May 25 – 28, 2018

San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport will be attending BayCon, the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Writer’s Convention in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Saturday May 26th
Imagination Fair
Free to the public

Join us at the Imagination Fair. Take selfies with Inkjet, the incredible cepholopod, chat with authors, get freebies, enjoy face painting, and answer trivia questions to get awesome swag from CometTV, like Tank Girl T-shirts, The Craft protection sachets, and alien gifts.
Authors present will be: Laurel Anne Hill, Sumiko Saulson, J. Malcolm Stewart, Loren Rhoads, Emerian Rich, Mercy Hollow, E.M. Markoff, Trinity Adler, and more!

This is a free event with swag to spare!

Sunday May 27th Panel Come discuss musical influence on horror and dark fantasy literature, movies, and lifestyle. Hear authors read their horror stories and enter to win door prizes. Musically inspired horror favors free until they run out!
Authors present will be: Laurel Anne Hill, Sumiko Saulson, Jonathan Fortin, J. Malcolm Stewart, Loren Rhoads, Emerian Rich

How do you like your horror?

Horror covers so many genres and it’s popularity never seems to drop as new media helps to push Horror out to the world. We can find horror in almost every place we look. From terrible real world events, to  comic books, movies, television, books, and so much more.  There is one question that those who market horror try to figure out when it comes to their audience and that is, what people want to see in their horror.

So this is my question to the fans of horror:

How do you like your Horror?

Do you look for the bloodier and gore filled stories, or something that engages the mind. Maybe you like a combination of the two elements.

To start let me share my thoughts on how I take my horror.

If you haven’t gotten any idea by previous posts or other comments, I like my horror with a story and a plot. I want to be scared not just visually but through the mind.  The human mind is an amazing thing and with that comes our imagination.  Our original fears of the dark, bugs, lightning, and other things as a child is the first hint of what our imagination can do for us.  Those fears can go away as a child or linger and become even bigger fears as we grow.  It’s that imagination that when properly motivated can shake a person to it’s core and thus why I like to have a thought provoking scare.  I want some of what is happening to be left to the imagination so that the fear that comes from it can make things even better.

So now I’m looking for the thoughts of those who take time to read this and respond.