Horror Addicts Guide to Life: Almanac

As we finish out the first week of 2017, I am reminded of a chapter in Horror Addicts Guide to Life:  The Almanac.


This is a very interesting and insightful part of the book that highlights important dates, holidays and festivals.

My favorite is Me-Dam-Me-Phi, because personally, growing up… I believed that my ancestors were not too far from me, and wanted to be with me to guide me. I come from a VERY large family that lives far and wide. I have had the pleasure of meeting alot of my close and extended family to grow very close to. This to me, would be an important festival. Plus, a great reason to have a party!

January 31st  Me- Dam-Me-Phi: A festival in Assam which features offerings to departed ancestors.


For more information on upcoming holidays and festivals, get a copy of Horror Addicts Guide to Life and let us know what your favorite date is in the Almanac!