The Wrong House

Imagine a gang of three teen misfits out to have a good time and raise some havoc on Halloween night. Nothing could possibly go wrong, everyone makes a little mischief on Halloween. Trouble is what you find though, when you knock on the wrong door and mess with the wrong people.

I can’t tell you to much about the story line behind The Wrong House because that would spoil the fun. This is a short independent Horror comic, its written by Curtis Lawson and illustrated by Kay. The comic was published by Broken Soul Press which was started by Curtis Lawson so he could publish his own comics. Some of Curtis Lawson’s other titles include: Curse Of The Black Terror, Kincaid and Gallows Of Hell. If You like independent underground comics that have great art and are very dark, you should check out Broken Soul Press.

The Wrong House is beautifully done and reminded me of the EC horror comics of the past.  The story is told out of order which was a nice touch,  because if it was told in a linear fashion it would not have worked. The Wrong House has the feel of an old slasher film but there is a moral to the story and there is a lot more to it then just blood and guts. For it only being 25 pages long there is some good storytelling and some excellent dark and moody art here. The Wrong House is what a good horror comic should be: it has a dark mood to it, good characters and a shocking twist.

You can find out more about The Wrong House at and and you can find The Wrong House for 99 cents at Know of any good horror comics out there, leave a comment on the blog and let us know.