13 Questions with Angels On Acid

Today Horror Addicts, I have a very special guest for you, Angels on Acid! It was exciting to talk with founding member Michael Banks. This is the band’s first time to be on HA, Michael mentioned that it’s “great to sit down and talk with [Horror Addicts].”

Angels On Acid is a dark electronica band “with a heavy influence in everything from EBM, industrial, metal, synthpop, psychedelic, and old school goa.” “[Banks] started Angels On Acid as a solo project in 2003. After years of experimentation with guitar sampling [he] decided it was time to find a permanent guitarist in 2005. That’s when [he] started working with The Omen. The partnership was a perfect fit because [they] both had similar backgrounds in production and in bands. Later that year [they] put out [their] first EP “The Dominate EP” and the rest is history. Soon after, [Michael] added Jessica as [the] permanent live keyboardist/backing vocalist. She is also responsible for a lot of managerial duties since [Michael] tends to focus on song writing.”

If you’re a curious person, like the interviewer writing this right now. Then you probably wondered where the name Angels On Acid came from. Let me tell you a little story that was told to me by Banks. “Spiritual awakening and self discovery have always been very personal for [Michael]. Unfortunately, [he] grew up in a very conservative environment so [his] self discovery didn’t start until [he] was able to to experience life outside the safety of family. Through many years as a musician [he has] met alot of great people and have experienced things than can’t be explained as normal phenomenon. LSD was one of those outside influences that showed [him] how to think outside the box. Angels On Acid is a very tongue and cheek title. However, as you look deeper you can see where the name came into existence.”

If you didn’t know already Angels On Acid will be the featured band for episode 56: Valentines. Their song Haunt Me will be played on the show and believe me, you want to hear this band. “Haunt Me is a dark, romantic, and slightly twisted look at love. A love that extends beyond the grave. So in some ways it’s beautiful. But in my story one of the partners was killed by the other. The slain loved one comes back from the dead to haunt their lover. We also shot a video for Haunt Me that explains more about the inspiration behind the lyrics. Theatrical elements for the video we’re inspired as an ode to The Shining. For fans who would like watch the new video here’s a link Haunt Me.”

AOA’s first full length album was released in 2007. Eyes Behind The Curtain was 100% conceptual. “[Michael] hand picked each track with the intention of taking [their] fans through a full spectrum of styles which helped to develop [their] unique sound. The song Misery Loves Company was an underground success when it was selected for the Alpha Matrix compilation Endzeit Bunkertracks III. Another favorite that  fans always love for [them] to perform live is the Industrial Metal track The Vile. Fans really seemed to appreciate the dynamics of both melodic and harsh vocals as well.”

Their newest album Blood Sweat and Tears, “reflects on the mortality, love, hate, politics, religious oppression, spiritual awakening, the paranormal, and struggle of humanity to find order in the chaos. As we all face uncertainty in our future the dark theme is quite fitting for current events happening around us. There is still a heavy dance influence in the darkness. Haunt Me has proven to be a big hit for fans along with tracks like Blood Sweat and Tears, Now You Know, Epitaph, and Possession. The album is released digitally through all major sources along with physical distributors such as Amazon, IsoTank, Storming The Base, Shinto Records, and more.”

The writing process, for Angels On Acid, begins “much the way any songwriter does. In [AOA’s] case in front of a piano/keyboard writing out lyrics and chords. The most important part of the process is the inspiration behind the music. The soul and time you put into music should should be able to connect with the listener. Once [Michael has] arranged all the parts and recorded, then it’s time for Damien (The Omen) to come in with his guitar work to give it some special touches.”

As with, seemingly, everything these days, the hardest thing about being a musician is the economy. Banks shared with me, “Every method of recording, the industry, and how much is distributed has been turned on it’s heels. For me more than ever it’s all about being a renegade and putting yourself out there by any means necessary. There are no rules anymore. With the technology available to us today everyone has equal opportunity. Some things never change though. Unfortunately it’s all about who you know and how much money you can get you hands on.”

Now since this is Horror Addicts, I had to ask Michael about his favorite horror monster. “I would say probably Pinhead from Hell Raiser for several reasons. First, Clive Barker does an amazing job at depicting a mortal demon who has an almost “rock star” quality. His fashion sense, his dialect, his dark energy. It has become an inspiration to me a musician. There are so many great horror villains. Obviously Dracula is another great classic. If we go back far enough the greatest legend of the dark is Satan. He is the most used name in the history dark literature and film.”

Fans, be on the look out! “Angels On Acid goal is to be touring internationally by 2012. We just got back from doing shows and LA and San Francisco this month and we will be headlining the Terabyte Festival along with God module, FGFC820 and many other great bands February 26th. Also we are very excited to announce that Angels On Acid will be releasing their 3rd album later this year…while recording we will continue to tour. Our fans can stay connected on up to date info through our website http://www.angelsonacid.com”

AOA had some parting words for all the fans and readers out there. “As always I would like to thank our loving fans who give us the inspiration to move forward. Thank you to all of the fans, bands, djs, radio, magazines, and promoters who have brought our music to the public and supported us through the years! Thanks so much to anyone who has taken the time to read this interview to learn more about Angels On Acid. And last but not least thank you to Horror Addicts for allowing our voice to be heard!”

And thank you Angels On Acid for a great interview! For more information on Angels On Acid check out these websites:









Guest Blog: The “Eeeee” Factor In Horror Movies – E A Draper

You know, I used to be more of a horror movie fan but with the release of movies such as “Saw”, “The Hostel”, and the re-release of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” I find myself yearning for the early days of my horror addiction, yearning for the days of “Frankenstein”, and “Dracula”, and “Friday the 13th”. I want to go back to the days when you would be scared out of your pants and jump at every noise when you went to bed that night and God help you if you forgot to close your closet door ‘cause there was no way you could sleep with it open and once that light was out you were pretty much stuck hiding under your covers all night.
Ahhh…those were the days.

When I was growing up some of the movies that scared me the most were the Freddie Kruger movies (up to number three because to be honest once you get past the third in any series it just gets silly) and movies like “It’s Alive”, and the first few Pinhead movies (that would be the “Hell Raiser” movies for all of you non-pinhead fans). Now, thinking over why I like these older horror movies with their “lame” (as some of my younger friends would call it) special effects, and why the more modern and more realistic films don’t appeal to me, was kind of a hard at first. So, to figure it all out I went back and viewed bits and pieces of these oldies but goodies. I even looked up snippets of Edgar Allen Poe’s classic “The Pit and the Pendulum” staring Vincent Price. Then I went and watched parts of “The Hostel”, “The Hills Have Eyes”, and “Saw I”. After watching nearly three hours of varying degrees of scariness I finally put my finger on what is was that made me yearn for the days of Jason and his scary white mask. Guess what it was? Well, since none of you are mind readers (or at least I don’t think you are…can’t read your minds) I will tell you.

It is the “eeeee” factor. What is this mysterious “eeeee” factor that I am basing my like or dislike of a movie on? Well, let me share with you this magic little noise that defines how good I think a movie is.

When I watch a horror movie I make varying sounds of shock and disbelief such as ahhh…ohhh…eeeee….ewww, and generally cower behind my hands (“Jeepers Creepers” was watched almost entirely behind my hands and consisted of me doing nothing but “eeeee”). The sound that I made the most, if it was a really scary movie, was “eeeee” so that is what I decided to call my rating system for horror movies. It’s simple, easy to use, and easily understood by all because, in my opinion, only a really scary, spooky, on the edge of your seat movie draws this noise from a person involuntarily. I mean, come on, it’s a horror movie and it’s supposed to make you want to nail all your windows and doors shut when it’s over. To me, it’s not a good horror movie if I am not “eeeeeing” a lot and watching it through my parted fingers. And that, my friends, is why I did not enjoy “Hostel” and the others. I simple found no “eeeee” factor to them (mostly I just went ewww). All I wanted to do was cover my mouth and close my eyes. There was no “ahhh…ohhh…eeeee…ewww” there was only “when is this movie going to end so my stomach will stop trying to exit my body.” Basically, I wasn’t really scared. Grossed out, yes, but not “looking under my bed” scared and “searching behind all my doors” scared.

Sigh. I feel so…old fashioned. What is a horror fan to do when so many horror movies are now produced along the lines of “Saw?” All I can say is “thank god for DVD’s.” At least I can watch my favorites on the player. Now, I don’t “poo poo” all modern horror movies. I actually like quite a few and will list some of them in with my favorites.

So, anyone else out there wishing for a little more “eeeee” and a little less “ewww”?

A few of my favorites

  • White Noise
  • Silent Hill
  • Christine
  • Any Edgar Allen Poe movies
  • The Evil Dead
  • Sean of the Dead
  • Resident Evil (all of them and yes…I know…very gory but uber cool moves by Alice)
  • Frankenstein
  • Almost any vampire movie (I’m a junkie what can I say)
  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Friday the 13th
  • Alien (shivers just typing it)
  • Hell Raiser
  • The House on Haunted Hill (1959 & 1999 versions)
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Van Helsing


E.A. Draper is the co-author of “God Wars” with her partner Mark Eller.
Visit her on the web at: www.eadraper.wordpress.com or download the
podcast The Hell Hole Tavern which features all three books in the “God
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