Monster Mash with IN LEGEND

InLegend1Our featured band for our Season 8 opener is German goth-rock band In Legend. Lead vocalist Bastian Emig also brings something you don’t find in many rock bands today: a pretty epic piano as the cornerstone instrument. Rounding out the band are Daniel Schmidle on keytar, bassist Daniel Wicke, and drummer Dennis Otto.
Bastian has described their sound as being like “Tori Amos on cocaine”, and I can understand the sentiment. In Legend evokes powerful classic sound with a fresh, loud rock presence.
Bastian is also a drummer, and for what is an interesting twist, he plays drums for metal a-cappella band Van Canto. That’s right — I said a-cappella… with drums.
Back to In Legend, the song we are featuring is “Pandemonium“. This was one of the songs on their first EP Pandemonium (2010) and their debut album Ballads ‘n’ Bullets (2011). This song embodies the spirit of the whole album, in that it is passionate and powerful while also being tender and insightful. The video is quite remarkably done as well.
in-legend-band1Speaking of their videos, the In Legend YouTube channel is also something that you must see. Their main page has something akin to an interactive DVD menu. In addition to videos of many songs, they have some “play along” videos, which display the sheet music with a note pointer to help you keep time. Make sure you also see their play along videos which look like a piano version of Guitar Hero using a video game called Synthesia. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.
Right now, the band is hard at work on their second album, so I was not able to interview them in time for our season opener. However, if their sophomore effort is anything like their first, I think we can all grant them a little grace. Kudos to them on their hard work and I look forward to hearing more from this band in the future.
You can find out more about the band at their home page, as well as on FacebookMyspaceYoutube, and beyond.