Press Release: The Book Of Ashes


[Permuted Press, 15 Dec 2015]

” … a post-apocalyptic masterpiece.” – Sean Smith, author of OBJECT OF WRATH

“Engrossing, intense and surprising.” – Martin Rose, author of BRING ME FLESH, I’LL BRING HELL

27414889The Night Plague devastated humanity. Vancouver Island is a feudal wasteland ruled by the Hell’s Angels. In a trailer by the forest, retired school teacher Cory O’Neal composes a history of the plague. But the more he writes, the more his history resembles a confession.

Beautiful, haunted Joanna Ward was the most brilliant and gifted student of Cory’s career. During a troubled year in a dysfunctional private school, they forged a bond that led to accusations of improper conduct and Cory’s departure. But in the intervening decades, Canada has become increasingly rocked by civil unrest. The RCMP suddenly evacuates Cory’s town and a mysterious epidemic explodes from a lab where the adult Joanna works, leaving unsettling questions:

What really happened between her and Cory that final year?
How does the rise of a sinister cult relate to the spreading chaos?
Will the events that ended Cory’s career also end Mankind?

“A deeply engrossing and very intimate apocalyptic vision.” – Gareth Wood, author of RISE

“Mason’s dark vision of the future puts you in an emotional choke-hold and doesn’t let go. An expertly crafted tale!” – Toby Tate, author of THE LILITU

JAMIE MASON is a Canadian author of dark SF/F. His novel KEZZIE OF BABYLON was published by Permuted Press in March 2015 and his short fiction has appeared in On Spec, Abyss & Apex and the Canadian Science Fiction Review. He lives on Vancouver Island. Learn more at