13 Questions with Kelli Carpenter








Allow me to introduce you to our Writer’s Workshop Winner, Kelli Carpenter!

This long time horror fan and new found Horror Addicts  fan was “very honored to have been chosen [as the workshop winner].” Kelli told me, “It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting! I’m excited about hearing my characters come to life on the podcast.”

For the Writer’s Workshop, Kelli submitted an excerpt from her first novel, Zombies Are Us. Carpenter explained, “I wanted to write what I enjoy reading, so I wrote a character-driven zombie tale. The main character, Jody, is interesting because she’s pregnant and has a bit of a strained past. I tried to add a bit of a science fiction twist to the story toward the end.”

Though she has only been a fan for one season of the show, Kelli enjoys it immensely. “I’ve been listening to back episodes and I voted in the Wicked Women Writers competition. I love what the show is doing for horror writers and musicians and so on. I found the podcast when I was looking for something horror-related in my mp3 player’s software. I’m glad I found it!”

Growing up having Stephen King read to her and falling in love with stories such as Misery; it is no wonder that horror is Kelli’s “absolute favorite genre.” Carpenter went into a little more detail with me about her love of horror. “It is and always will be my absolute favorite genre. I love seeing how characters react to bizarre or horrific situations. I also see the humor in a lot of horror movies and it helps me with some of my own fears. Not much scares me any more.”

She then added, “I love the psychological aspect of it. I always try to imagine how I would react if put in the same situation as the characters. I guess it helps me understand myself in a way.”

Did you know, Kelli has been “happily married to her husband for six years and they’re in the process of having their first house built and that Carpenter LOVES marshmallow peeps?” Or did you know the fact that Carpenter LOVES marshmallow peeps. Or maybe you can guess her favorite horror monster?

If you guessed Werewolves…then you were totally wrong! 😉

Kelli is a self proclaimed gore hound and can’t get over our favorite flesh eaters aka Zombies!

Kelli’s goals for the future are are to “find a job that I truly love and that I feel is worthy of me. We’re also planning on starting a family within the next couple of years. Also, I want to write more!”

Currently Carpenter is not working on any new projects. She shared with me that “The house process has taken up all of my time! I have some ideas floating around in my head though and I hope that some day I can be featured in Wicked Women Writers or just as a regular short story writer for the show. This whole experience has been eye-opening for me.”

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