David Hess a Rememberance

David Hess was born in 196 in New York City, and sadly he passed away on October 8, 2011.  David Hess left a career that spanned several decades and involved not only his horror films but also a career in music.

Hess actually first got his start in music in 1956 and found a career writing for artists such as Elvis, Pat Boone, Sal Mineo and other stars of the era.  He at one point became the head of A&R at Mercury records a few years before he started a successful acting career.

It was in 1972 Wes Craven put him in the staring role in The Last House on the Left. Hess portrayed Krug Stillo in the film who was the lead protagonist in the movie.  Craven’s film was so disturbing that several countries at the time banned the film, or wanted edits before it could be shown.  Some of this controversy can easily be pointed back to Hess’s portrayal of the sadistic Krug.

Hess continued to have a career not only in film but also in music. Over the past decades leading up to his death, horror fans would have seen him in Craven’s Swamp Thing in 1982 and heard his musical influence in Cabin Fever (2003).

Hess was a man whose influence wasn’t just felt in the United States but also overseas.  The man will be known to those in Germany as well as he had a career in film dubbing.

David Hess continued to be involved in the convention circuit as he regrouped with his co-stars form Last House on the Left at Fangoria in 2009.

So, it is with sad news that we have to say good bye to David Hess.  His influences and works are something that no one will forget and as people  continue finding movies he will continue to exist.   This is something we all hope for in life, and that is knowing others will remember our life and works.  To the family of David Hess his memory will not just reside in you, but all those fans that loved him and those yet to discover him.