Mark Justice 1959-2016

61RFKPxBZVL._UX250_I woke up on the morning of February 10th thinking it would be just another day. As I was getting ready for work, I did a quick check of facebook and was sad to see that Mark Justice had passed away.  I didn’t know Mark personally but I bought many horror novels thanks to his show Pod Of Horror, including a zombie apocalypse book he co-wrote with David T. Wilbanks called Dead Earth.

Being the horror literature fan that I am, I instantly fell in love with his podcast Pod Of Horror. It started back in 2005 and over the years included interviews with big name horror authors such as Brian Keene, Jonathan Maberry , Clive Barker and many more. Horror writers and book publishers don’t always get the attention they deserve, but Mark’s podcast put the spotlight on them and due to his background in radio, his show had great production values. In addition to giving horror writers a voice, Mark had a wicked sense of humor and the podcast included comedy sketches with characters such as a Grim Reaper named Grim Ricktus and Chinese Dracula.

Mark Justice was also a storyteller. He wrote a regular column for his local newspaper and he had 15850196several short stories that were included in such anthologies as The Phantom Chronicles, Vol. 2 and Captain Midnight Chronicles. He also released an anthology of his own short stories called Looking at the World with Broken Glass in My Eye and made the journey into pulp fiction with a Western/Zombie novel named: The Dead Sheriff: Zombie Damnation (Volume 1)  He even edited an anthology called: Appalachian Winter Hauntings: Weird Tales from the Mountains

I was Really sad to hear of Mark’s passing, I may have never met him but because of his show I felt like I did. It was because of Pod Of Horror that I heard of Back in 2009 on an episode of his show was a promo for the horror addicts podcast. So I gave it a listen and loved it, not knowing that I would eventually become a part of it. The world will be a sadder place without Mark Justice. Luckily we can still buy his books and listen to old episodes of Pod Of Horror and remember him for his humor and how he helped so many horror authors get noticed.



After seven seasons of the podcast giving you the best of everything in the horror genre, the end has come. At the last staff meeting, we sat down and talked about what we could do to make the podcast better. After thinking about it for a while we came to a decision. The one thing we love more than horror is…Glee!

I’m so excited that Emerian decided to let me be the one to let everyone on the blog know, that starting on episode 86, will change into GleeAddicts. Our new host will be Chloe Kardashian, Emerian will be doing so much singing, that she figured she should leave the hosting duties to Chloe so she could concentrate on the songs.

The way the show will work is we will start by summarizing an episode of Glee complete with clips from the show. We then will read comments about the show from our fans and tell what we think of the episode. Then when we’re done, the staff will be singing their renditions of the songs that were performed on Glee for that week.

Also the cast of GothHaus will be back to sing along with the real cast of Glee in a crossover episode. Part 1 will be on our podcast and part 2 will be on Glee in an episode called GleeHouse. So get ready to finally see your favorite GothHaus characters on our favorite show.

So get your slushies ready, because this podcast is going to be better than ever. Personally I’m looking forward to letting everyone hear me sing. It’s my dream to be on Glee. I sing like Kurt and hopefully this show will be a stepping stone for me to get on the show. Here is what the other staff members have to say:

“When the staff first brought this up…I wasn’t so sure, but then David told me I ‘d get to wear a tiara and pink boa and I was like…count me in.”

-Emerian Rich

“Finally, my petition to Fox to have Brittany slushed will have some weight behind it. You know, right after she has sex with some random student. Maybe sex with the slushie. It would be epic. I will finally have a place  to produce my slash-fic with Brittany and Kurt! I am totally psyched for the full episode of JoCo’s music, Swoon!”

-Dan Shaurette

“I can’t wait for the GothHaus musical this season, I can almost hear the slushies flying through the air!!!”

-Sapphire Neal


Get Ready!!! Gleeaddicts is coming!!!

April Fools!!!! will resume it’s normal, NON-Glee episode on April 13th.