Meet The Wickeds of 2012

Why hello, hello Horror Addicts…are you ready to find out who will be turning your future holiday cheer into holiday nightmares this year? This year’s “Holiday Take Over” contest was kick started by last year’s crowned WWW Laurel Anne Hill. Now then shut off the lights, slide to the edge of your seat and meet The Wicked Women Writers of 2012!

Chantal Boudreau

Chantal Boudreau is an accountant/author/illustrator who lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two children. A member of the Horror Writers Association, she has had several of her stories published in horror anthologies and as stand-alone digital shorts.  She has three novels published as of the end of 2011. Her website:


Jaki Idler

Jaki Idler lives outside Philadelphia where she writes, teaches and raises two beautiful boys.

Jaki Idler is an award winning director and educator. She lives outside Philadelphia with her partner of over fifteen years and their two young sons. Her flash piece “Prenup” was Earthbound Fiction’s Earthbounder of the Month Feb 2012, and she has an upcoming story “Pawn” on Pseudopod. You can follow her writing exploits at,, or on twitter @jaki_idler.

Jenna M. Pitman

Jenna M. Pitman is a 20-something year old from the Pacific Northwest where she attends many science fiction/fantasy/horror conventions as a panelist and guest. She has written for a variety of publications and anthologies. Most of these are currently available on Amazon others can be found elsewhere. Recently she took on the responsibility of editing the Iron Maidens charity anthologies.

She has a wonderful dog with horrible tendons named Fenris, a Great Dane named Remus, a cat dubbed Whymer Cathulhu, and the paragon of kitty-ish virtue Zillah. Her house is more than a little hairy.

Michele Roger

Michele Roger is author of novels “Dark Matter” and “The Conservatory.”  Some of her short stories are published in anthologies as well as in podcasts on iTunes.  When she isn’t writing she is performing as a harpist in the Detroit area.  You can find her

Killion Slade

Killion Slade is normally a wife and husband author team, but for the WWW Challenge, Mrs. Slade holds the reins. Killion primarily focuses in the horror genre, preferring the darker side of humor to guts & gore.

Current Publishing:  The Danse Macbre featured Robbie the Ghoulie in Feb 2012

Current Project: A paranormal thriller trilogy series, where a gaming software developer must play wicked clues inside her own online role playing game to rescue her kidnapped sisters before they become breeders for the Dhampir army.

To learn more about Killion Slade, please visit or Facebook at  or @killionslade on Twitter

Rebecca Snow

Rebecca Snow lives in Virginia with a small circus of felines.  Her short fiction has been published in a number of small press anthologies and online.  You can find her lurking at and on Twitter @cemeteryflower.


Jeri Unselt

A receptionist by day and a gothgirl in mind by night.  Jeri has been writing horror since childhood.  It was in 2008 that she began podcasting her novel Inner Demons and she’s been hooked since.   Plans are being made to publish the novel in e-book form as well as podcast the prequel Inner Demons: Turmoil.  She can be found at

Maria Violante

Maria Violante is the author of the De la Roca Chronicles, a fantasy trilogy of novellas and novels, and the Shiver Shorts line of horror stories.  When not writing, she reviews indie authors on her website,  Her next major project?  Tackling life and a writing career on a semi-truck – wish her luck!

HorrorAddictsCon: Jeri Unselt – Free Fiction – Ringo

Free Fiction: Ringo

by Jeri Unselt 

I ran as fast as my paws would let me go, once I saw what they were gonna place the mask over my head, I knew what those humans had in mind, a one way trip to doggy heaven. There’s was no way in hell I was gonna let them put me to sleep, that
was how I saw my parents die when I was still a small pup. I had to go back to where it all happened, I had to see if my girl Megan was ok.

The house was in my sights, anytime now, I was going home. Megan was waiting for me, I knew it, I could feel it in my bones. As I got close, I stopped dead in my tracks. What the hell? The entrance of the house was covered in some sort of big gigantic yellow tape. With each step I took, the black words on the tape got bigger and bigger, so big that I feared they would fall on me.

“Crime scene,” I read. “Do not cross.”

Maybe humans couldn’t go inside, but I was a dog, an American bulldog to be exact, I went inside like I didn’t have a care in the world.

Right away the bowl of water in front of the kitchen caught my eye. Thank goodness, I thought, all that running left me so thirsty, that I could be peeing sand. I ran towards it with excitement only to stop mid stream. There isn’t water in my bowl, I realized. At least it wasn’t the clear stuff I normally drank, no I saw a light pinkish color inside. What is that? My eyes turned to the right of the bowl to see something red, I didn’t want to but I took a quick lick. Almost immediately, I wined at the realization.

Blood, I looked around, there was blood everywhere in the living room, in the kitchen, even along the upstairs steps.

I let out a howl and barked, it was the only way I could get Megan’s attention.

She has to be ok, she just has to be.

“Shh,” a voice behind me said. “Careful, people can hear you.”

I turned around to see an old man staring back at me, it wasn’t the first time I had locked eyes with him.

“Everyone’s gone kid,” he explained. “All but one were taken
away in body bags.” The man knelt down and scratched my head, “I can hear your voice kid, I have that ability. What’s your name?”

“Ringo,” I answered. “What happened? Where’s my girl?”

“They took her away in the ambulance, she was hurt bad.”

“Take me to her,” I begged. “Please?” My mind wondered to the day she fell off her bike and broke her leg. She had said to me, I had made her recovery easier. I couldn’t let her down.

“I can’t kid,” the man answered.

“Why?” I let out a wine to let him know how serious I was. “Megan needs me.”

“Don’t you remember Ringo?”

“Remember what?” as I asked the question, a sudden loud scream brought me to focus. “Yes,”

Megan and I awoke at the sound of the scream. A lady she called grandma rushed inside and closed the door.

“Oh my god,” she cried. “OH MY GOD!”

“Grandma, what is it?” Megan asked holding me close.

“They’re dead,” she answered. “Your grandfather, and Robbie are dead!”

“Dead?” Megan got to her feet and hugged Grandma. I in turn went to the door and started growling. “Ringo, no, come back.” I wanted to go out but I was trained to respond to Megan’s command and so I went and stood by her side. “What happened Grandma, who did this?”

“The demons your grandfather warned us about,” she explained. “The one’s your father sold your soul for!” She sat on the bed crying. “Oh god!”

“What are we gonna do?” Megan took a couple of steps to the door.

“No Megan,” Grandma got up and wrapped her arms around her pressing against her like a cobra.

“They want you, don’t you get it!”

“Why?” she answered. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“That’s why they want you Baby,” they hugged each other again. “I won’t let them hurt you ok,” Megan nodded and sat back down on the bed. Grandma the. Turned her attention to me with eyes so big that I wanted to hide under the bed. “I’m gonna go back out, see if I can find a way out. If I don’t make it, you keep Megan safe, you hear me!” I wined and ran to Megan’s waiting arms.

“Grandma, you’re scaring Ringo,” Megan scolded.

“When I leave,” she said. “You and Ringo get in the closet and hide.” Grandma stared at both with tears in her eyes. “I love you Megan,”

“What happened next Kid?” the man asked.

“We stayed in the closet for a long time,” I began. “It was so silent that I think Megan began to fall asleep. But then,”

“No!” Grandma screamed. “You can’t have her!” Megan opened her eyes and held me close. “Take me instead you spawns of Satan!” Once again neither Megan or I could hear anything.

“What’s going on?” Megan whispered. All of a sudden Grandma’s scream brought us both to our feet. “Grandma!” She rushed out of the closet with me behind her. “Grandma!”

Megan stopped at the middle of the staircase and screamed, “No! Grandma!”

We watched helplessly as the body that was her grandmother was being torn and then eaten away by creatures unseen by the human eye, but I could. Two dobermans stood over their meal like they didn’t have a care in the world, no way would I allow them to have Megan.

“Ah,” all of a sudden a third creature knocked Megan down the stairs. She tried to get up, but the pain held her hostage. “Ringo!” she screamed as the three demon dogs surrounded her, sharp fangs ready to feast. “Help me!”

I ran downstairs and knocked one of them away from her, my teeth grabbed onto it’s neck and began shaking it’s body like a rag doll. Somehow I managed to throw the beast so far against the patio door and disappeared. Wow, I thought. Did I do that?

“Stand aside Bulldog,” one of the doberman creatures stared me with eyes of fire. “The girl is ours.”

“You stand aside,” I answered. “The only way you’re getting to my girl is threw me.”

The creature gave me a most menacing smile, a part of me wanted to run, but there was no time for that. “With pleasure.”

Within moments, the dog had me on the floor, but I pushed it back against the wall. It got up and came back for me. I sighed, so your gonna make this difficult for me huh. Just as it got close to me, I heard a loud a pop and the dog fell at my feet. I looked to see the other creature had run for it’s life. Good riddance, I thought. I turned back to see the creature had disappeared just like it’s friend. It was then I saw the man with a shotgun.

“It was you,” I said to him. “You saved Megan’s life, and mine.” By the time I could get to her, she was unconscious from the fall.

“I’d been tracking them for years,” the man explained. I wanted to know more, but there was someone else I was worried about. “Is
Megan ok? Please take me to her?”

“I can’t do that kid.”

“Why not?”

“Because as far as the rest of the world is concerned,” the man explained.

“You’re responsible for all of this,”

“Me?” I looked around. “Why would they think I did this? I’m just a dog.”

“Yes, but you’re a bulldog Ringo,” the man answered gently. “Your breed has made you a scapegoat. I’m sorry Kid, I should’ve realized that or I would’ve taken you with me before the police and paramedics arrived.”

I wined as tears came out of my eyes, “It’s not fair.” I looked at him. “It’s not right,”

“I know that,” the man gave me another scratch on the head. “Come on, let me do what I should’ve done, before those bastards in animal control find you to finish the job.”

“But what about Megan?” I allowed him to pick me up.

“I’m certain you’ll see her again,” the man promised. “We just gotta keep you alive long enough for that to happen. I’m certain those monsters will want to come back to finish you off.”

“Yeah,” I could sense their presence getting closer. “Let’s go.”

Jeri Unselt is a native of Colorado who has been writing stories ever since childhood. She started podcasting her first novel, Inner Demons, in 2008. The print book will be released in 2012 alongside a podcast prequel, Inner Demons: Turmoil. She is a member of the Wicked Women Writers, has been featured on several episodes, and will be in the up-and-coming Wicked Women Writers anthology. To find out more about Jeri, go to:

HorrorAddictsCon: Jeri Unselt – Free Fiction – Inner Demons

Free Fiction: An Excerpt from Jeri Unselt’s Inner Demons

by Jeri Unselt 

When morning arrived in the sleepy town of Becker, Colorado, police responded to an incident at its main attraction, Hawley Manor.  Something had happened that could potentially rock the foundation of the once peaceful small town to its very core.  Inside what was once a place where the rich and the socially acceptable would party the night away, the bodies of four people were found in various areas of the house, their lives ended in the most painful means imaginable.  It was enough for a veteran police detective to witness a uniformed officer rush out of the bathroom upstairs to vomit.

“What a way to start a morning,” the detective stepped in just as the naked torn up body of a woman that looked to be in her early twenties was being placed in a bag.  “Ah Jeez,” the sight and the scent of death was more than enough for the detective to step out before he too would vomit.

“I take it, you saw it too huh, Lake?” a woman detective stood beside him.  “Kind of reminds you of Tate LaBianca, don’t you think?”

“Why would you say that?” Lake groaned trying to keep nausea from hitting his insides.

“Haven’t you noticed who some of the bodies are?”

“No, Detective Perez, I can’t say I haven’t.”

“Well they already took away Stacey DuPreis, the daughter of fashion icon Francois DuPreis.”

“What?” Lake stepped over to the top of the stairs with Perez behind him.  “I guess another of her all night parties must have gone horribly wrong.”

“I’m not so sure about that Sir; Colin Henderson was also taken away.”

“You mean Pastor Roland Henderson’s son?”

“The same,”

“Holy Smoke,” Lake held on to the wall to keep his balance and sighed.  “Is there anyone else?”

“Yes Sir, there is,” Perez took him downstairs to the living room.  “I’m sure you’ve heard of Evelyn Manning Roberts right?”

“The richest bitch in Colorado?” Perez nodded, “What about her?”  She led Lake to the couch where the body of what was once a finely dressed woman in her early fifties was being placed in a bag.  “Mother of God!” he screamed at the hugely grotesque cut all around her throat.  “It’s from ear to ear.  Why would a rich dame like her be in the same place with all these kids having a good time?”

“Don’t know Sir.”

Lake shook his head, “Maybe that Henderson kid had something to do with it.  He may have been a preacher’s kid, but he’s got a domestic violence rap sheet the size of my left arm.”

“Ah Sir,” Perez timidly spoke up.  “Haven’t you heard the history of this place?”

“History, what place are you talking about?”

“Here?” she raised her voice.  “Hawley Manor.  This isn’t the first time people have lost their lives here.  Thirty years ago there was the head of a warehouse in Denver that brought his employees here for a birthday party and by the Sunday morning, all but one lady was killed. “


“Yeah, from what I heard the lady said her boss went crazy and killed everyone and then killed himself.  She was just lucky that she went to bed early and he never found her.”

“I guess,”

“But that’s not the first time either,” Perez insisted.  “There’s a legend that those who stay at Hawley Manor are usually found dead within a few days.”

“Come on Perez, like you said, it’s only a legend.”

She grabbed his arm, “If that’s the case, then how come this is usually the setting of a bloodbath?”

“There has to be a logical explanation for everything Perez.”

“Hey Lake!” someone yelled out from outside.  “We got two more outside and it’s bad, very, very bad.”

Lake and Perez rushed outside to the far end to discover the remains of a young male with long stringy blonde hair.  “God,” Lake gasped.

“It’s almost like his insides were squeezed out of him,” Perez turned away in utter disgust.

“Easy Perez,” Lake noticed her vomiting on the sidewalk.

“Do you really think this is all just a legend, some logical explanation?” her chest heaved.  “Huh?”

Lake patted her on the back, “You’ll be fine.  It comes with the job.”  He headed over towards the direction of another body of a man lying flat on his back with his entire chest covered with stab wounds.  However the carnage in front of him wasn’t the focus of Lake’s attention.   “Who’s this?”

Miles away, Lake noticed what looked to be a small Ford pickup truck and what looked to be a man standing next to it.  “Who are you?” he muttered under his breath.  “Do you know anything about this case?”

Barney Leland watched as Hawley Manor was packed like a can of sardines with police and whoever was needed for an event like the bloodiest massacre that Becker, Colorado has ever seen in years.  “I’m so sorry Alex,” he said softly.  “I should’ve gotten there sooner.  I would’ve if it wasn’t for all those god damn delays.”

He leaned against the hood of the truck and gritted his teeth, “Damn them!”   Barney turned to face Hawley Manor, “Damn you!  He should’ve known better than to let her go to that place.  Yes, Alex would’ve been angry with him, but she would’ve still been alive.   “Oh god, Alex,” Barney took a deep breath closing his tear stained eyes.   “They’ll never hurt you again.  As long as I’m alive, no one will ever know that you were there.”

Two days earlier, Barney’s eyes opened the moment the phone rang, “Oh no you don’t.”  He quickly got out of bed and headed towards the living room before the noise awoke his infant son Markus.  He and his wife Alex had just got him to sleep through the night.  Nothing, he vowed was going to ruin that.

“Hello?” Barney grabbed the receiver just as the rest of the phone fell to the floor.  “Shit!”  He picked it up, “Hello?”

“Morning Barney, sorry to wake you up.” The voice on the other line was that of an older sounding man.

“No problem Mick, what can I do for you?”

“I’ve got a problem Barney,” he sighed.  “And I really could use your help.”

“You know I’ll be happy to help as soon as my family and I get back from vacation.”

“That’s just it, I have an emergency load that needs to be in Nebraska by this time Sunday and I don’t have a driver available.”

Barney sat down on the couch, “But Mick, we’ve been looking forward to this vacation for weeks.  Isn’t Mike or Randy available?  What about that new guy Jake McCoy?”

“Mike’s out with a broken back and Randy’s already heading towards the east coast.  I would’ve sent Jake, but he hasn’t finished training yet,” Mick paused.  “If you do this run for me Barney, I promise to make it up to you.”

“All right,” Barney groaned.  “I’ll do it.”

“Great,” Mick sighed with relief.  “Come over today to fill out the paperwork, you’ll have to leave by 6pm tomorrow night.”

“I’ll be in today.  See you then,” Barney hung up the phone.  “Damn,”

“What are you doing Barney?” Alex stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

“Mick’s short on drivers, Babe.  It’s only a two to three day run.  We’ll take our trip as soon as I,”

“No we can’t, I’m going back to school Monday remember?”

“Right,” Barney stepped back in embarrassment.  “I’m so sorry Alex.”

“You know how much I was looking forward to this Barney,” she continued angrily.  “How could you have forgotten?”  The sudden screaming of their son interrupted everything.  Alex sighed under her breath, “I’m coming Markus.”  She left Barney alone to ponder his judgment error.

“Stupid,” he muttered under his breath.  “Alex!” Barney followed her to Markus’s bedroom.  “I’m a jackass, Sweetie, I did forget.  I’m truly sorry.”  He silently gasped when she looked at him with tears in her eyes, “Babe?”

“I’m not crying because you forgot.”

“Then what,”

“I called over to my grandmother’s house,” Alex explained as she took Markus out of his crib.  “And I found out she passed away.”  She sat down in the nearby rocking chair holding him close.

“What?” Barney knelt down in front of his family.  “I’m so sorry, when did this happen?”

“Two months ago.  I never knew she was sick Barney.  Her maid Consuelo was the one who finally told me.”

Barney shook his head in disgust, “Why am I not surprised that Evelyn didn’t leave you any word.  I mean that’s why we got the P.O. Box.”

“I’ll never understand why my own mother hates me so much; she knew just how close Granny and I were.”

“She meant a lot to you didn’t she,”

“She did,” Alex smiled grateful for his unconditional love.  “Would you be so kind as hold your son while I get up?”

Barney gladly returned the smile, “I can do that.”  He got up to take Markus from her while she stood on her feet.  “Does she know about him yet?”


“Your mother,”

“No,” Alex took Markus from his arms.  “I’m not ready to yet.”

“Maybe its better that she never knows, don’t you think?”

“Maybe,” Alex took a brief moment to stare into his hazel eyes, the ones that she fell in love with two years earlier.  “When do you have to leave?”

“Tomorrow night, just going in to do paperwork today.”

“Then I guess I’ll call Mrs. Chavez to see if she can take Markus for the day,” Alex placed Markus on a table to change his diaper.

“Where are you going?”

“I have to go to her grave Barney,” Alex placed Markus back in his crib.  “Gotta pay my respects,”

“Why don’t you wait until we can do it together as a family?”

“I need to do this by myself Barney,” Alex pleaded.  “Please?”

He groaned, “Be careful Alex, you just don’t know how she’s gonna react to seeing you again.”

If anyone ever had a mother from hell, it would’ve been Alex.  The moment Barney first met Evelyn Manning Roberts, he immediately felt nauseous as if wanting to throw up.  The woman would never win the mother of the year award as far as he was concerned.   She had scolded her daughter in front of him for breaking off her engagement with Colin Henderson.  The mere fact that Alex had caught him in bed with the lead soprano of the church choir wouldn’t change Evelyn’s mind one bit.  Wealth was more important than love, Evelyn had said, and in her mind Barney Leland was no good for her daughter.  Nothing could convince her otherwise.

“You’re right Barney,” Alex suddenly said.  “Getting away from my mother was the best decision we ever made.”  She turned to face him.  “I promise I’ll be careful.”

Jeri Unselt is a native of Colorado who has been writing stories ever since childhood. She started podcasting her first novel, Inner Demons, in 2008. The print book will be released in 2012 alongside a podcast prequel, Inner Demons: Turmoil. She is a member of the Wicked Women Writers, has been featured on several episodes, and will be in the up-and-coming Wicked Women Writers anthology. To find out more about Jeri, go to:

HorrorAddictsCon: Jeri Unselt on Prog Rock and Horror

On Progressive Rock and Horror

by Jeri Unselt 

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a fan of progressive rock and almost everything that is horror. When I first started podcasting, I wanted to do a show that combined both loves, however everyone I knew at the time kept saying it was a bad idea and that it wouldn’t work. So, I gave it up and started The Adventures of a Walker Dependent Music Fan podcast.

It was months after that I started my two year journey of podcasting my story, Inner Demons. For those who haven’t listened, the podcast is about a group of psychic researchers who investigate an incident inside a known haunted house called Hawley Manor that claimed the lives of a progressive rock band. I wasn’t expecting anything, but to my surprise, I received a lot of good feedback and was deeply honored to have some big names in the industry give me a story so far segment.

Since then, I have wondered if there are other examples of prog rock and horror going together. I asked around and people told me about a group called Goblin. They were mostly known for the soundtracks of Dario Argento movies, a big example is Emz’s favorite film, Suspiria. Another example is former Yes keyboard player, Rick Wakeman, who scored the soundtrack for the 1981 film, The Burning. While it’s not really horror, Keith Emerson scored the music for the Sylvester Stallone movie, Nighthawk.

It’s really nice to know prog rock and horror can connect. As a matter of fact, I do have a podcast in mind that I hope to do to look deeper into this subject. Stay tuned.

Jeri Unselt is a native of Colorado who has been writing stories ever since childhood. She started podcasting her first novel, Inner Demons, in 2008. The print book will be released in 2012 alongside a podcast prequel, Inner Demons: Turmoil. She is a member of the Wicked Women Writers, has been featured on several episodes, and will be in the up-and-coming Wicked Women Writers anthology.  To find out more about Jeri, go to:

HorrorAddictsCon: Jeri Unselt on December by Phil Rickman

A Review of December by Phil Rickman

by Jeri Unselt 

In my search for literature that is horror with the element of progressive rock, one such novel stands out in my mind. In Phil Rickman’s 1996 novel December, a prog band called The Philosopher’s Stone was assigned in 1980 to record a concept album about and inside an abbey that possessed a sinister dark history. A horrifying death brings everything to a standstill, and the band members agree to destroy their work and disband. However, not all the master tapes are destroyed. Thirteen years later, the music resurfaced as a bootleg called The Black Album a The Philosopher’s Stone get back together at the abbey for one final performance.

As I read the book, I was picturing it as a movie complete with the music. If it ever happens, I would love to see John Payne in the role of the tragic character of Dave Reilly. I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe I would have enjoyed the novel more as a movie.

I had a hard time understanding Mr. Rickman’s writing style, I kept skipping pages to get to the story. Otherwise, I did think the story was good and worth checking out.

You can find December (pub. 1996) by Phil Richman on*

Jeri Unselt is a native of Colorado who has been writing stories ever since childhood. She started podcasting her first novel, Inner Demons, in 2008. The print book will be released in 2012 alongside a podcast prequel, Inner Demons: Turmoil. She is a member of the Wicked Women Writers, has been featured on several episodes, and will be in the up-and-coming Wicked Women Writers anthology. To find out more about Jeri, go to:

*Editor’s note: There is a listing for a deluxe edition (hardcover, limited, signed) coming out in December 2011 by M H B Press. Find more information here: December Deluxe Edition

13 Questions with Jeri Unselt

Hey, Horror Addicts are you ready for episode 48: Urban Legends? As someone whose art final was based on Urban Legends, you know I am.

Our author for this week is Jeri Unselt. Growing up, her favorite scary story (or in this case urban legend) was and still is: Bloody Mary. Her story for this episode is titled, Remember Me. The story is about “a woman who did research on the supposed real story behind Bloody Mary and escapes with her life only to have her past come back and haunt her.”

To keep us hungry for more Jeri gave me only a bit of information on the story. “[The main character] gets a phone call from a friend who is about to be murdered by someone or something.”

On Jeri’s 31st birthday, she was diagnosed with Ataxia, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. “I have noticed that people with disabilities aren’t taken very seriously so that’s why I write. The main character of Inner Demons, Adrienne has Ataxia and uses a walker as well.”

By day Jeri is a receptionist and by night an author. As mentioned above, Unselt has a podcast novel titled, Inner Demons.

“[The novel] is about a haunted house called Hawley Manor that was the scene of a brutal massacre that claimed the lives of a progressive rock band. Eighteen years later a psychic investigation [goes on] there to find out just what really happened.”

Unselt shared with me, the inspiration of Inner Demons. “I have always been a fan of the haunted house stories, paranormal in general. When I was eleven I used to ride my bike to an apartment building that for some reason reminded me of a haunted house and slowly the story took form. I wrote my first draft in the summer of 1997 and it’s been a part of my life since.”

As of now, Inner Demons is only available in podcast form. Luckily, for all you fans out there she does have plans to attempt to self publish the novel.

If you would like to contribute to her cause check out this link:

Jeri has a sequel in the works so be on the look out for it! Currently, Unselt is “editing an anthology of stories inspired by the music of Asia Featuring John Payne and GPS called Different Worlds.”

According to Jeri, the hardest part about writing is the revising and editing. Still, her goal is to one day make writing a “full time gig.”

Unselt shared with me that her favorite part of the horror genre is “the creative ways it scares people.”

Be sure to keep a look out for more of Jeri’s work. “I’m currently working on the sequel/prequel to Inner Demons and then after that I do have a few stories in my head I hope to get out on paper. One thing is an adaption of HP Lovecraft’s, The Shadow Over Innsmouth.”

For more information on Jeri Unselt, check out these websites: