beggar while she lives in a big house in Beverley Hills.

Stories like this have taught us how to treat each other for centuries, but they have also taught us some very dangerous ideas:

  1. The evil always get their comeuppance.
  2.  Wait long enough (or suffer bad enough) and your prince will come.
  3. There are secret pots of gold or riches granted you when you out-smart evil beings.

Well…as we know living in the real world is not so easy.

hellgirlThis month at, we’ll be exploring the dark side of fairy tales. How they scare us into submission, conjure false hopes, and in some cases scare the bejesus out of us.

My favorite modern-day fairy tale series is the manga Hell Girl. In it, various stories are told about evil people getting their comeuppance, but as with many of us who try to get justice, there is a catch. The innocent victim who dishes out the justice is also punished.



What if you had the opportunity to send someone you hated to Hell? In this series, that dream becomes reality. All you have to do is log on to the Hell Correspondence website at precisely midnight, type “Send (insert name) to Hell”, and click send. Hell Girl will then appear and make them meet their bloody end, taking them to Hell to relive it over and over again.

In the series, the bad guys are really bad. There are thieves, child molesters, evil masterminds, twisted teachers who steal students work and claim it as their own, and even killers.

1020150904My favorite story revolves around a vet who charges hefty fees for healthy pets that don’t need anything done. Knowing most of his customers are rich, he milks as much as he can out of them before handing back the pet perfectly well, yet not touched by a needle or knife. He claims to operate, but never does. He claims to give pricey meds, but never does. He makes a fatal mistake with one customer, though, who is not rich. She gives her life savings to the guy so he will cure her puppy. The dog in this case really is sick, but instead of operating, the vet puts it off to go to a high-society party. When the girl goes to check on her dog, he’s passed away because of the vet’s negligence. The girl is devastated, the puppy being all she has in life since her parents are dead. She tries to alert the authorities, but he claims she’s mad and no one listens to her. Heartbroken and unable to stop the vet from killing more animals in the future, she seeks justice from Hell Girl.

1020150904aThe Dr. gets his in one of the scariest scenes I’ve read. Doctors with animal heads try to operate on him!

But, before you call Hell Girl on your worst enemy, know there is a price.

To curse someone is to dig a double grave. In exchange for revenge, after death, your soul will go to Hell too.

This teaches us another lesson. Before we banish our worst enemies to Hell, we need to be sure our judgement is sound. In the case of the vet, I think we’d all agree his death is worth it, but if your just pissed about being cut off in traffic, you might want to just hang back. Chances are, they’ve done a lot worse and Hell Girl will be coming for them on her own.1020150922

What are your favorite dark fairy tales? What lessons do they teach? Share them with us in the comments or by writing to