Mondo Schlocko! and The Italian Zombie Movie Part 1 & 2

During last year’s trip to the Flint Horror Convention, I was lucky and was given some movies to watch from some of the directors in attendance.  The reviews listed below are of just some of the films that I received.  I will warn you that these films may not be for overall sale and were done with limited budgets.  I can say I’m sure there are people who will find the films interesting and may follow the links at the end of the reviews to get their copies or find out more about them.

Mondo Schlocko!

This is a 25 minute short horror comedy in much the style of the beloved Troma horror films and was written and directed by David Gibson.  Gibson used talent and filmed his movie entirely in Michigan around the Detroit area.

The film takes you into the back alleys of a city in which we find a man out cruising the streets. We eventually find out that he is looking for a “street walker” for a quick bit of fun. It’s only then that we find out this is no ordinary man and appears to be some type of demon.

The two negotiate on their price and then consummate the contract with some fun in the backseat. As we see they make sure to use the proper protection before the act.  As they finish up the woman walks away making sure to “remove” the protection and it’s found that the protection had broken.

It’s from there we find out the woman is pregnant and what would normally take 9 months takes only 9 days.  It’s here things get a bit strange for the woman and during this there are moments of some interesting comedy.

Now when I say interesting comedy, some people will find it a bit “off color” and not to their liking. One quick example is we find out what can happen when a “John” decides to pick up our now very pregnant woman.  We find out that this John is going to wish he hadn’t as he loses a very critical piece, let’s say the “tip”, of a man’s favorite organ.

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The Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2

These two films are in fact the packaging for what I consider to be one very long movie. The way the films are broken up will in no way hamper your enjoyment of these low budget films.  Some would almost say the films had no budget but I have to disagree as there is hint of a small budget.

The two films take us into the story that involves a psychic, a succubus, the Michigan Militia, a veteran with one eye, and a few other crazy characters along the way. Oh I cannot leave out the fact the films also have an element of alien technology involved in the film as well.

The Italian Zombie Movie was written and directed by Thomas Berdinski who made an impact with Flint Horror Con attendees by coming somewhat in character from a previous film. He also brought along some big hairy balls to toss around with those visiting his booth. I know that may sound strange but those were another set piece from a previous film.

Now you may ask, “Why did I mention that?” in this review.  It’s simple. I wanted to give you an idea of what Thomas was like to help you understand the genius involved in writing and directing these two films.  Also a hint into the type of humor the man has to explain what people will find in these films.

These films take a very eclectic cast and telling the story via chapters helps to keep the action moving. You are introduced to the different characters in the first film which for some may move a bit slow. It’s in the second part of the films that the story really takes off.  This is really needed due to the numerous plot changes and sub plots that are happening within the film.

Just to list a few of the plots you have a man who loses an eye at the beginning of the film who is trying to find out who killed his brother. He meets his brother’s widow at his funeral and she turns out to be a psychic who finds him cute.  We later find out that this woman has had some odd experiences in her own life and some involved candy from a masked man as a child.

I cannot forget the doctor’s assistant who is a succubus and is dating what must be the biggest egotistical jerk seen in film.  This man has no shame in talking about his disdain for women and what they are truly good for.

That’s just two of the many plots in the film as the movies take you into a film that pays homage to those horror films from overseas that came to the US shores in the 1980’s. Fans of the horror genre will see a lot of little pieces of the film that will have them going “oh I remember that from this movie”.  Also those who love Troma will again find another film well worth a viewing.

The overall story line has this group of eclectic characters meeting in a land, called Italy, having to fight off zombies.  The trek each of the characters takes to the land is shown in great effort and depth in the first film.  We find the center story is how the injured soldier wants to find out who his behind his twin brothers story.  The other main plot point is why a mysterious doctor has done the things he has done and his work on healthy soldiers just to harm, handicap, or kill the poor soldiers.

What these two films have is just plain great humor and a story line full of sub plots. It will leave a person wanting more especially as you fall in love with the different characters in the film. There is indeed several characters that will endure themselves to different types of people. I know one character, Bruno, will be one many will fall in love with.

Overall although these are low, to no budget, films they are certainly well worth a viewing or two, or three. I say this just because they are a great guilty pleasure.  I must add that the work done on the look of the zombies was just amazing, and some of the other makeup was also just as great to see.

Having met Thomas Berdinski and hearing him speak, I’ve learned the man is an on hands type.  He wants to make sure the aspects of the film are done to great measures that will look good to those who see the film. He accomplished that in this film and the writing of a very complex script.

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