2013 Writer’s Workshop Winner: Jeff Watson

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Let’s give a warm Horror Addicts welcome to our newest Writer’s Workshop Winner Jeff Watson!

Being one of our younger fans, I asked Jeff what it felt like to find out that he was the chosen winner for this season. He responded that “it feels amazing to know that people actually liked it. No one usually even understands what I write.”

Though Jeff is still currently in high school, he shows the makings of a great horror author. The story he submitted for the Writer Workshop is titled, The Kid I Used to Know. “It is a story about an outgoing kid who falls silent then dies, becoming a part of a global series of suicides; it also focuses on the fear of his friend.”

Jeff shared with me that his main attraction to the horror genre are the descriptions of the terror that people go through. Along with the fear and the death that intrigues all horror fans.  Even with being a full time student, Jeff spends a lot of his time writing. He explained that the hardest part of writing for him, “generally is writing out my ideas so they make sense to others.”

Being a part of the younger Horror Addicts generation, Jeff grew up around the new “horror classics” such as The Grudge; which happens to be his favorite horror movie.


His favorite “horror monster” is vampires. But unlike many in his generation, Jeff strays away from the sparkling kind and finds himself drawn more towards the dark demonesque vampires of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Jeff may not be currently working on any projects but HA fans need to keep their eyes and ears open for this up and coming author!